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New principal is really good. New programs will help the school alot. Teachers are excellent and very friendly.
I've been at this school for 8 years. This school has great kids, teachers, and staff members. I have never felt uncomfortable talking to my teacher, friends, or staff members because I know I can trust them. Because of my friends and teachers they have there, I look forward to go to school and learn everyday.
They are non existent. Unless you qualify for the SNAP program, there isn't anything here.
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The teachers are great, but the year round switch for K-6 is awful. If you have one student in K-6 and a middle school kids, they are off at different times of the year. The administration and office staff are generally rude, unless you are a favorite parent. The student handbook rules are only marginally adhered to. There are notoo accurate home checks to verify if students actually live in the district, thus the overcrowding. Since switching to year round, each class has 30 plus students. The grading system has switched to number grades and there isn't a consistent rubric for the teachers to follow, so everyone grades as they please. My daughter missed one spelling word out of a possible twenty. She received a "2" out of "4" as a grade. That is essentially a D for a 95% test. The cows are directly across the street and the manure smell is nauseating. The flies are crazy. The school promised home owners at the time of building that there would never be portables on site. Since year round began, more and more portable buildings are taking up the field. It's management by chaos at the expense of the students.
The teachers are great so far. We have had one exception, but overall they seem very knowledgeable and to really care about the kids.
The nurses help as much as they can. There are no security guards at all.
There are only three members of the Fantasy Dystopian club. There are about ten in the Shakespeare club. Band is terrible. Lack of funds and no drumline program when almost every middle school has one.
Not bad, Not good either. It depends on where you're coming from. If I could go to a junior high again, I wouldn't go to Cal Aero because of the lack of funds and enthusiasm in junior high. I would go to Townsend Junior High, to be honest.
Some teachers are boring, but some are amazing and do their best to teach the students while entertaining them.
Not too many classes to choose from.
Not a lot of threats, but it is a small school
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