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Throughout my four years at Cajon High School, I created great memories and made lifelong friends that made my experience enjoyable. Although it was also a very stressful experience because of the workload due to the IB program, I can honestly say that I do not regret taking it because I feel prepared mentally for the work I have waiting for me in college. I was not very involved but I did join a couple clubs that I enjoyed. I really got out of my comfort zone during my senior year because I was more involved at school. I went to football games with my friends, went to dances, etc. It was very hard for me but I am glad I did it because I honestly had a lot of fun and I'm grateful for every moment.
The school puts a lot of priority into its football and IB program. If you're not a part of either of those, you'll probably have an average experience. The college prep students are given opportunities to try out potential careers in the school's pathway program. However, if you are a part of the IB program, you will be met with great teachers who will assist you throughout your high school career in order to get you into a college.
I loved that at Cajon I had a chance to experience the sports life. I then found my passion of theatre through drama club. There are some students that are apart of our program that do not come to our school. I think that giving them that opportunity is great because they are either home schooled or go to online school.
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Cajon high school is one of the best high schools in the san Bernardino city unified district. It is not only great academically but also has other great things about it. Within the school you will find students making a change on campus through clubs. There is speech and debate, nami club (mental health awareness), HOSA ( medical club), Asian club, key club and so many others. This allows the students to be able to feel welcome and apart of the school. There are also sports and music programs that you can join.
The administration hardly does anything, but the teaching staff is very caring and supportive of their students.
Cajon High School is a relatively safe school in a nice neighborhood, right next to CSUSB which provides access to a college library and research center. It is one of the only schools with an IB program and lots of teachers are alumni.
I’ve been going to Cajon High School for four years now, and it has been on of my biggest experiences. I have been through so many ups and downs, but one thing that has stayed constant is the amazing teachers that fill up the school. It was be filled with bad kids, but the teachers there are truly helpful. Always loving and helpful, always listening to any problems and guiding us through our journey. I appreciate Cajon High so much. It has shaped me and that is where I have grown into a becoming adult.
I like the programs offered, such as the IB program. I also love the diverse range of clubs on campus. However, I would change how ASB is currently being managed and how they instill "safety."
There are a lot of activities, events, and opportunities for involvement offered, however you get what you put in. If, as a student, you apply yourself and get involved then you will have fun during your time at Cajon.
It is an average school with a great staff to watch over all of the students. Cajon has one of the highest graduation rates in our district.
This school is a very high educational school. I have met many new people, teacher, and staff who are just amazing people. They are very nice and always looking out for me whenever I need it. Very clean school.
Challenging classes and encouraging environment. The theatre and psychology program are very thorough. They also offer pathways that are geared towards careers, which is good of the kids to get a head start.
What I like about Cajon is that it is a Safe Campus and offers a variety of Pathways to choose from. One thing I would like to see change is if they give a little more money to the AVID Program and to sports that aren't football.
Cajon High School is a school of endless diversity. Through all of our tribulations, our school always manages to help and ride together as one. Whether it be in school spirit or in classrooms, our school always remembers to sticks together. Our school is not as fortunate as others to have the most expensive or nicest things, but we all have everything we need to be able to succeed. Through all the judging and stereotyping our school receives, teachers and administration have never given up on us or called it quits. I am blessed to have a school that brings in opportunities for us students and give us the resources we need to accomplish our ranging list of task. Not only does our school provide us with education support but with mental support as well. In all aspects, our school treats us more than a “student in the system” and more so like that of a young scholar on their road to success.
Cajon is very good at challenging students academically and preparing them for work in college, but is very poor at getting students into college and taking classes students would like. The school’s pathway program restricts students from taking electives they’d wish to take, and ap/ib students don’t get much freedom with their schedule at all. The school prepares you well for the work in college, but is extremely poor at getting students to apply for college with deadlines and requirements
My 4 years at cajon were great. The teachers and staff are excellent, they're always willing to help a student be prepared for college and meet their requirements. What i would like to see change is what's expected of the students, if they don't understand or know a lot about a subject teach them from the ground up but get straight to the point not lecture on forever
Cajon positively differs from other schools nearby due to the availability of MYP, IB, and Honor classes. It also offers medical, auto shop, and film pathways which can greatly help students gain internships, basic training, or useful information. However, it should still be noted that Cajon is also a very crowded school that has some unmotivated students here and there.
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I would like to see the school care more about the kids who are in support classes and college prep classes. This includes telling them about SAT and ACT prep or scholarships.
Cajon is such a great high school! Most of the teachers there are friendly and want to help students succeed. It's also a great place to make new friends and join clubs or events that fits every students' preference. This high school is great in being involved with the city and giving student amazing opportunities. However, I do wish the school would focus more on the arts. When I was attending school there, there were barely an art classes and both fine arts and performing arts had to provide for themselves because the school would offer little to no help. I could be wrong about this but I do hope the arts are taken as seriously as the sports department.0
It was actually pretty good as I was involved in sports and had a great time doing that. The kids there are very shallow and will talk definitely start up fake rumors to hurt you. The teachers are pretty good, they’re some you’ll love and some you’ll dislike.
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