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The main thing I would like to talk about is the black and brown community at Cairo high school. We get treated very differently than the white students. Because of this we have a lot of tension at the school. A lot of times black or brown girls will get called out for wearing something but our white students will not get called out. Also some of the teachers really do not care about the students education and you can tell. While not all teachers at Cairo high are like this mostly all of the teachers are. The building is horrible. All last year on the science wing the girls did not have a restroom because of the mold in the restroom and do not get me started on the rats and bats inside the building. The only thing that is good about Cairo is our spirit for football games.
Cairo High School is in a very conservative town, the faculty doesn't hide the fact that they are either. The education I've received is varied, some teachers really cared about teaching but others were obviously just there for a check.
I have really enjoyed my high school experience. The teachers have been great and I've enjoyed my time in the high school band. I would like to see the bathrooms upgraded.
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I would like for there to be more emphasis on academics. I feel that fixing up academic classrooms should be prioritized over new buildings or turf fields. Overall, I think improvements can definitely be made, but I'm not sure they will be.
I had a great experience all 4 years of high school. I met new people and learned new things daily. I’m happy to say that I attempted Cairo High School
Cairo High School is a pretty good school but it’s not the best. There are only a few teachers who are amazing and care for the students but most they don’t care about the students at all. The school is not in a good condition. The main building restrooms are in a bad shape. For an example on the boy’s restroom you can not close the toilet doors. They do not know how to use the school money properly. The carpets are old and ripped, the desks are so uncomfortable. And the last thing is that the guidance counselor are horrible they do not help the students out and they give out wrong information.
Incredible school, i love the staff there and all the amazing programs there. Being able to take college classes and a pathway so once i graduate I could get a job is just amazing. I am grateful for all those things that Cairo High has to offer. GO MAKERS!
I would like them to care about our education a little more, rather than our dress code. I would also like them to be more observant to bullying.
It is an average high school high, but it does not have many resources for students that are trying to go to college.
Cairo High is a great school and they prepare you for college! Also I made many friends and memories at this school. The teachers and guidance councilors there help you out so much with your school work and submitting your work for college!
Cairo High school is a very diverse High school but it has its flaws as well. Some teachers come off disrespectful, but the other great teachers work to balance that out.
I liked Cairo High School through out my four years here. I’m a good student and I like how they have somewhat of a variety of AP classes. The only thing I would change about the school is the lunch room food.
It was good, they are very strict but well career oriented. I wwould love for them to focus more on education instead of what we wear.
My high school experience was pretty good overall. I started dual enrollment my junior year so I only came on CHS campus for weight lifting and baseball practice.
Cairo High School promotes the best experience for their students time they step foot into their freshman year. They are constantly trying to improve the high school experience asking what can they do more for their school, faculty, and students. Success, responsibility, and how you carry yourself is put at the forefront each and every day. We strive to do our best.
I’m a senior at Cairo High School, and I intend on going to college to pursue a career in the Medical field. CHS has helped prepare me for College but I would definitely love to see more encouragement to help prepare for careers and college.
Cairo High School is surrounded by a very supportive community. The dual-enrollment program has flourished at Cairo High, and the vocational programs have progressed leaps and bounds. However, if academics are concerned, Cairo High does not compete with surrounding school systems. There are some AMAZING teachers at CHS, but, due to lack of resources and outdated equipment, there are many handicaps to the effectiveness of these great educators.
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I love the fact that the teachers want you to be successful in life. My school counselors were very helpful getting me prepared for college. They made sure us the students took the ACT and SAT test.
Cairo High has a fantastic learning environment and has much school spirit. Cairo high has pushed me to want to be more in life and to continue my education at Alabam A&M. I have had good times and bad times but someone was there to always push me to be more than what I thought I was. The teachers pushed me to further I handed my capabilities and my intellect.
I liked some of the teachers. I have a few favorites. What I would like to see change is the building needs to be updated. The bathrooms were horrible.
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