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I was able to take advanced placement and college courses while in Hugh school, which was nice. The food selection was terrible, many items are outdated and produce isn’t fresh. I had to pay for water because the water from the fountains is not always consumable. The administration was constantly changing and seemed to be out of touch with the students.
Cairo-Durham High School is the typical school that, upon first glance, may seem to deserve two stars for its old, mundane design and structure. However, the educational opportunities within are infinite for the most eager-to-learn students and challenging for the most scholarly. With new building updates that will be implemented in the coming years and course opportunities that are constantly expanding, Cairo-Durham High School is the exemplar of an educational institution that facilitates both College and Career Readiness and the critical thinking required in the modern world.
This school isn't what the staff tries to make it. The teachers within the school don't give good instruction, and it seems the teachers do not care about teaching to make the students smart, or making the students feel motivated to study. The sports teams aren't worth joining either.
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Cairo-Durham high school is a very special high school for most students. Despite it's very small size, it does have a good range of sports, clubs and academic courses. Obviously, Cairo-Durham's issues mainly stem from it's small size, which could be both good or bad depending on your views. There is little diversity and not so quality facilities. However, because of it's size most of the students and teachers know each other and develop meaningful relationships.
I love that increase in technological advances but only in specific subjects or grades. There are amazing teachers and a fantastic English and Music department that will help develop your child.
The students are mean; the teachers ignore most bullying, and the favoritism is absolutely ridiculous. If you're not related to a teacher/former teacher then forget about teachers treating you equally, the administration doesn't care about anybody except for the favorites as well. The building is also usually freezing in the winter and luke warm in the summer.
The way the teachers orchestrate classroom procedures, work administered and classroom activities work very well. I feel that the teachers I have had in the past had enough experience to effectively create an environment of learning while making it fun.
As I previously stated, there's usually at least two different sports per season as well as many extracurricular activities. I personally participated in sports, (soccer, volleyball, basketball, track), extracurriculars, (student council president, chess club, school plays). There is more than enough to do, on a wide spectrum.
My high school experience was amazing. Every fall I played Soccer and every winter I played Volleyball. Most years I participated in the school play, my favorite being "Brigadoon" where I played a bartender. Everyone loved my city accent. The classes were just as memorable, especially since it was a small school. Even as I sit here typing this, I am reminded of Mrs. Maassmanns "Keyboarding" class. She used to scare us into not resting our wrists while we typed by telling us stories about carpal tunnel surgeries. It is the little things that seem to stick with you.

All in all, I feel that my experience at Cairo-Durham High School was one I wouldn't trade for the world.
My experience at Cairo-Durham High School was fantastic. I feel this way largely due to the outstanding efforts of the faculty and staff. The student body as a whole, in my opinion, benefited greatly due to such a cohesive and nurturing staff. Cairo-Durham High School has more than adequately prepared me for a life of happiness and success.
In my opinion there wasn't much to choose from. I tried yearbook club but the teacher who ran in had to leave for her pregnancy and after that it kind of went downhill. I was involved with interact and loved it! The two teachers (one from the school and one from the rotary) really supported the group.
Being in a small town has it's positives but also some negatives. Everyone knows everyone, and that's great, but the opportunities aren't. Field trips, extracurricular activities and "outside" the classroom experiences were rare. My class didn't have a senior trip, or activities that would encourage students to be part of. Sports events were not "school-spirited." We had pep-rallies once a year but the school didn't come together when we had sports. We lost a lot of our teams through the years.
Over all, the teachers at Cairo-Durham are amazing people. They really take their time and energy to be there for their students. At my classes graduation, our elementary teachers came to support us, even after all those years had past, they still had us in their back of their minds. The teachers want to know the students and enjoy seeing them excel in all that they do.
I don't think we had enough lock down or evacuation drills
My school really didn't have a lot of clubs, mostly sports. I wasn't athletic so I really wasn't interested in sports so....
My parents were a bit out of the loop, I was a quiet kid so I'm unaware of other student's parents.
I do miss some of my teachers from high school...
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There are some wonderful teachers here, although there are some that just do not care.
the teachers do there best to help the students.
We have a pretty good security inside the building for the most part. Our outside security is terrible. We have had a dangerous situation take place on our grounds one morning as buses were unloading and no one even notified our bus drivers to hold students because of a dangerous parent on school grounds.
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