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Caddo Hills High School Reviews

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Many faculty members are prejudice and unfair between students. The rules and discipline are not applied equally from student to student.
Caddo Hills High School is a great home feeling school that gave me a fantastic education and lead me in the right way for college.
You are taught well at Caddo.
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Extracurriculars are very important here.
It is a lot more good than bad.
90% of teachers at this school are great!
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Its ehhh needs more attention giving to the students
It pretty cool. Its small and not too bad. I like going here just not eating
It is terrible. I hate our school food. Its very very gross we have hardly anything to choose from..
Bulling policy's aren't really that effective at our school. Safety is better since we have a school cop
This school is okay. I've been a pretty great school. Not many people
School spirit is really great.
There are plenty of organizations to choose from. I just wish they weren't so expensive.
We could use a auditorium.
Dress code is a little ridiculous.
There could be many more diverse classes at this school.
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Some teacher do not keep up with anything that is going on in the class room. They also forget to hand out papers and loose papers.
You'll probably get the peer pressure and challenges here tha you would encounter at any other school. With that being said, this school has come a long way. It used to be much more narrow minded in regards to diversity, but with being unapologetic about who they are, the school has been forced to get progressive.
The teachers at this school are very diverse, they go above and beyonde. They make sure we get all the information we will need for college. They help us when we need it, they also check on us everyday to make sure we are keeping up with our grades. The instructions is above the satisfactory.
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