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Caddo Grove Elementary School Reviews

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The environment is nice since it’s out in the country. Not much diversity but now there’s more urbanization which will totally change the environment.
some good, very discriminatory as to who can participate.
see prior notes, bullying is only investigated with a written complaint and then nothing is done. a child was beaten, choked, kicked, and scratched on the playground in the fall of 2016 and was never even seen by the nurse. safety is only a priority when it comes to public perception or safety of the teachers. student safety is of no concern.
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parents are encourage to volunteer to make copies but not much else
school does not follow district policies regarding bullying. frequently even try to bully parents. district will not comply with 504 and/or the idea act. the school will even discriminate against a child if the parents complain. 3 years ago the school was a " recognized campus" now it is listed as " needs improvement " with the state.
There are so many clubs and groups at this school our last school only had two. My son is in robotics!!
They are very good at making sure only the people that should be there are.
I have never seen teachers that work as hard, and give as much as these teachers.
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