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I am currently a high school senior at Cabrini. My overall high school experience has been one I will cherish forever because of everything Cabrini has given and taught me. I have grown extremely close to my class of 90 and virtually know almost all of my school's community! I am extremely grateful for the rigorous curriculum Cabrini has provided me to prepare me well for college. I am also in many clubs such as student council, ambassadors, and NHS which have helped me enhance my leadership skills. Cabrini has given me so much and I could not imagine myself going anywhere else. The teachers are always incredibly helpful when in need of extra assistance and they are always fair.
I loved that Cabrini has gotten me ready for college. I was very nervous about going to college but I am well prepared. I also loved the community at Cabrini. No other high school could have such a strong bond to all its students. Knowing that you could reach out to anyone for help with anything is an important and special feeling.
Cabrini High School has given me the best years of my life so far. I was so scared to start a new journey but I am so happy that I made the choice to attend. I am a senior at Cabrini High School, I have attended this small all girls Catholic High School in New Orleans, Louisiana for five years. The faculty and staff show dedication to the students and their achievements. Being at school and feeling like you’re home is truly how it feels to attend Cabrini. It’s small, comfortable and is a beautiful . Students have a bond that is irreplaceable. We share laughter, smiles, and encourage our sisters to reach their highest potential. The support that the faculty and staff give is phenomenal. With emotional help and academic support, Cabrini High truly prepares you for life. If I could change anything about my school it would be nothing. Founded by Mother Cabrini, this schools legacy reaches every student and makes them the best that they can be.
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Cabrini High School gave me an experience of a lifetime. I have never met more genuine people in my life. Cabrini is a small school, I can assure you that you are a name there and not a number. Cabrini teachers are like family and do their very best to make you feel as comfortable as possible. The academics at Cabrini are rigorous but beneficial, I have learned so much. Cabrini has given me so many great memories that I will never take for granted. I would like to see the cafeteria food improve. I would also like there to be a bigger drama room and new theater and gym.
I love Cabrini ! I love the family like community. The school is so small that you start to recoginize people even if they aren’t in your grade. However the only thing I dislike is sometimes they are worried about the little things instead of focusing on bigger problems.
Going to an all-girl Catholic college preparatory high school was very enriching. My teachers strove to develop my personal critical thinking skills. The only qualms I personally had was feeling dumb or not smart whenever we had academic award ceremonies. I get that they're important in recognizing other's achievements, but most of the time while watching my classmates receive awards, I felt like no one really wanted to be there to witness it. Even my friends who would get high ranking awards took away from class time we could be using to develop our skills.
My experience at Cabrini was mostly positive, not only due to the small and safe environment, but they supportive and friendly people within it. Thus, Cabrini felt like a home away from home, and it was almost always a pleasure to walk onto the campus every day. However, because Cabrini is a private Catholic all girls school, I believe their rules are a little outdated and overly restrictive. Some of the rules did not make any sense into how or why they would apply to modern society. Although they are in place to uphold a young woman's modesty, it made the students look and feel robotic as they followed the rules everyday.
The school is an excellent learning institution. The faculty and staff really put forth the extra effort to help the girls mature academically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is /has a warm, caring atmosphere.
This school has completely changed my life in every way I needed and didn't want. Mother Cabrini's mission was to "educate every young woman's mind and heart,". The woman I am becoming today is one who has been fully educated through the mind and heart.
I love this school. Cabrini does a really good job of hiring teachers who are passionate about their subject and really love their students. The fact that it’s small means a lot of we students know each other, and this makes Cabrini a very comfortable home. My Cabrini education changed me, and I’ll always be grateful for it. What I would like to see change is the discipline system at Cabrini. I think the place would be even more comfortable if there were less rules and more room for students to not make school entirely about work
I have attended Cabrini since 8th grade. Cabrini is really like one big family. Tradition is something we take seriously. The traditions really start to mean a lot once you become a senior. Singing the Alma Mater with your classmates with hands connected like your symbol is the best. Every grade gets a symbol that had to do with the life of Mother Cabrini, the angels, hearts, doves, violets, and stars!! Cabrini has so many fun events throughout the year such as intramurals, games, tiger-crescent throwdown, and so much more. Our sports are amazing too. Cabrini's volleyball team is 2nd in the state of Louisiana! As captain of the dance team, I love being involved in the volleyball and basketball games cheering on our players! These past five years on Eclipse Dance Team has been difficult at times but I wouldnt trade it for the world. Although I complain about school, Im glad Cabrini was the high school I decided to go to! Also being a legacy makes it all the sweeter!
Cabrini has prepared me extremely well for college and has ensured that I succeed academically. I would like to see more emphasis on teacher-student communication though.
It was one of the best desions that I made when chosing schools. It is a family oriented school. I have established a deep bond with my sisters.
I have enjoyed my time at Cabrini High School. I have attended from 8th-12th grade. I was active in many clubs and sports.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my five years at Cabrini High School. In my time at Cabrini, I have grown academically, spiritually, and socially. The administration works hard to instill in its students the values of respect, excellence, leadership, and service. I am proud to have attended such a prestigious school that places a high value on not only my academic prowess but also my spiritual development.
I love the small school environment. Everyone there such as the teachers and the students are so nice. I love the small class size. The classes does help prepare you for college.
I ranked Cabrini as a 5 star school. The academics prepared me for college.
I like the diversity at the school. The teachers are great. There are plenty clubs to choose from. The school culture is awesome! The school is very affordable. The location is the best. Extracurricular activities are plentiful. Parent involvement is a plus. There are plenty resources to help students learn.
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Since, I was a young girl, I would always hear about Cabrini High School. From listening to others speak on the school, I knew it was the place for me. They have wonderful sports programs, as well as, amazing teachers who work extremely hard to help their students. Many teachers are available before, during, or after school. Cabrini High School has labs for multiple subjects to help students. There is always something that can be improved, but I see no reason for Cabrini High School to change things. Honestly, I feel in my heart that I have made the right decision choosing Cabrini High School.
At Cabrini, I really enjoy how small and close the environment is. I know every single person in my class and not many schools are able to honestly say that. The teachers are phenomenal and would do anything to make sure you understand what is being taught.
As it is my Alma Mater I loved going to school there. It was one of the best experiences of my life. From all the sports games, championships, the amazing teachers, the resources the school has, and how ready it made my fellow classmates and I for college. It will always be the best all around all girls catholic high school in the city in my eyes.
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