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Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College High School Reviews

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My favorite thing about this school is the fact that it is relatively small in size both student and teacher wise. The student to teacher ratio is small so it leads to more chances for you to meet with the teacher 1 on 1 for help or questions. This is helpful because the teacher can help you for a longer period of time instead of having to jump around to a bunch of different students. Another thing I like a lot is how I can get a head start in college since I am participating an an early college program. I will graduate with both my high school diploma and an associates degree of my choosing.
The high school experience isn't really there but the support and the organization and everything is amazing
Since early college is a small school you can easily connect with both the teachers and fellow peers. You are almost guaranteed an associates degree allowing many opportunities once you get out of high-school.
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I absolutely love Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College High School. The environment is different compared to traditional high schools. Here, everyone is part of a family. The fact that you can obtain an Associates Degrees as a high school student is amazing. I can promise that attending Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College High School is a great experience.
My high school experience at ECHS has shaped the shaped the person I am today. The factuality go above and beyond to teach, get to know their students and prepare students for college. They have taught me valuable life skills that I feel I would not have obtained if I would have went the traditional route.
I have had an amazing four years at CKECHS. I have had amazing teachers and professors that have guided me through every obstacle I have faced. I believe I have had professors that made me realize just how much I want to be a teacher because I want to make an impact like theirs. The community here is very diverse and welcoming. I always felt like I had a place and that I could express myself openly.
The overall experience was chaotic. I would not recommend early college to anyone. I left ECHS with a slew of stress related disorders that originated from the rigorous pace. While the idea of the school is great, the way they go about the education is lacking. The staff emphasized the importance of getting work in quickly so they could hand out more work. This causes students to only focus on the aspect of grades instead of the importance of mental well being.
I like how much more free time you get once you're a junior and senior because you really get more time to yourself to focus more on your work alone not being confined to having the same exact routine every day. I also like how you earn a college degree while also getting your high school diploma because it doesn't just give you a leg up in academics, it gives you a leg up in the experience of going to a college class and how most of them work, because from my own personal experience they're easier than what most people think depending on the circumstances.
Early College is a great way to learn about yourself and get out of your comfort zone. It isn’t easy, or else everyone would do it! There is a LOT of group work and group presentations. This setting has contributed to my leadership & assertive skills.
I like that my school allows for more freedom than other high schools. We also are offered many resources that other schools aren't. Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College gives us college credits at no cost to us and offers experiences as I've never seen before. The only thing I dislike about the school is the ability to work individually sometimes.
Great for college-readiness and allows students to explore their academic interests. Recommended for students willing to put forth the effort to change their future.
Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College has definitely prepared me for college, career, and life! I have learned many things through my teachers and peers and have made some very memorable experiences. I don't know where I'd be without this school!
I have liked my experience at Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College High School. I have had excellent teachers who have prepared me for my college classes and helped me with anything I needed. Early College has allowed me to be a part of another family.
Ive been surrounded by Early College High School for a long time. My sister use to go there and I saw how different it is compared to a regular high school. This high school allows you to complete two years of college so when you graduate you already have your associates degree. This school isnt just for smart students its for everybody. The teachers there take the time to sit with you one on one and help you with any subject you are struggling with. There are even student tutors that help you with homework or projects. There arent any sports team but we do have sports event with other early colleges and anybody can create their own team. It gives students the ability to freely participate in any sports events if they want to. Most people will say they want the normal highschool expierence but you get that here and with 2 years of college already done.
I'm able to obtain an Associates Degree, as well as my High School Diploma at no cost. The workload is rigorous, but staff is very upfront with students during the application and consideration process. Class sizes are small which is helpful in learning. They offer a variety of clubs and offer other things such as Driver's Ed, Prom, field trips making this feel as much like a normal high school as possible to allow students that high school experience.
Being accepted into ECHS and being told that everyone gets treated here as if they were family, I thought that was a way to persuade people to apply. In all reality, what they said was the truth. In my years through out going to early college, I made bonds with my peers and faculty that are irreplaceable, and I found confidence in myself that I probably wouldn't have found in any other school. Although I wish I experienced some things other high schools did, I wouldn't have traded my time here for anything else
I absolutely love my experience at Early College because it has helped me grow as a student. It has helped me find out a lot of things that I love to do in my career. My experience here has been absolutely wonderful I have loved the teaching staff and all the things you have taught me about college readiness and just how to succeed in doing my classes in school work. The academics are absolutely wonderful I have loved every class I’ve taken and how the teachers have helped me grow in those classes by the unique way they teach the subjects. I have absolutely loved the activities & Clubs that we have, for example, I am in student government, National Honor Society, and prom committee. I love the activities we do and how we help make the school a place where people can enjoy themselves outside of academics. There is a lot of parent involvement from PTSO and they help us succeed in our events that we plan. I can’t recommend a better school than Early College.
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Becoming a student at this school is like joining a family that will do nothing but support you in every way they can!
This high school provides an amazing opportunity to high school students in Cabarrus County and Kannapolis City schools by letting them take accredited college courses at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College on site. Like every high school, CKECHS has some issues, the sense of family and support from staff shine through. I am proud to be an eagle.
Early College is an open and privileged place to be. We have freedom, but that freedom is determined by how responsible we are and if we are doing what we are supposed to. Yet, we're trusted to make the right choice anyway. So it teaches us to grow maturely and be ready for real life situations.
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