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Cabarrus Early College of Technology Reviews

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I have a good experience at this school. I am apart of the first graduating class at Cab Tech. All the staff is super friendly and supportive. I will always in my heart, be a Cobra.
Very hard on students, people are not good, classes are overly hard on such young minds; causes emotional breakdowns and mental issues.
My son is the first group of students for this Technology program. It has been great, he isn’t just a number. The challenge has kept him motivated and not bored. Always have an open door for help and questions. He will definitely be ready for the next challenge to attend a university to finish his schooling. Very excited to see his next steps!
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This School has been absolutely amazing for our son. He's graduating with his HS Diploma and an Associate's Degree which will cover almost all his Gen Ed requirements for College. All of the college classes count for GPA as Honors Classes for Weighted GPA.

The Staff here is amazing, and with the small school size the students and faculty get to know each other extremely well.

The only downside is that some of the normal school extra curriculars like Sports and Band are not available, but they do have a large number of other activities as well that many of the students enjoy.
This school has been amazing for me! It has taught me that school can be so much than just academics. School is a community, family, and much more. Although the work load is high and can be extremely difficult at times, this school has taught me to manage my stress in the best way possible!
great opportunity to start earning college credits
increase class size if possible
like that college classes are close to high school in same lot
I loved how we had the opportunity to have a little bit of freedom and how we were able to get a two year degree along with our high school diploma. The admin was just too wonky and rules were confusing.
Cabarrus Early College of Technology has benefited my future greatly! The curriculum there is outstanding and prepares me well for college. As a dual-enrolled student, I have been faced with hard classes that are very different from high school honors courses. However, I have been able to be given an inside look at how college will be in terms of difficulty and standards. Compared to traditional high schools, the courses provided by Rowan Cabarrus Community college have given me and the student body the privilege to have a boost in our education. Another great perk about this school is our associate's degree we obtain when we graduate. Not only are we given an incredible education there, but we also are obtaining life lessons through freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior seminars. Overall this school has not only given me a great education and the opportunity to graduate with our associates but an incredible high school experience.
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