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After almost four years at Byron Nelson High School I can say it was a fun experience. Byron is an excellent school to attend, it's easy to get connected and the overall quality of learning and the facility itself are very good. One thing I would change is having the teacher be able to teach/ explain concepts in different ways, because not everyone understands on the first go around, but otherwise the staff is great.
I like going to BNHS because they have very good fine arts programs and they have a good standard for academics.
School, especially high school, is difficult for many children and their parents. While attending Byron Nelson though, I have not had to worry about if I am getting the right amount of education, or if I will really be able to utilize my high school degree. For me personally, Byron Nelson has a wonderful Agriculture department, which allowed me to become educated in veterinary sciences which has helped me chose my future college and career. Though, Byron Nelson is not a very diverse school, and their focus on some sports over others could be a hinderance. While the athletics got new faculties and supplies, the Agricultural department had to struggle to get enough funds to find animals to dissect and continue to cater to the more advanced part of our education. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed my years at Byron Nelson High School and I cannot wait to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.
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The facility truly teach and coach and display servant leadership skills and express high emotional intelligence.
I really love my school and do not feel strongly enough to state anything needs materially improved upon.
Teachers are nice and people are nice. Volleyball is really good, we're one of the of the top teams in the nation. Football won one out of ten games this past school year.
I am a rising senior at Byron Nelson, and it has been quite the experience this far. I appreciate all of the fun and unique events that are held at this school, and the sense of community created between the students is very uplifting. I also enjoy how the school offers different academy opportunities, such as the Culinary Arts and Biomedical Sciences Academy. Personally, I am in the Biomedical Academy and I have seen tremendous benefits from being a member. We conduct experiments and utilize tools that are not available to other high school students, while learning topics that are often times not taught until college. In the fourth year, students have the opportunity to become a certified EMT (emergency medical technician) or a CMA (certified medical assistant), which is a very unique experience presented to students at such a young age. I am very grateful to have chosen the EMT program, which will hopefully serve as a great introduction to my dream career, as a cardiologist.
The teachers at Byron Nelson are extremely professional and go out of their way to help students and improve their high school experience. Byron Nelson truly prepares students for the future through the various clubs, volunteer opportunities, and college classes that are offered at the school.
Byron Nelson has a lot of different branches of interest that you can enter into as a young student. They give you the chance to experience various educations. I also feel that all the teachers care about their students and care that they succeed in life. The only thing I would change is that all of the students almost feel that they are separated from each other and on different teams instead of on the same team.
Byron Nelson High School is an average school. I have never had a teacher that I have thoroughly enjoyed, but the overall curriculum is alright. The best part is the building itself. With three floors and an outdoor walkway on the second, the school doesn't feel cramped. There is a coffee shop that keeps most of us, students, awake throughout the day. However, our football team is embarrassingly awful, even though the school puts most of its funding towards it. We're known for having the football team that you will never lose to. Other than that, we have an amazing volleyball team, and this gives us all a slight sense of pride in our school. However, most of us feel our time is wasted with unnecessary electives we have to take, and 45 minutes of learning about "respect" or "kindness", which we have been taught since we were in kindergarten. I would personally rank Byron Nelson High School 3 out of 5 stars, as it has it's pros and cons, neither outweighing the other.
The only concern I have is the growing student body. The school is getting too big. In spite of the size, it looks to be a good environment for my teenager.
Studying at Byron Nelson was a fun experience, as the teacher were mainly supportive of the students. A great part of the school is the Biomedical Academy (BSA) which allows first-hand experience with dissections, experiments, and more. I really liked the program and find it helpful and a great headstart for me in the medical field. However, some things that I would like to see changed would be diversity of AP Classes and other Career Classes. When I was supposed to choose classes for my senior year, I was running out of options for AP classes that I was interested in.
I love it at Byron Nelson! The campus is lovely, the people are great, the classes are interesting. Best high school experience!
I loved my High School. The school spirit is really nice and everyone is so united. The teachers are nice and help you with what you need especially the ones that teach AP courses. The only thing that I would change was the amount of help that I received from my counselor, I felt that I did everything on my own. But besides that I liked it a lot.
At Byron Nelson High School, the academics is excellent. They have a divers selection of class that aids to the students learning speeds. Also, there is a vast selection of electives and clubs that cater to the students interest and allows for a fun learning environment for the student body. Byron Nelson is also a great school that takes extreme pride in their school. They have endless pep rallies, school activities such as dodgeball tournaments and volleyball tournament the the students can participate in, and they also have great teacher appreciation weeks to recognize that staff and teachers at the school. One thing I think Byron Nelson needs to work on is the favoritism for athletes. Our administrative staff tends to be more lenient on the rules with students who participate in our athletic department, especially our football players.
I think it is a lovely school, a large majority of the staff and students are very pleasant and there are a multitude of options to choose for classes. It is very large but there are tons of opportunities especially for preparation for college or specific careers. Everyone is pretty helpful and the physical quality of the school is in peak condition. There are plenty of clubs and activities that people can choose to get involved with, as well as a lot of information about things such as scholarships, personal health, and many other things to help the students.
Byron is a great school with many learning opportunities if you chose to pursue them. However, some of the teachers are not the best and are only there for coaching. As a result, they do little to help in the classroom and are not extremely knowledge on their class material.
I love the time I spend at Byron! The community is safe, reliable, and very positive! Being a student here has taught me how to build character, responsibility and accountability in everything I do.
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During my four years at Byron Nelson High School I would say it was a fun experience. It probably would’ve been better if I was involved in school related activities but I am the kind of person who likes to stay in the back of the crowd. I personally would like to see more diversity and more culture appreciation.
Byron Nelson High School is a great school to attend to! There as so many opportunities students can take such as extracurriculars, clubs and more!
Byron Nelson is a large high school, with plenty of academic choices, excellant band & theater program, and chance for individual growth. I graduated with the academic strength and musical passion and apptitude to obtain a large 2 year scholarship to a 4 year scholarship. I play in a college band, excell in my courses as a sophomore and do extracurricular musical positions that pays dividends. This was all based on my hardwork & education while at Byron Nelson High School.
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