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It is a good school, sports are good, and education is good. Great teachers work here and it is a safe place.
I liked high school and the people I was around. After a few years the events just got repetitive and they were getting boring, they had nothing to make it more interactive. Very good school just wish I could’ve finished my senior year like everyone else did before and have the rush of emotions as I crossed the stage
It’s was okay. I didn’t get a lot of help from my counselor when I was applying and getting accepted from colleges, if I did need to speak with her I would babe to wait a few days.
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I love butler traditional high school. The teachers, students, and adminitration. I couldn't thank Butler enough for everything they've done for me. I've learned so many these i wouldn't of if i didn't attend... such as responsibility, leadership, empathy, and many other things. It's a 10/10 school. They welcomed the freshman so good! By things going so smoothly my freshman year, what's supposed to be one of the scariest things to happen to me wasn't bad at all. I loved and had so much fun. Then throughout my senior year class of 2020 I've never seen such caring people who truly care and only want the best for us. They'd shown so much passion, love, and sympathy to us seniors. I truly couldn't be more thankful. Brought me so much hope and faith to push through these hard times and move on to bigger and better things such as college.
Butler kept me prepared. Always came to school ready to learn. Lots of teachers out there willing to help. Everyone is resourceful. Teachers actually want to help lift us.
I like the curriculum and courses and the cultural diversity and leadership as far as communicating with the students . No negative comments
My overall experience was amazing, Butler taught me a lot throughout my four years of attending the school. It taught me, don't take life for granted. You only get one life and you cherish every moment that comes your way. High School should be taken serious. It matters how you put yourself out there. Butler got me ready for the real world, especially junior year. We took so many tests, just to get your ready for college bound and what comes with that. In college, that's what you basically do in college. You write papers and take exams for class. Also, Butler environment was just great to be a part of. Everyone was getting along when there was no trouble. We was able to just be ourselves and have fun. I just want to give a special the staff and administration at Butler for everything they are doing for the Seniors. Wouldn't be to move on without them, through this tough time. Butler is a wonderful to go to, just make sure you take care of business while you attend Butler. Thank you!!
I really like that all teachers work with you personally and are always there for support even outside of school.
Fantastic school. Teachers are the best who will do their best to give a good education and high school experience. They go above and beyond
I've had a good experience at butler. It's a very family-like environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable. Our staff are there for everyone. The teachers really show that they care for their students and they want all of us to succeed.
I’ve been at butler for three years now and I’m glad I switched schools from Ballard. Butler is an amazing school to have a young adult grow up the teachers are so supportive and it’s feels like home .
JCPS has a very small budget and it shows at Butler. When I went here we weren't able to get the textbooks we needed for my Algebra 3 and Dual Credit Political Science class. There were also not a lot of options with AP courses. The student environment is very toxic and it effected my mental health as a teenager.
Overall the teachers truly care for the students and are dedicated in teaching. As a bear I know that hard work pays off. I have asked teachers to write recommendation letters which comes from their own time.
Butler is a great traditional school as far as keeping the tradition alive. The staff is a great group of people that I appreciate and the kids are.. kids. Overall Butler is probably one of the best schools I have attended in general.
I liked the teachers , administration, and students. They helped me graduate and stay on task and focused.
My experience at Butler Traditional High School has ben wonderful! I have been there for four years and I am currently a senior. Butler is so welcoming and overall feels like home. Butler offers a wide variety of sports and clubs to choose from. One club that fascinates me is National Honors Society (NHS). NHS is a program for students with a GPA above 3.5. It helps students make a difference in their community by completing service hours. Butler has great administrators and teachers that are very approachable and kind to all students. In my opinion, Best Buddies is one of the best things about my school. Best Buddies is a program for special-needs students to interact with other students. It is very special to me because forever friends and connections are made with all the special-needs students. I would recommend Butler High School to everyone! I have met so many people and I feel involved at school. Choosing to attend Butler High School was one of the best choices I've ever made.
Since I have been at Butler, I have learned new life skills and I have grown in my academics. All of the staff are kind and they help out the students when needed. They make sure that students know what is going on and they clear up any questions they may have on that topic. The staff has made my high school experience one to remember.
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I really liked my experience at Butler. Butler had a kind and caring staff. Teachers were willing to help out students with personal issues and issues with school. Most teachers were really good at explaining their subjects and making students understand the material. One thing I would like to see change at Butler was the lack of parent involvement.
Butler traditional High School is a great school, with great teachers. I honestly believe that Butler has transformed me into the person I am today. There is nothing that I would change about Butler because it is a great school.
I like the programs they. For example: Medical, engineering, art, etc. The BSU ( Black Student Union)program is good.
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