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Its a good school, it has its ups and downs but there could be some new developments. The teachers are super cool, and they are really understanding at times.
I’ve been at Butler for 4 Whole years i would’ve been graduating this year . Out of the 4 years I’ve been at butler I've had a wonderful time I learned how to control my behavior my attitude and i learned how to take my time on my work also learned how to become a better person as in a student a daughter and also a Lynxleader
I love my school ! Everyone at my school shows school spirit and we really are a family. The teachers care deeply about us, from our safety to the direction we want to take when leaving high school.
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I like the school. It serves a good discipline school and it teaches you how to be ready for the real world. Not just for college but also for when it’s time to get a job. The teachers help you and want the best for you and some teachers can be here for you if you need someone to talk to. The staff are trustworthy, for the most part, and it can be considered you second crazy family that you somehow still have love for.
Butler college prep has a very friendly environment. Academically id say its average at most, there are no challenges.
i have had a great experience at butler college prep it has helped me so much with life and my education. this school is perfect it will help you grow in the classroom and outside the classroom. butler college preparatory is a family and we stick together and it is a good school to further your education
Butler really pushes their students to go to college and they are very helpful with applying for scholarships. The culture of the school makes everyone come together as one.
As a Butler college prep senior, I enjoy having the school spirit and culture developed more and more over the years. This has created a safe and comfortable space for me to communicate and create a bond with others. Though I am only one of the few Hispanics at Butler, the school environment and teachers ensure that all students feel like they belong. This is what attracted me the most when I applied for my 8th grade year. The friendliness, academic preparedness, and ability to positively consult students is what makes Butler College Prep stand out and a great school.
Butler had very good curriculum, that’s if you are putting forward effort in school. Butler is also toxic. The teachers and students always have their own batch of bad blood that kills the schools spirit over all. This school does NOT take field trips. The teachers who use to set them up left or got fired. If you are a incoming freshman you will only get one field trip which is the last day of school. If you are a sophomore you won’t get a field trip till junior year and that’s in April of junior year. And senior is probably the most stressful of them all. What makes it even worse, this school is VERY last minute. Therefore, grade drop and the we the students are blamed. All in all it’s the teachers last minute decisions.
butler is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I came to butler my sopohmore year of high school and its probably was the best decisions of my life. Butler is like one big happy family we all make sure everybody is OK.
Butler is a school that shows students what the definition of family is. The staff wants to protect their students and show them that there is more to the world than what the students are around at yome. Butler has treated me like family and has always shown that they care about me and my future.
It has been a bumpy ride when entering Butler College prep. I have lost friends family even myself, but the school helps you get to where you want to achieve and helps you through anything. Butler College prep has become a second home to me.
I like butler but I noticed I need to go to college to have my own space and understand myself more. The current sistuation I am in is because I have no freedom of my own and the only way to make it better is to escape where I am now.
I don't like how people pick and choose here. You could know more than the top student but still fail at this school.
Butler college prep is a amazing school,They help us if we need help,they got good teachers and the main thing good academics.Butler has sports and a lot of clubs to get you involved.The sports teams are good,they all are on win streaks and butler makes sure you keep your grades up to be able to play.If you cant maintain a certin gpa then you not allowed to play.
When first attending butler I was nervous because I didn't know anyone.Butler was very warming and open armed.I was very comfortable with being myself.I felt like I couldn't find a more better school than my grammar school, but Butler proved me wrong.When playing sports the coach's gave great leadership and only wants you to be the best you can be.Also, programs like "pilot lit" give you such encouragement.Butler is an amazing school and I believe there no better choice than to attend Butler College Prep know as BCP Aka LYNX.
What I like about butler is that it’s very structured and fun. The level of change has been made which has become better for the students
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My experience always had some up and downs coming in as a freshman because the school I came from but now i feel ready for college and more
My experience at Butler was an experience of a lifetime, I was exposed to a new environment which brought out the real me and my potential. Everyone pushes each other to keep going and never give up including the staff and students. What I would change about Butler is the opportunity limits.
My four years at butler have indeed been wild. I have had ups and downs but i still managed to succeed. The school is very close knit and we all are a family. Most people are stuck on the discipline factor but it helps us have self control and integrity for college. I have built a good relationship with my peers , teachers , and mentors. I don't regret coming to Butler.
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