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I have been attending Burton from Pre-K to 12th grade. Having been here all my life, this school has helped me transform into the best person that I can be. I’ve always felt that the teachers are passionate about you learning the most from their classes. They love to see you succeed, and are always willing to set aside their free time to help you understand something that is challenging. The atmosphere of the study body is very accepting, and you can make friends in no time!
I attended Burton since kindergarten, and like most students, some members or my family also attended burton. Most of our teachers were Burton alumni, and it’s a very tight knit community alongside other Adventist schools and churches. The diversity was strong, the student life and community was strong, but there was also a strong lack of high education and academics. Our lunches were pretty okay but our extra curriculums were also lacking.
Attending the school Burton has really been a positively influential experience. As the school’s administration and staff educates the students and teaches them the required knowledge, they also take the next step in guiding each student to better levels of maturity. They take the time to help and encourage these students as they go through struggles and such, creating an atmosphere where students can freely come to learn, make mistakes, and most of all to grow and become successful adults in the near future.
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Burton Adventist Academy has been a safe haven for me and allowed me to be myself. I believe that because of this reason, I was able to mature mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and be ready for college and life in general. The teachers employed by the school take their job to a whole other level. They not only teach students but also nurture students. It is not hard to confide in teachers and principals at Burton. They are down to earth and genuinely care for their students. Overall, Burton is a wonderful school to be a part of and can become family to their students.
It was a great place to be in if you want to enrich your faith in Christ. Also, having great fun, but also while hitting the books
I like the community among the students, faculty and staff. It is a smaller school so we have lots of opportunities to connect with each other. The academic studies are the right amount of challenge while keeping my interest. I have enjoyed my journey so far at Burton Adventist Academy.
Overall, Burton Academy is good if you want your kids to focus more on religious aspects of schooling over learning. The school has a clear priority on creating an Adventist environment as about 90% of the students there are a part of the Adventist church. If you are not an Adventist, attending this school wouldn't make much sense with the worships before most classes and mandatory religion classes.
I attended Burton my junior and senior years. I enjoyed my time there more or less. Anywhere you go, more often than not, if you are willing to put the effort in, you will find what you are looking for. They have excellent choral & drama programs (that although I did not participate in are highly recommended). If you are a sociable person and want to be with crowd, definitely join both. Warning: drama is really competitive. The art class is great. History and social sciences are a little lacking.
Great Christian educators who are eager to see kids succeed academically and in their Christian walk.
They have a very warm welcoming atmosphere. It is a place where it's not too small that you can't find things you want and not too big where you can't test your comfort zone and find activities to pursue. If I had too improve something it would be a few teachers for sub par performance but overall great experience.
Fantastic school! We have loved every minute. The teachers and staff are fabulous and they really care about the kids and teaching them about God and want them all to succeed
I came to Burton Academy when I was 9 years old , pstarting third grade. Attending public school for my first school years to then switching to a private, christian school was a huge change for me. It was a positive, Christ centered, atmosphere filled with hospitality. I felt welcomed and accepted and one on one time with teachers increased my level of learning. I am now a senior and Burton's love for Christ and it's students and their education has only increased.
I love the teachers and the students and how everyone is supportive of each other and loves God! We all start class with devotion or prayer before class starts and we have chapel very Friday I love that! Most schools don't have the opportunity that my school has of praying anytime and anywhere and not being judged.
Burton is a small private school , however this is not a bad thing. The student to teacher ratio is very small and each student can get the help he or she needs. Teachers often take time from their break periods to help a student if they did not understand the lesson. During lunch the principal often reserves time to talk to students that come in her office looking for help or advice.
Burton has been a great experience for me. IMy spiritual life has grown and my academics have been very good. There are lots of extracurriculars and volunteer oppurtunities and the faculty and students are fun to be around. Overall my time here has been well spent.
Safety there is very important, health has room for improvement.
There is room for more opportunities.
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The biggest part of Burton I have appreciated at Burton was the International program, where students from different countries came to study in America at our school.
The teachers are very loving and you will find life long friends here
This school has improved very much over the years!
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