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A great high school with diversity and excellent teachers. Everyone is friendly and the campus is also very clean and organized.
It was a high school that is very involved and has a lot of fun events. It could make senior more ready for college with more involvement with them. The sports teams work very hard together making a lot of wins for the school.
Burroughs is great! There are plenty of advanced classes, but students are well-rounded with plenty of participation in sports, VMA (music) and drama. With distance learning, the teachers are working hard to make classes engaging and also are caring about students circumstances.
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The mascot needs to change due to the cultural appropriation that comes with having an Indian as a mascot. As for the education, laying a better foundation to get students ready for college would prove advantageous.
It' ok so far. Some teachers are amazing and truly care about the students and others seem miserable, but so was I my freshman year.
I thought I had an okay experience at Burroughs. There are a lot of teachers who are hit or miss. It's great getting one of the good teachers, but chances are, a majority of them will not be good. The classes the had great teachers were really fun and I felt that I learned a lot in those classes. The school does have great resources for students. It had also changed a lot recently to help the campus atmosphere be more positive.
Burroughs is what you would expect from a high school experience. It wasn’t the best because a lot of the people are involved in some shady things yet the school doesn’t care to stop what’s going on. The choir, dance, and drama programs are the best best parts of the school hands down. They are what drives our school.
Burroughs offers excellent classes and has a great student culture. I wish that the upperclassmen were more inclusive of the lowerclassmen, especially since the recent development of Link Crew, a program designed to immerse the freshman class into high school life.
It was an above average school all around that provided tremendous opportunities to its students.
Strong points:
-Accessibility to academic help
-Positive reinforcement
-Athletics for the most part
Weak points:
-Preparation for college
-Behavioral policies
-Uniformity of grading policies within departments
My experience with John Burroughs HS revolved most around academics and communicating well with the teachers and counselors to help me gain as many opportunities as I can. Everyone’s very friendly and willing to help as long as your willing to put in the work! The only thing I wish to see fro the future is for the newest programs in the school to grow and be more organized.
My experience at John Burroughs High School was something that I will never forget. I was able to connect with many different groups on campus and feel accepted at all times. Being apart of ASB, Cheer, and Link Crew has taught me to become passionate for the things that I believe in. Along with that, the students and teachers that I surrounded myself with not only challenged me to become a better person but they were some of the best people in my life. High school was amazing and unforgettable thanks to the environment that I found myself in.
Burroughs High School has a special place in my heart. The school has given me every opportunity to make great memories with my classmates and allow me to explore different things about myself so I can be ready for the future to come. Unfortunately, while Burroughs seems great in its all, there are unnecessary restrictions and limitations that hurt one student's experience here which all roots from the choices our disciplinary advisors make.
School has very good AP classes, and teachers for those classes seem to care about their students. Also, very good music/choir/drama programs.
I like how there are different academic classes, clubs, and activities at Burroughs. The teachers are nice, though some of them can be very strict. There are different programs that help students get ready for college, such as the College Peer Mentors Program, Advanced Placement courses, and CTE classes. CTE classes are my favorite. They are after school classes provided by LAVC or GCC which give you high school credit and college credit. There are many different sports. I think the school should be made safer due to the fact that anyone can easily walk in or out if they look like they are students. The food that the school provides should be improved. It is a diverse school and there are different academies such as the Engineering Academy.
I spent all four of my high school years at Burroughs and i would not change it. It is an amazing school with an excellent and supportive staff that help their students until college.
If you are trying to become a star, Music and Choir is the way to go at this school. They have been reigning dominance for decades.
It's a great school but the faculty should try to pay more attention to the students at the school.
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Burroughs is a diverse high school where the faculty and stuff treats all its students with respect. Personally, I found my place on the soccer team and ASB and made friends that will last me a lifetime. I think it can really improve on college readiness and awareness. I feel like many students go on to community college and do not even consider a 4-year university.
My experience at Burroughs was pretty alright. This year I enjoyed most of my classes.The classes are easy to understand. The teams and clubs are great, like swim and volleyball. Even for those teams who don't win as much there are bonds that form in every activity at Burroughs, which makes high school a bit less horrible
This was a great school in many ways. First, they teachers are very personable and my experience with teachers here was been exceptional. The sports were well funded, however many students fall victim to biased coaches. In girls soccer for example, the coach was the father of two players who were both captain and varsity majority of their high school career. Once graduated, the coach left. This is the case for many sports. Burroughs High School had many resources for mental health. The administration lacked as they failed to address many concerns and problems that were brought to their attention by both parents and students. In addition, the school dances were not well supervised enabling ill behavior including intoxication to take place.
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