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Overall, my last four years at Burnet High School have been very pleasant. Though a few teachers have been rather unfair, or plain bad teachers, you will get that at any school you go to. I think that as I leave this school behind, I am leaving fond memories and strong relationships at it too. I am well prepared for college and regular life as Burnet sends me off.
I love the teachers and the system the highschool has! I wouldnt want to go anywhere else! I would like to see change with the on level classes. It Is very crowded and obnoxious, but still good.
Small town school with decent academics that could be improved if they want to further educate the rural area population. The lack of real support from teachers and actual teaching led to this overwhelming opinion. Sports were good and actually received decent support overall however the culture stigma of popularity only if football or baseball team still remains the same. The high school does finally have a great involved principal which is actually something they have needed for a long time. Hopefully this program continues to push for change out of the long term old fashioned thinking that education is of little worth and pushes for change to help change our future generations long term success
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While Burnet has its issues, all the staff is actively working to solve the problems. The staff had created a great environment and it is obvious that the teachers love what they are doing.
The cullinary program is amazing and so is the teacher,I belive that the program is under funded and need more attention.
Burnet High school was very limiting for me because I was isolated and felt lonely for most of my four years. I hope student involvement becomes better by the time I leave.
it feels like one huge family that you can always count on. It also has great college readiness like the AVID program that I've been in for 5 years now we learn a lot about what skills we need to survive college. Making us more responsible and organized and helping us achieve the highest gpa by doing tutorials. Burnet high school in my opinion is a great school to attend everyone here is super kind and friendly but most importantly they are respectful and understanding of the choices you make.
Burnet has avg teachers with a good variety of sport programs. They are very poor on preparing for college. I haven't had homework in 4 years. No study habits at all.
My time being a student has brought about a number of experiences. The teachers urge to keep you engaged and to help remember the material being taught. Our counselors also do a great number of things to help you, get you ready for college, or even just to talk to.
Community actively supports school. Lots of extra-curricular activities. Continues to have "small town" thinking when it comes to their rules about dress code and such.
The school is nice and still relatively new, teachers are great, only down side is that their Dual Credit classes vary each year so nothing is certain.
I love the welcoming atmosphere, and the staff are great! Overall very supportive of all extracurriculars, including athletics, UIL Academics, Culinary, FFA, and more. Also very effective in helping graduating students with the college and career process.
Burnet High School is one of the best high schools in the State of Texas. Everyday when you walk onto the campus you really get a feel of what Spirit Pride Honor is really all about.
My favorite thing about Burnet High School is all the curricular opportunities that I’ve had for future success. I am also glad that I have met great teachers and friends throughout the years, which I am very thankful for.
This has been a school I've gone to since I was five when I moved from Mexico. The moment I moved here everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. I believe this school has thoroughly prepared me for college and for that I am very grateful.
Burnet High School is great place not just for learning but as well as for the community feeling. Burnet makes you feel like you're part of something bigger than yourself. From the great teachers that care about you and teach not only academic lessons but as well as life lessons.
Burnet high school offered insight to wonderful experience like welding or cooking related feilds of study but does not completely prepare one for the college experience.
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Burnet High seems like an outwardly quiet, conservative school, but when you actually get on campus, you find that the school is actually a bustling, diverse community of its own. There are several student-organized clubs and groups to be a part of, from mental health support to on-campus religious discussion groups.
The staff is also very tolerant and supportive, and you can't go a single day without a teacher or counselor making sure you're having a good day. The counselors and administrators invite college speakers to the school, hold frequent college seminars, and have begun their quest to transform Burnet High School into an AVID-curriculum school.
The only drawback to attending Burnet High would have to be the trouble of being in a small town. The school attempts to give students as many opportunities as they can, but it's very hard for such a small school to attract the attention of colleges and public organizations.
Burnet High School is a perfect school to get that home-town feeling without living in a rural area.
At Burnet high school we have almost zero bullying and are polite to one another. There are multiple career paths you can start while there. The extracurricular activities are very popular and Burnet has some of the best teams and band in the county.
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