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it was nice but not very diverse. they don’t handle issues very well. in the event of an emergency they didn’t seem very well prepared. the teachers clearly care for the students.
Burlington Christian Academy overall is a great school with emphasis on good values based on Christian faith. On thing I would change if I could would be more emphasis on the social clubs as they are not well funded. On great thing about the school is the teachers. The teachers at this school make an effort to teach the students in a way that allows them to comprehend the studies while also getting them interested
BCA is overall a very good school, I value highly the Christian education my children receive there and the individual attention from teachers and staff. As far as private schools go the tuition is low. Education and college prep is first rate as are the facilities. BCA lacks a diverse student body and wealth does at times seem to determine privileges. Students can be quite entitled, and albeit taught to behave in a loving manner by the teachers and administrators, they can be very elitist and look down upon others around them. Academically students are challenged and lead to achieve at a high level. I truly enjoy the focus placed on service, and giving back to the community through service projects and missions.
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The experience here at BCA is really great. They have amazing teachers and faculty members who work hard everyday for the education they provide for us. They have a good education system here and it helps us get ready for college.
I have had a great experience at BCA, in school and in sports! Not much bad to say about teachers or course load. Not many people I know have a lot to complain about. BCA has a safe campus, with a ton of safety measures.
A great school where all the faculty and staff genuinely care and invest in the students. It also helps them to get academically ahead.
Our children have flourished at BCA. They know they are loved and respected and absolutely love going to school each day. Great people. Great academics. Great atmosphere.
The teachers and administration are truly involved in the students life and well being as well as their education. The focus on education is key and each teacher inspires students in their subject like I've never seen before. The school makes sure to emphasize college readiness and provides AP courses along with courses in community college to help. They make sure to guide each student in their college searches as well. I would however like to see more of a Christian influence in the school as it is a Christian school. They do have chapel and Bible class but I think there needs to be more of an effort to reach those who may not seek out Christian influence. As it is right now, there is a definitive "Christian" group that other students feel they can't be apart of. So I think BCA could create a more inviting atmosphere for all people. I also think that more diversity would be better as the school is primarily one race.
Many of the teachers are very engaged with the students. The workload is heavy and there is extreme emphasis on testing. I will be well prepared for college due to the intensity of work requirements at the school.
Burlington Christian Academy provided me with great opportunities and knowledge to prepare me for my future college experience. They have friendly staff and teachers who go the extra mile in order to see their students succeed.
There are many wonderful teachers at BCA that love and cherish the kids. The administration however is another story. The cost has skyrocketed and the mission and integrity of the school has been compromised greatly! Their priorities are out of order. High cost = high standards, but unfortunately the standards they once held seem to have become less important than the money and those families who have more of it. It's sad really. Also if you have a child with any sort of challenges, admin is not remotely supportive. I will say class sizes are great as well as parent involvement.
The most impressive is the Christian foundation. The next would be the small classroom size giving students individual attention as needed, as well, the focused academic excellence and rating. It is a certain positive. In regard to potential enhancements, I would absolutely recommend a higher attention to foreign language and introduction of a Spanish Emertion class beginning 9th grade.
I have gone to this school since pre-k and I am now a senior and I could not have asked for a better place to receive an education. The teachers at this school are superb, and they genuinely care about their students. The academics are also stellar and overall it creates a great positive atmosphere and you can tell God is at the heart of what all this school does. i love it and would recommend it to anyone!
The middle school experience was amazing. The teachers showed care and interest within the class. They engaged interest from their lessons to help students find their passion. However, the high school portion is absolutely awful. The teachers don't know how to teach; they only reiterate what is said in a book. They don't cater to the learning needs of students, you only read and write. Overall, for the money you pay, you are getting a lesser education and a more uninviting environment than in a public school.
This school does a very good job at providing a higher education than surrounding schools in order to prepare students for college. Teachers are involved in students' lives and education, and they want to be there to help in any way they can. Connections with teachers are lasting. You may not realize how much the school prepares you for college, but you will appreciate it in the future.
I really love it at my school. It is a safe, caring environent where people really have a chance to grow. The teachers are great. They genuinely want the students to succeed in their studies. The only downside is that it is rather expensive to go to the school. However, it is well worth it.
Various extracurricular activities are available
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Teachers are intelligent, caring and willing to help
There are many different clubs and organizations to choose from. Sports games and after school activities are fun to participate in.
BCA ensures that all students are safe. They are constantly reviewing and practicing safety measures.
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