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One thing that I like about Burley High School is that it is small, so I got to know many of the people who go to my school. As I walk down the halls, I am surrounded by familiar faces and friends.
This school has a safe and welcoming environment with the best teachers and staff. The school has many clubs and activities to offer along with many sports.
I was not popular. I was not in sports. I had a few friends and I was in a few clubs. I had fun most of the time.
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I love burley, our music and arts programs are fantastic. Burley has an excellent English department as well as a great sporting staff. Overall I am glad that I was able to attend Burley Highschool
Overall, the staff is amazing and is totally willing to work with whoever needs it. if I were to choose one thing to change, it would be disciplinary actions. Many students believe they can get away with things and so they break the rules.
Burley High has amazing teachers. Two years in a row my English teacher has procured a grant to take a small group of students to Provo to an Authors Bootcamp. I have appreciated the time and caring they have given.
Burley Senior High School is an amazing school for students and staff. Everyone is accepting and is always willing to help. The teachers and staff are supportive of every student and thier dreams and help them to achieve it. When you walk into the school you have a feeling of belonging. The students have tons of school spirit and care for the students around them and jump in to help when ever they have the opportunity. Burley Senior High School has a very wide variety of classes and clubs that students can participate in. Giving the students the ability to try new things and find out what we love.
My experience at Burley high school has been nothing but great. I have made a 45 minute commute in order to go to Burley high school and now I make 25 minute commute everyday to go there. It is just a great environment for everyone. The teachers there are amazing and go out of their way for any students who need them.
It has been a very fun school to go to. Teachers are very friendly to get along they are willingly to you with anything you need.
I like how there are a variety of classes, clubs, and sports you can take or join. The faculty are very friendly and are willing to help you excel in your academics. Burley High School is a very nice school and is well taken care of. I enjoy attending Burley High School and I think other students do too. I really enjoy the tech center classes that they offer. I am currently taking fundamentals of health occupations and hopefully next year I will be able to go into the EMT classes. I like having the opportunity to take an IDLA class because it helps me get a head start in college. Burley High School is a great school and I love being a bobcat.
I consider Burley High to be the "Goldilocks" school. It is not too big and not too small; it is just right. There are many students to get to know, but not too many that the staff is overwhelmed. Numerous teachers knew me by name and asked periodically about my life and academic achievements. Also, there are plenty of ways to get involved in different clubs or programs.
I loved how the teachers were there to help their students and they were constantly finding ways to help their students. We had a thing called power hour, which was designed to help students who are struggling in school. I loved my experience at Burley High School.
Burley Senior High is more than just a school. Not only is it a comfortable environment but it is an uplifting and encouraging school. It’s more than just a school it’s a second home. Burley High has a smile around every corner and is willing to help, not only by staff members but also by many class mates. Burley is where we as students are encouraged to do our best and to work hard for what we want today in our lives, but what we also want to strive for in our futures. Burley high school is the place where we can accept who we are and to push for more, Knowing teachers are here to help us continue our education but to help us succeed in the people we intend to be. They never let us give up and they make us believe that anything is possible if we strive to do what we are meant to do. Once a Bobcat always a Bobcat. No Bobcat is left behind.
They were very welcoming when I moved in my senior year. The office, councilors and teachers helped me work to get on my way to succeed at the school.
I like the overall atmosphere of Burley High School. Most everyone is very friendly and the teachers all seem to care about their students. I especially like the dual-credit classes the school offers, but wish there were a larger amount of them. Somethings that can be improved is definitely the food, the sports programs, and the amount of involvement the parents have.
It was alright as long as you stayed to yourself and didn't get involved in any drama. The worst thing about the school is the students really. Some teachers suck but some don't so.
I love Burley High School. All of the teachers and staff do such a great job of caring for the students and it’s a great learning environment.
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Well i got here 2 years ago i come from.Mexuco and i like this school so much it help me out a lot the teachers are really nice and they help you out in anything
I moved to Burley High School my Senior year and my life had changed drastically. The teachers are well educated and great communicators. The staff and Administrators care deeply for all students and make sure they are doing well. The school is clean everyday and I have never felt unsafe. They follow the rules and guidelines, while making the class a fun environment for students to learn. Overall, my experience at Burley Senior High School has been superior.
So I grew up going to a different school my whole life all up until my sophomore year I made the transfer to come to Burley. The School I left had a poor administration they would only need to talk you if you were in trouble. Here at Burley I felt so welcomed when I came. The Vice Principal Called me in checked on me and help me make goals for the year. Now as a Senior I see them in the hall talking to students making jokes and making sure everyone was feeling included in the school. At my old school I couldn't fill my schedule as a sophomore! They didn't offer me near as much as Burley did. Here I was enrolled in honers and dc classes. The teachers were awesome and they all really wanted everyone to succeed. Overall the switch was the best decision I have made in education career yet.
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