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Burley Senior High School Reviews

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I like the overall atmosphere of Burley High School. Most everyone is very friendly and the teachers all seem to care about their students. I especially like the dual-credit classes the school offers, but wish there were a larger amount of them. Somethings that can be improved is definitely the food, the sports programs, and the amount of involvement the parents have.
It was alright as long as you stayed to yourself and didn't get involved in any drama. The worst thing about the school is the students really. Some teachers suck but some don't so.
I love Burley High School. All of the teachers and staff do such a great job of caring for the students and it’s a great learning environment.
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Well i got here 2 years ago i come from.Mexuco and i like this school so much it help me out a lot the teachers are really nice and they help you out in anything
I moved to Burley High School my Senior year and my life had changed drastically. The teachers are well educated and great communicators. The staff and Administrators care deeply for all students and make sure they are doing well. The school is clean everyday and I have never felt unsafe. They follow the rules and guidelines, while making the class a fun environment for students to learn. Overall, my experience at Burley Senior High School has been superior.
So I grew up going to a different school my whole life all up until my sophomore year I made the transfer to come to Burley. The School I left had a poor administration they would only need to talk you if you were in trouble. Here at Burley I felt so welcomed when I came. The Vice Principal Called me in checked on me and help me make goals for the year. Now as a Senior I see them in the hall talking to students making jokes and making sure everyone was feeling included in the school. At my old school I couldn't fill my schedule as a sophomore! They didn't offer me near as much as Burley did. Here I was enrolled in honers and dc classes. The teachers were awesome and they all really wanted everyone to succeed. Overall the switch was the best decision I have made in education career yet.
Burley High School has been a great place to grow and learn over my academic career. The school has high expectations for its students and teachers alike and offers many different opportunities for the individual. The art, drama, and music program is phenominal. The school offers a variety of sports and several extracurricular activites and clubs to keep a student involved.
Most of the teachers care a great deal about the students and will be available frequently for extra help
I loved the teachers, they were all there for you and most of them truly want to see you succeed. There was always fun activities for the students to do and get involved with. There was a wide variety of clubs so everyone could find something they are interested in and if they couldn't, they could start their own club. Overall, Burley Senior High School is a wonderful school and the school spirit is always very inviting. They all go above and beyond to try and make sure everyone is included and having fun.
I appreciated the number of opportunities with the music program. It's a wonderful program that has been growing every year and soon will probably become one of the most well-known music programs in the state. I also appreciate how many dual credit classes are offered there such as calculus, trigonometry, music appreciation, etc.
The administrators and staff are always willing to help and work with you. They really care about the students.
I really like a lot of the teachers. They get involved with school activities. I would like to see more of the administration come to community events, such as choir and band concerts. The student council members are great, and they plan some fun things. I would like to see a change in it though: more of a political debate than a popularity debate.
My experience at Burley High School has been very good. Teachers are very involved and wish to help the students excel in not only high school, but also the rest of their lives. Burley High School is division 4A so there are many students that add variety to the school. Burley also offers classes to smaller schools around the community. I was able to meet many new people from around my area.
If I could change one thing about my high school it would be to add more classes. I longed for a class to help prepare us for the real world. I needed to learn more of how to budget, pay taxes, or skills I need to live on my own. I also would have enjoyed classes that would allow me to learn about different careers. Burley offers many medical classes to prepare high-school kids for medical field careers. I would have liked to learn more about psychology or law.
The staff and students work well with each other. It is a good environment and students and the classroom atmosphere is good.
Burley High School focuses greatly on your education and push you to do better and get you the help you need if you are struggling. Though burley some harder requirements it is a great thing.
I personally am a fan of Burley High School. The teachers are always willing to help and friendly. The administration does their best to fix any issues students have at the time the issue occurs. Our janitors go above and beyond what they need to just to insure we come to a clean school throughout the week. Our counselors slightly lack the helpful nature they should have and fail to be helpful and communicate with us. I have had a few problems with the counselors during my time at Burley but other than that I have been very pleased with my experience here. It was a great school to attend and don't regret going here.
I think Burley high school is an amazing school. They have so many activities and fun things to do that get you involved.
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I liked that Burley Senior High School has some great faculty and they also have great classes . They also have great administration . The school also has great school spirit and all of there students are involved in at least one thing .
Burley has a very good environment. The administration always supports everyone, not just sports. They care a lot about the arts program.
Burley High did good to me but it honestly could have been better! It didn't fail me or any of my siblings but somethings could have been different!
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