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Burkeville High School Reviews

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This is a small school, so you get to know everyone. There are many different advantages going to a small school. I wish the quality of my education was improved, but it has gotten better in recent years. Overall, Burkeville was a good experience.
I liked how small it is. Everyone knows everyone and we’re all apart of this little family. I’d like to see the way things are though; like having lunch off campus. Most of us live near school anyway. I’
This school is rated below average in school quality compared to other schools in the state. Students here perform below average on state tests, have about average college readiness measures, take fewer advanced courses per student than the state average, and this school has below average results in how well it’s serving disadvantaged students.
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My whole 4 years of being student at burkeville high school had its moments of good times and then there were bad times. Some of the staff there treat the students like they were their own. Loving and caring
Burkeville High School is the school I have gone to my entire educational journey, and there are many things they can improve upon. Most issues are from administration making decisions without contemplating how it will affect anyone else. The clubs and organizations used to be very good, until most of their funding was cut and we were not allowed to fundraise money to support them. However the teachers do try their hardest to teach, regardless of the outdated material they are given to work with.
the food is disgusting but overall it is a pretty good school.Its a very little ordinary school nut its well connected with the schools. It's not a bad school but the academic level really isn't that high thats why we are forced to push ourselves.
They clear our school okay. But the safety is not taken serious at all.
Sports is than stress reliever for most of the students that attend Burkeville High School.
The parents teach us more than the teachers do.
The teachers at my school do not care about their students. They are just here for the money.
There is nothing really special about the food it's pretty much...average. There isn't no variety for they have served the same thing for the last 20+ years with the only variation being that they have changed from whole breads to wheat breads. The only snacks they have are different ice creams, and different drinks. There are no chips, cookies, or anything like that unless you are getting the meal to go with (but that's only when things like hot dogs and subsandwiches are served).
The principal is entirely too strict, the teachers half know what they are doing, and if you are envolved in a math class higher than geometry, then you are in trouble because we have no Pre-Cal teacher anymore, so we have to take the class online with no instruction. We aren't allowed to wear skinny jeans, which are pretty much the only pants being made at this point, no pants with stretchy material, and no holes are allowed. They also don't allow flip flops. The attendence is pretty good (except for the Seniors just because we don't have that many classes). Bullying is taken care of due to the students getting called to the office to have a meeting so that they can get to the root of the problem.
The teachers that I do have are awesome (except for my spanich teacher). My English teacher has a syllabus that made things a whole lot easier, my Environmental teacher is beyond amazing because she's one of the few who makes learning fun, but my Spanish teacher is terrible. His teaching styles are hard to grasp, and he always speeds through whatever he is covering so all you get is just a general understanding.
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