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I only experienced one year at Burbank High School and it was so much easier than I thought it would be, always show that you care and look for your counselor don’t wait for them to come to you. Join clubs because it will affect how involved you are and how much you get out of High School.
The school is fairly new with it being remodeled in 2002. It is also quite clean. There are many activities and clubs for the children as well.
Burbank High School is a solid high school. It is the best high school in the area with great teachers.
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I loved attending Burbank High School, the teachers were very caring and helpful. I had great relationships with my peers and teachers. There were also a lot of clubs for students to join and it made it easier to make friends!
It’s a great school with teachers who really care about your well-being. There are a lot of events that help bring the students together and people use their voices to speak out about things they believe in. I would like to see the counselors care a little more about the students’ needs though.
As a graduating senior from Burbank High, I do believe the school provides students with academic success through a variety of ways. The school has NAF academies which is great for STEM students to be involved in along with a variety of clubs. The teachers are wonderful for the AP classes, however those teachers are slowly beginning to leave. The administration is strict on students and is a major complaint by a majority of students, however, the school does maintain a positive environment through school spirit. If you are looking to have your child come to this school, be aware that we do not provide as many advanced classes as other schools do, but have many opportunities for students to stand out on their college apps and find interests. Overall, I enjoyed my experience at this school and it helped me get to where I am today.
Amazing teachers who cared about their students and changed my life! So glad I went to Burbank. I was able to start my professional journey on campus through the Business academy. I took an accounting class as well as financial planning and business ethics. Now I have a 50 page professional portfolio!
Great school! Most teachers are very passionate about teaching and want to help their students. Definitely helped me get into Berkeley.
I absolutely love this school and my experience these past four years. The one change I would love to see is teachers putting themselves in the shoes of their students and be more understanding and reasonable. Many teachers at the school, and I've heard from other students as well, are clearly just there for the money instead of actually teaching the material we need.
I honestly love the education and the teachers there are very helpful. What I would like to see is that there is more school spirit I feel as if over the years the school spirit has come down and I feel there needs to be more fundraising for the senior classes so they are able to graduate on their school grounds.
Burbank High School is a safe school. Overall, the AP teachers are great.However, the school counselors suck. They rarely respond to emails, and always say they are busy or not in their office, when in fact they're sitting there and just drinking coffee. The school lunches are poor in quality and not worth the money they ask for, therefore I pack my own lunch. The facilities need to be renewed.
Burbank Highschool has a great, safe environment were one is encouraged to learn and try to the best of their ability with the help from other students, teachers, and staff. The school offers free lunches and other opportunities for those that need economic help. This school has everything from a library to a gym, it consists of three main buildings and has a special needs program. Burbank Highschool has helped me prosper into the 4.0 student that I am.
To start the teachers at Burbank high school are all outstanding. All the staff ranging from our campus supervisors to the academic counselors and educators are caring, hard-working and willing to put time into the students to better their experience. I've personally never had a bad experience with BHS staff. the students there are also disciplined and education focus. its a very positive environment to be surrounded by.
Its in a private district, so everyone in the community knows each other and have a well put together district since its small.
The teachers are enormously vocal, and are always there to help, the campus, is large, are supportive full of vibrant energy all around
Feeling welcome in a school was most important when I first started freshman year to now I am a senior and how time goes. As for this is a public school and I do believe our school has enough funds for us but still has a lot of expenses students need to pay. For being a public school again we should not have to be paying in order to have graduation at our school.
I met a lot of great people and I gained a lot of experience and memories from Burbank High. I'm glad my parents made me come here because I believe I wouldn't have enjoyed my high school experience anywhere else.
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My experience at Burbank High School has been extremely fulfilling through many inspiring teachers, excellent academics, and a plethora of school spirit. In addition, Burbank High School primarily focuses on the safety and well-being of the students. This is evident through the creation of a wellness center that embraces and comforts students with a variety of issues ranging from depression, grief, self-esteem, family life and stress to dating violence, sexual identity, and health needs. Burbank High also focuses on the STEAM aspect of the students' education. Their focus has led to the installation of a STEAM lab which the students regularly visit to enhance and inspire integrative learning in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics skills. Lastly, I am appeased by the diversity of clubs and activities on campus. There are more than sixty clubs total along with our three NAF academies and numerous sports.
very organized, electronic, knowledgeable teachers, always trying new things, diverse, accessible counselors
The teachers and faculty at Burbank High School show real interest in the well being of their students. They treat students like adults and do a great job in educating them. This campus is also extremely welcoming and is a safe space for anyone who enrolls.
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