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Bunkie Magnet High School Reviews

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I am a Bunkie high Senior and I wish the school would be more focus on the school work instead of the Unnecessary things . Like hoodies and pull over .. that not disturbing the class from learning
Over the three years I have attended Bunkie New Tech High School there has been many changes. When I first started attending the school my sophomore year, it was a mess and overall very unorganized. When I started my Junior year of high school we had gotten a new principal, who was actually the vice principal my sophomore year but became our new principal starting the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. Ever since he has taken on the role as principal, Bunkie New Tech High School has become such a great and enjoyable school. The things I enjoyed about Bunkie High School is that if there is a problem the faculty and staff, especially our principal, will sit down, listen to you, and try to help in any way they can. Having workers like that at a school can help students feel at ease and can help the school environment. The school has changed a lot over the few years I have attended here, everything I would have wanted to change about this school has already changed.
I came to Bunkie High School as a junior and now i am a senior. Compared to my old schools, Bunkie has given me more opportunities that all of them combined. As well as taught me much more. Bunkie High is unique and has one of the best principles in the parish in my opinion. I would like for the school to be less strict of course.
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I enjoy the people and the education I have received. Teachers go above and beyond for their students when needing help. There is lots of fun activities we can do, and get rewarded for doing good in school academically and our conduct. I really like this schools and the memories I have gotten from here. I would like the rules for certain things to not be as strict, like having to wear a certain jacket, certain color undershirt, certain shoes, etc. However, I think many of these rules apply to all of the schools around here.
Met friends and companions that I hope to have for the rest of my life. Great administration, counselors help to keep you on the right track.
Bunkie High has been my school for six years now. Although I love the teachers I am upset about plato classes, I find it very hard to learn something online it is almost like having to teach your self.
I am a senior at Bunkie High School who is soon to graduate. My almost 4 years at bunkie were hands down the best years so far in my life. I made so many wonderful memories with great people there. Without going to bunkie I would have lost out on many opportunities that have been offered to me. I am very thankful to have attended such a school.
My school is in a small town and it's like one big family. Most of my teachers are former classmates of my parents. We have all grown up together either through elementary school or through local sports leagues.

If I could change anything for my school it would be more funding for more opportunities for all students.
Bunkie New Tech High is a great school! It's simple, yet you get pushed to better yourself daily! Bunkie High's administraton and faculty are making great changes for students to be more involved and enjoy the school atmosphere! Bunkie High is working hard to achieve greatness and they are headed in the right direction!
Very few clubs. Very few sports. Not many people are in either. Mosty just the kids who came from provate elementary and middle schools do anything.
If i could do it all over again i would still have to go to this school cause its the only one I am zoned for that I do not have to pay tuition.
There are some good teachers who go above and beyond. Then there are other teachers who are moody, don't know how to teach, and yell at you for asking questions.
Some teachers are better than others
The facilities that are used are not that bad, but it could use an upgrade.
Everything was a whole lot better before the younger students came to the school, because now teachers are refusing to stay where kids refuse to learn.
The food is not up to par in the taste buds department nor health.
The school try to prevent things from happening by showing them the consequences, but you can only do so much for people who do not care.
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When I was taking regular high school classes some students actually care and the teachers were trying new things to get the students involved.
At our school bully is NOT tolerated. We haven't had a fight yet. Back whenever I was in 8th grade, if you fought, you'd get charges pressed against you.
We have all types of organizations at our school. We have BETA, DECA, 4-H, Explorer's Club, FFA, Relay for Life, lots and lots of more. The most popular or fun options are sports. Football, basketball, softball, baseball, track, cross-country, dance line, and tennis. We have a lot of fun at our school.
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