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I've been going to Bullitt Central for four years now. I am currently a senior. My favorite time of the year is football season. Students get excited for themes chosen by the student body. Students come together to support the football team and have a good time. Our staff does a good job coming up with festivities to reward students who try hard on their academics. Although Bullitt Central is an awesome school, we do lack diversity. We lack cultural and ethnic diversity. It would be cool to get more foreign exchange students, so that we could learn more about other cultures. All in all, Bullitt Central is a great school.
My experience at Bullitt Central so far has been good. I feel like the staff members and the teachers all do a great job and do as they are supposed to. They all work hard and push each and every individual in the school to work harder and try to their best abilities. Some of my teachers that I have had, has taught me to believe in myself, to push myself, and to never give up. There have been times that I've wanted to give up, times that I've wanted to just stop what I'm doing and not even try because something seemed "too hard", but the teachers never gave up on me and have never failed me. They want what's best for everyone. Sometimes they are things that can't be caught up with at Bullitt Central, like bullying, other students manipulating staff and peers, lying, and drama, but I mean that's life apparently.
The opportunity to improve my knowledge for my future goals to become a Vet and own and operate my Animal sanctuary and mobile clinic
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Bullitt Central is a good school and I like going there. I love all of my teachers and everyone I met there. Something they could work on is communication. When an event is happening I feel like it’s not communicated enough.
Bullitt Central High School is a fantastic school if you are either apolitical or hold traditionally conservative beliefs, are white, and are a decent student. Anyone outside of that general status quo has lots of social boundaries due to the toxic culture that is not discouraged by administration. I personally have dealt with a number of issues, some affecting me personally and some affecting others.
I think that this school has curriculum is all over the place with the different grades and the certain classes. They don't educate you enough about different pathways. The sources are very narrow and far in between. It's rare to find a teacher who cares and willing to work with you.
I believe that the school offered great opportunities to get ahead of the game when it comes to college. They also have a great alternative program system that allows for more blue collared progression. I think they did a good job for me to help get lined up for college. I wish they had done a better job at showing us things such as applying for scholarships and making a system where juniors and seniors were taught how to “beat life”. That entailing how to properly invest money and offering economics in school. I don’t think one should have to wait until college to take a micro/macro economics class to learn about that. The teachers were a hit or miss. Some did the bare minimum, and some really stepped up to the plate to help even the kids who didn’t really deserve the help.
I love the staff at Bullitt Central High School. I walked in everyday knowing I was loved and that there was someone to help. As someone who doesn’t have that at home, having that played a huge role in me becoming who I am today. I wouldn’t change my school for the world, I found my people at Bullitt Central and I love them and the school.
My time at Bullitt Central was very enjoyable I played many sports, and made many relationships with the staff and students at the school. It seemed like most students enjoy being a part of school activities
Bullitt Central is very career based. They want you to be as ready as possible if you aren’t going to college. I’ve had so many fun times because of the school spirit and hope the traditions stay. Something I would change is the strictness. The administration have put in a new ‘rule’ that you have to walk in one door and out the other. This makes it even harder to walk through the halls anymore.
I’m a current high school senior at Bullitt Central, my experience hasn’t been the best but it hasn’t been terrible
It is a typicall high school. If you stay focused on your studies you will do fine. Most of the teachers seem to care about the students. I would like to see it have a more sucure feel to it. We had several school lock downs and during these lock downs peopel were still able to enter and exit the building.
Throughout my years at Bullitt Central High School I have learned quite a lot not only about math, english, science, etc. I also learned a lot about myself. At Bullitt Central they helped me find out what I want to do in my future and how to get there. All of the office staff and teachers are very kind and always offer advice and a warm smile. It feels like they truly care. I feel something my school could improve upon is stopping drugs and fights. Currently our school is working on stopping drug use amongst students and fights. They are implementing things like a fine for vaping and smoking and become more strict about where we stand in the hallways so fights don’t occur and intervening before they occur. Overall I love going to Bullitt Central and it made high school very enjoyable. GO COUGARS!
I am currently a senior at Bullitt Central high school and have been attending here since I was a freshman. I have had a pretty good high school experience because of some of my teachers and the administration. We were always rewarded every semester for having good grades and good attendance and the administrators were always trying to do there best to help students have an amazing time here at Bullitt Central. I wish that I could change some of the staff members as well as the culture of the students attending this school. Some of the rules are a little strict but understandable because of f the things that have happened in the school before.
Bullitt central is and will always be my home. I love the teachers and they really do care about your well being.
My experience at Bullitt Central has been extremely mixed, I have gone from loving to hating the school almost at the flip of a dime. The school offers AP course curriculum along with the career pathway system. I personally got stuck in a pathway I was unhappy with, Childhood development, where I never had a full-time teacher and instead had long term substitutes.I also had a few teachers who refused to teach..
There are issues with communication, you never really know what is available to you, clubs / services / courses, and the whole administration is consistently a mess.
However, many teachers put their all into teaching, specifically Mrs. Klein and Mr. Williams, and form amazing connections with students as well as being great educators, making the whole experience amazing.
i love my school, Teachers are life changing and very inspirational. I am a nursing assistant through high school.
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Bullitt Central has given me the opportunity to feel secure in the career path I have chosen. The teachers and administrators have been very helpful in helping me understand my content. The school spirit is unlike any other. We as a school are a family.
I have attended Bullitt Central High School for my entire high school career and overall it has been a good experience.
Bullitt Central High School has helped me prepare for my future and is always finding new ways to help me with college.
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