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Bullis Charter School Reviews

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Do you want to prevent your kid from being bullied? Do you want to send your kid to a school that genuinely cares about your kid and will help them if they are being bullied? The DON'T send your kid here. The school administration does not care if your kid is being bullied, especially if your kid isn't male or doesn't fit in. They allow bullying to go on under their watch and may even support the bully. If your kid is even a little bit different, spare them unnecessary torture.

School also gives unnecessary busy work which will strongly impact your child's ability to socialize later on in life. Their educational value isn't even that high, and extracurriculars are a mess. Please do what is right for your kid and send them somewhere else.
I went to BCS since kindergarten and I have enjoyed all the different programs there. I think BCS really strives to make the school special and different from other public schools
TEACHER: great/caring. But one threatened w/mallet! After 3.5 years of Spanish + 3 teachers, I got into Spanish 2.
CAMPUS: portables w/awful insulation/walls, and skunks underneath. Egan kids came to use vending machine, bike, poke heads in classrooms during school hrs (is that legal?)
TECH: restrictions:
-can’t change pw. ALL PWs HAD SAME OUTLINE (name/birthdate) = hacking
-No AirDrop
-They blocked every way to get apps, including apps needed for curriculum.
-Only use tech if from the school and have permission (during class only)
-Stay on Zoom w/cameras on when random people bombed and showed porn.
HOMEWORK: Emotional breakdowns from stress. Get home @6:30, study for vocab, grammar, science, math, and listening tests, art/history presentations, collegial discussion, 3 history questions, SEL questions (awkward), AND study for SSAT.
INTERSESSION:we learned to make boxes w/videos of Japanese bamboo factories and build innovative school by walking to Safeway to see eggs in the back.
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The school offers great instruction in Math, Science and English. Most kids seem way ahead of syllabus in Math. Kids learn about geography and being environment friendly from an early age.

There are tremendous opportunities for extra curricular activities like Drama, Art, Archery, Lacrosse and cool classes like pottery, comic book writing, reading club, math olympics. The school has a good number of players and fields teams in virtually every sport from basketball, baseball, soccer, etc.

The Bullis community is diverse, friendly and welcoming. Parents choose to be as involved or not-at-all without any expectations.
Overbearing. Not boy orientated. Nit-picky. Poor playground. Poor technology development. Overlays children with adult motivation. Not responsive or inclusive to parents
Generally, the teachers are great. Some grades have better teams than other grades. Teachers who do not fit into the BCS culture within their first year are often not back the following year. It's a tough environment for a teacher in their first year at the school. Generally approachable and very helpful. There are high expectations of the teachers because the parent community can be demanding.
There is so much to do at this school! My daughter had exposure to Mandarin, Spanish, Latin and American Sign Language by 5th grade. She participated in school plays both on stage and behind the light board. The staff takes a "whole child" approach to each student.
The student body is extremeley culturaly diverse.
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