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I have been to Bullard my whole life and it's been amazing, everyone is like a family it seems like.
It's just times like this that will make it hard to enjoy school. I love the opportunities of different education for each student. It's a great place overall.
I love Bullard High School, the administration and teachers want nothing but the best for their students. The staff is always there to help any student with any need they might have. Bullard has amazing school spirit with a great support system for every extracurricular event! One thing I would like to see changed is an increased amount of AP classes offered for those interested.
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One of the best and only schools I have attended. They focus on your education and truly care about you as a student and help you throughout school. The sports are fantastic and help you to improve to move further in life. Very good school.
Bullard High School was an amazing place for me to obtain my high school education. The faculty and staff always made the school a very positive environment for me to come to every day.
Bullard High School is a large school with many students. It can be hard to deal with the constant changing in administration though. I have personally been under five to six principles so far in my high school experience. The inconsistency that is involved with administrative leaders tends to cause many social problems in the school, including many vaping, bullying, and unwilling students.
I like that it is very dedicated to helping the students. And the teachers are the best. They are willing to go the extra mile for their students.
Bullard High School was a great school because I learned so much from there and the other students are quite nice and the school is all about safety. I would like to see our varsity football team do better in later years because they aren't that good, but they could improve.
I have always in enjoyed BHS. The teachers care more than just grades they care about you as a person. They are very supportive and here at BHS, we have a ton of things to do. Throughout my 4 years at Bullard, I have always had a love for health science. And Bullard has an incredible health science program. And we also have certification classes in our health program if you don't plan on going to college. But in the end, I wouldn't trade the world for BHS, because it's home.
Bullard High School is and was a great school for me

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My experience at Bullard High School has been nothing short but amazing. Bullard has amazing teachers that care about you and will help you with anything you need. I especially love the hometown feel it has to it. Everybody knows everybody here and I love that! It is the best school I could imagine growing up at.
Bullard High School makes you feel very welcomed. In our district, most people move here once they get into high school. The town always brags about our school being the best. Especially the girl's athletics. If anything at Bullard High School could change I would like for it to be the little things that make high school memorable.
I love Bullard High School! The people I go to school with are very nice and the teachers are very supportive and understanding of students. We participate in games every year called the "Panther Time Games" in which we compete against other classes to win a trophy for our class. Another thing I love about Bullard High School is how supportive the student body and teachers are when it comes to athletic events. I play on the basketball team, and it always puts a smile on my face to see a packed student section at every home game! One thing I would change about Bullard High School is the strictness of our dress code. I am however thankful that our administrators don't require us to wear uniforms!
I loved going to Bullard High School. I was in the Bullard school district from Pre-K to my high school graduation. I always felt safe and encouraged by teachers and other staff. I feel that I got a very good education and had numerous opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities and groups. I played on the Bullard softball team my senior year and the coaching was amazing. I will always love my time as a Bullard Panther.
My experience at Bullard High School was very rewarding. I was involved in many clubs/organizations such as cheerleading, drill team, the fishing team, clinicals and HOSA. The most impactful organization was Health Occupations Students of America(HOSA). HOSA helped prepare me for a future career in the medical field. HOSA and health science clinicals gave me the opportunity to shadow different medical practices, as well as train and become CMA certified while in high school. The skills I learned in health science will stay with me for the rest of my life. The only change that I feel Bullard could benefit from is offering more hands on educational courses that allow students to graduate with a certification that can be used in a vocation/job like vet tech and the fire academy. Although our teachers prepare us for college, not all students choose or are able to attend a higher education.
Bullard High School has been a place where I have been able to take full advantage of the academic and extracurricular opportunities together. I enjoy the atmosphere, and support from all of the faculty.
Most of the teachers are great; the administration doesn't tend to care for the student body. Some of the teachers are not qualified to teach their subjects because the school uses the coaches to teach subjects without proper resources .
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Bullard High School is great place for a student to get an education. The staff and teachers all have a great passion for teaching students and giving them the tools they need to succeed beyond high school. The coaches also have great respect for their athletes and panther pride is shown at every athletic event. Bullard High School does not have a lot of diversity, but it has nothing to do with the school or how it is run. The organizations and band/choir are also very successful.
I really enjoy my classes & teachers. I have been in the band since 6th grade. I am ranked 22 out of 175 students. This year I have become more involved with the community because I’m on the yearbook staff & the school newspaper.
Bullard is growing, it is a small town with a lot of things not attractions though. Though our school has had multiple principles in the past our school is getting better and growing bigger.
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