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Buford High School is a school that encourage students to learn to their full potential. Personally, Buford High School has helped in organization, academics, leadership, and much more. Not only that, the students and the teachers both want to exceed a specific goals placed by either the student or the teacher. The idea of classes and learning is to improve academically and prepare for the future of the students.
I thoroughly enjoyed going to this school. The faculty and students were so helpful and kind and cared so much about me and my high school experience
As a student at Buford High School, I enjoy the challenges that we are faced with everyday in the classrooms. Though the homework, quizzes, and tests that are thrown at us may seem overwhelming at times, Buford High School has completely prepared for me college and the real world. I gave gained a very strong work ethic attending this school, and because I have survived all four years, I know that I can take on any challenge that is presented to me in life. On the other hand, I think that my school should be more careful when hiring employees into our administration. Our school has unfortunately been unlucky when hiring administration members because of their personal morals and behavior, and so Buford needs to make sure to hire people who will represent our school system well.
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I have been going to Buford for all my 4 years and it has been a great experience. The environment is a great one for any student. The teachers and staff are so passionate for their student and have never let me down.
My experience at Buford High School has been good however I have gone through some dull moments here. The academics and athletics are excellent and every student is given the proper tools needed for success at Buford High School. One thing I would change is the dress code policy and our use of book bags. Other than that, I would recommend your child goes to Buford High School.
Buford high school is an amazing school to prepare you for college. I feel like high school was hard then college now. It is an amazing school to help you learn what to expect next if it is work, military, or school. I would highly recommend students going to this school.
I like that Buford has nice facilities and I always feel safe at school. However, I wish that the staff quality was better. I've had some pretty terrible teachers over the past couple of years, so I would like to see better evaluation for teachers, prior to employment.
Buford High School is the center of an incredibly tight-knit and supportive commmunity, and the building itself as well as the majority of the teachers are wonderful- there are so many resources available to students and the teachers are helpful.
That being said, I do think BHS could improve upon its lack of diversity and overall lack of cultural awareness throughout the school. There may be a smaller number of students with a different background, but they deserve to be known and celebrated all the same.
At Buford High School, I have experienced nothing short of community and family. One can walk in and instantly feel like home. Personally, I have been involved with Buford since I was in Kindergarten, and not once have I ever wished anything different. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this environment!
The environment in the Buford City School system as a whole is very close knit. Having been a BCSS student since 4th grade, I have experienced first hand their very welcoming people.Not only are we academically focused, but we strive to exceed in what is known as triple A excellence. Excellence in Athletics, Academics, and the Arts. The faculty and staff are like no other and are very capable of their work as evidenced in the fruits of their labor. Our test scores are very prominent among our neighboring schools and across the board are very promising. Athletics are a very major part of our school culture, as most all students take part in an athletic program as a AAAAA ranked school that has recently been moved up to a AAAAAA rank, due to our many state championship victories. Our Arts program has also succeeded as our Drama, Dance, and Literary team have also obtained many state championships. Buford is a home to many, home of the wolves !!
It's fye. Buford gotta show some love and let us use our phones. Not even gonna lie; the teachers are really good at teaching and instructing. The diversity is great and balanced. All I have to say is that the amount of security and protection they provide is extraordinary. They make us feel safe from any type of dangers.
I transferred to Buford High School in my senior year. The school has a relatively small and close knit student population but I was very warmly welcomed into the community. Also I transferred just in time to attend the new Buford School so the campus is very clean and new!
I have lived in Buford for my entire educational career, and Buford City Schools has prepared me for my future, and has ultimately challenged and pushed me past my limits. Buford High School’s mission statement is to empower students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and effective members of society by inspiring them to think, to achieve, and to care. Buford also believes in “Triple A Excellence”, meaning excellence in Academics, Athletics, and the Arts. At Buford High School, I am able to take AP level classes, as the school provides me with all the resources and costs necessary to be successful in a college level class. As an athlete at Buford High School, I am privileged to be able to use the resources provided to me including a brand new weight room, pro turf fields, and trainers always available at sporting events, or on school campus. Academically, teachers and administration truly care for students not only in the classroom, but on a personal level as well.
I enjoyed the sense of community present in Buford High School. Everyone wants to be involved and the teachers enjoy getting to know their students. Some teachers even become friends after graduation. The teachers are fantastic and the new administration is improving the school system. The new school is not only beautiful, it offers so many benefits to the students and parents alike.
Buford High School excels in preparing students for life after high school. We have some of the best teachers in the state. What makes Buford standout from other schools is our tight-knit community. Students feel support from all over our area. We have the latest in technology. Safety and security is a top priority and in the current educational climate that is paramount.
The new building is amazing as well as the athletic and performing arts programs. However, teachers are very hit or miss and either very good or pretty bad.
Over my two years I have completed in Buford High School, I have not encountered a single thing I did not simply love. So far, all of my teachers have treated me with upmost respect and have been there to help me in any area that I need. Not only are the academics amazing, but I am involved in high school baseball, and the athletics department are to die for. As they say at Buford “Triple A excellence: Academics, Atheletics, And Arts”. Until I reached my freshman year, I did not understand how accurate this statement was. Overall, I have loved my experiences at Buford High school so far and can’t wait to see what the future has to offer!
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Buford High School offers many clubs and activities such as NAHS, National Art Honor Society, and Beta Club! They also have a wide variety of sports such as Bass Fishing and Golf! The facilities at Buford High School are well maintained and organized, and the students are friendly and helpful.
I like the academic aspect of Buford High School, as it prepares you tremendously for college. However, one thing that I would like to see change is it a little loosening up on the dress code.
For the past 4 years at Buford, it might have been a struggle mentally but overall it was the best 4 years of my life. I have joined clubs and marching band that have made many memories and friends that I will remember. Buford High School has definitely made me feel ready for college because the teachers have pushed every single student to their full potential. My grade personally have improved year after year and I’m greateful that I graduated with honors. There is nothing big that I would change about Buford High School.
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