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Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart Reviews

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For me sacred heart was to small of a school to be with all girls. At first I enjoyed it. However, I really wish I could have been able to switch to clarence. The teachers are rude and do not go out of there way to help you. There are few teachers that actually care. And the education compared to the public school education I could have got is terrible. I wish I would have known all of this before going there but it’s ok I’m pushing it out.
Sacred Heart is an intriguing school with a confusion reputation. As a college preparatory school, the academics are designed to be rigorous. However, half of the staff is ineffective at teaching the girls let alone dealing with in school problems like illnesses, conflicts, drama, etc. Sacred Heart has gone down the drain.
The school really prepares you for college. Everybody is super nice and inclusive and make sure that you feel welcome.
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Sacred Heart is a very inclusive and welcoming environment. Sacred Heart has taught me to go out of my comfort zone because it will benefit me in the long run. It has taught me how to be a leader.
SHA has definitely been a place where I feel comfortable. Just like many schools, there are pros and cons, however SHA has more to offer than many other schools and I’m grateful for everyone that has helped me through out my high school career. I would completely recommend this school. This school is also willing to change for the benefit of the students.
I met my best friends at Sacred Heart that will last a lifetime and I was also very prepared leaving Sacred Heart for my first year of college.
Attending an all girls school is extremely beneficial however the teachers should be selected better.
I like that there are ipads and computers so we know how to use the technology around us as the world is developing. we have wonderful teachers and our building is beautiful. however I wish the theater department had better funding and the art rooms could be expanded. I also with w were more diverse. while Sacred Heart is currently has the most diverse student body we have ever had, I still believe we can become even more diverse.
Recent changes have brought the school much more technological advances. Students have much better opportunities now than they have had in past years. Many new opportunities to prepare for college. Brand new gym, computer labs, and cafeteria are wonderful.
I am very pleased with this school. The curriculum is very challenging, especially if honors classes and AP classes are chosen. But the education I am receiving here prepared me for college very well, I am confident about the knowledge base I got here. I made great friendships and my teachers and counselors have always been there to support me.
The teachers are so helpful and kind! All of the students are so nice and I have made so many friends. I would recommend SHA for anyone who is looking to focus on school. Sacred Heart is very academically strong and there are so many opportunities to challenge yourself inside and outside the classroom.
For the most part, I love my school and am very thankful to be able to attend; however, the atmosphere can be too high stress most of the time. AP classes are pushed on us and the STEM program is stressed so heavily that it makes anyone with a 4.0 or below feel inadequate. Unless you have a 4.3 and are in 6 APs, you’re not good enough. The amount of homework each night leaves me in tears at 12AM each and every day, and I’m constantly anxious and overwhelmed. But hey, it’s a great education.
Sacred Heart is a nurturing and empowering school for any and every young woman in buffalo. Sacred Heart goes above and beyond what new york state requires. As a Senior at sacred heart, I feel very prepared for college
I learned a lot and met some of my best friends here. I think some of the rules are too strict but it is good that everyone is so close and the teachers really care.
Sacred Heart is a great place to be and has a very inclusive environment. There is amazing school spirit and it is a relaxed environment for student to enjoy. Every student fits in and does not worry about an unsafe environment. Despite these positives, some teachers are not up to par with preparing students for state exams and the administration is very poor in several aspects. The school is run more like a business than a high school. In addition, the school has very low diversity among its students.
Sacred Heart gave me a great high school experience. Everyone had school spirit and everyone tried to build each other up. My only complaint is that the school guidance counselors took forever to complete the simplest of tasks or they just wouldn't do it at all.
This school has become part of my family... my niece and two daughters graduated/attend SHA and we could not be happier !!! A beautiful campus, wonderful teachers and empowering women how could you go wrong?? Anyone looking for an excellent, private,Catholic school this is the place.
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I like the small class sizes. It gave me the personal attention that I needed. My teachers were always there for me and I could talk to them whenever I needed help. I was able to build relationships with all the staff and the other girls. Also loved the all girl envirment.
Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart is amazing. The quality of education you receive is well worth the cost of tuition. The teachers are very concerned about your education and always available to help.

Although the food is wonderful, I would let the seniors be allowed to order lunch and have it delivered.
Good environment. Allows women to learn more about themselves and the roles they can play as an active part in society. Gives ample opportunity for growth and for college preparation. Very warm and welcoming atmosphere.
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