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Loved the school may be more events and festivities for students. As well as increased school spirit by adding new art around campus.
I love this school! Great teachers and really makes me feel comfortable, welcome, and allows me to get a good education while having fun.
My teachers were very supportive of me, but I wish there had been more AP Classes and better SAT prep for students. Overall, great school spirit, and I loved my school’s music program so much (though it was definitely under funded.)
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Buena High School is overall a good school. It serves its purpose of educating children at a fundamental level. While this is good, it has its issues. It is run by a school district that is stricken with issues. The administration is weak. Behavior issues are not resolved well. They do not support the teachers that need it. The teachers are dedicated to there class, but most aren't willing to help out beyond that. Education can be superb if the student is an active participant and uses what is offered by the teachers.
I attended Buena in 2014-2018, although I did have some good experiences at Buena a lot of it was meet with a lack of leadership with office staff. There was many issues when it came to sports, as a swimmer our program was wildly underfunded. We were swimming in a pool that was beginning to sink into the foundation, had a broken heater, and failed to filter out trash and other contaminants. Our grievances were voiced and denied.
The teachers and counselors offer a lot of support to the students. The activities put on by ASB have been a lot better lately and there has been more school spirit. Unfortunately Buena's downfalls are the administration and campus. The administration offers some support, but nowhere near as much as the teachers and counselors do. I hardly hear any information from them unless it's an emergency, and they aren't as involved in school events like the rest of the staff. The campus is old and needs renovations, but the only renovations I've noticed are new signs. The bathrooms are kind of gross and the classrooms are pretty old as well.
I have spent all 4 years at Buena and each year was better than the last. The staff and teachers are the best thing about Buena. There are some teachers who I personally think should retire and some that I would recommend to stay and people should try out their classes.
it was a high school, there wasn't anything stupendous about it. I had fun, the science department is good, offers many ap classes.
This will be my second year attending Buena High School. I feel like my overall experience so far has been average. I have made good connections with staff members and people in my classes. There are some staff members that have not been the greatest as well as some students. I overall think Buena High is a good school.
I loved the friendly, social environment at the school and the teachers were all very kind. However, I do not feel like I received an education that completely prepared me for college level studies in some subjects.
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What I personally like about Buena is that if you get to know some of the staff members they are very caring and always try to encourage you and look out for you. What I would like to see change about Buena is the consequences policies and how punishments should be given because I feel sometimes they are unfair.
Buena high is a good school personally because its a small school so its more comfortable, teachers do make an effort to help students and faculty gets along well with everyone. Social events at the school do nee some work but they are still fun to attend.
Buena offered me a great school experience, I was able to take classes that were needed. My counselor has helped me a lot through all the classes that I need in order to go to college. she has kept me on track and I now have exceeded my credits in order to graduate and apply to colleges. Buena also offers many AP and classes as well as college courses.
Buena High School provides a great number of opportunities for students and allows them to take classes that are geared towards their intended major. They offer unique classes such as criminal justice and cooking to allow students to take classes that they can potentially see themselves going in the years to come. Buena has the most rigorous classes in the school district and really challenges students that go there.
The school is trying to become inclusive, but it still has it’s difficulties with controversial problems. It has amazing teachers who try and put the students first, with having AP classes available as well. One thing I wish was that there was safety people as in security for people during zero period,because we are on campus alone.
Great overall school. I love this school so much. There is great diversity and all around fantastic!
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Overall I love attending buena high school alongside my longtime friends. I really enjoy how open and accepting the staff and other students are of one another. Not only that but school has ample amounts of AP courses to suit any student striving for academic excellence in multiple fields. In addition the staff are also very helpful and look after your academic and mental needs to make sure you have a quality experience there. The sports there are also incredibly exciting and fun with there being only one real downside being that they seem to have a lack of funding specifically concerning Track and Field and Cross Country. Where these two sports not only seemingly get underfunded they are also poorly advertised for other students to attend their meets to cheer their fellow students on or simply raise school spirit for those sports.
I love the community aspect of Buena. This is a local school with many students having known each other since kindergarten. Teachers are engaging and caring. Admin is wonderful, especially counselor Mr. Beatty.
Very good school. Very nice teachers and also a nice environment. I would like to see an improvement to the school in the next few years
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