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I loved my time at Buena High School and enjoyed the athletic programs and the honor classes. My teachers were very involved and made my time fun and interesting. Buena is a large high school and you can often feel forgot or unimportant so I believe the unique teachers are an amazing factor. The main thing I would want to change is better food and more action towards drugs. The students have a great environment for school spirit and comes along with the community well.
I had a great time, they really care about the students on their way to graduation. Even with low credits the school manages for students to complete their required credits and for sports it gets even better, the coaches care about you and provide scholarships for you to attend college and really make sure your grades are good enough for you to participate.
Buena High School is poor in staff and academics, the school is low on staff and some of the teachers that are available don't teacher that much. More than 50% of the school is failing math and or English. It is very diverse in club activities. The school pushes S.T.E.M. but not unless you are in a S.T.E.M. related program. The school doesn't make an effort in college and career readiness. They have a program specifically for that but most of the teachers don't follow the program. The school has a lot of fights because of the students. The school doesn't involve the parents all that well.
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I liked the history of the place. It is a school that is very proud of how it came to be. I loved that the school tried to get students to participate in volunteer programs for the community, the way the teachers really tried to help students be successful. One thing I would change is I would add another wing to the school. Because it is the only high school for the entire town of Sierra Vista, it is very crowded.
There are a lot of changes that need to be applied to Buena High School, the principle is trying to fix things that aren't broken and the security needs to be better.
Lots of room for improvement. This school is lacking funding and teachers (which has led to cancelled classes). The teachers are a mix: some are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their subject, and some just teach from the book. Communication is poor and not everyone is on the same page most of the time. However there are a lot of great clubs to join.
Buena High School will either be the best or worst years of your life. There is very little in between. Some of the teachers seem like they are forced to teach, while others are very sweet and kind. The students here are like the students at your typical school: some great, some not so great. They just upgraded the bathrooms so they flush. Overall, Buena is a good enough school and the security guards are amazing. They are the best part of the school. They are the sweetest people ever.
Buena was not the worst of high schools but it did have drastic room for improvement. Most of my teachers were great and knew how to handle a classroom, while others did not understand what they were teaching. I even had one teacher who would take naps in class. Also, during my junior year, we had 2 bomb threats.
All though this is the only high school in Sierra Vista, it can have many opportunities for us students. Whether it be with academics, sports, or fine arts, there is something that is for you there.
after getting over 4,000 review views and 50+ 'likes' on google reviews (((they))) removed it, without a trace. shady and disgusting. they would rather cover up problems then actually deal with them. Fxx District, they steal money and a quality education from the students, our countries future. Are there good teachers here? yes, far between. if you have a IEP teachers don't care and even treat you like 'Extra work'. The school is in shambles with rot on ceiling tiles and about a three decades worth of gunk in the pervasive carpets. Janitors don't clean outside what their machines can reach and the district would rather drive sports cars and suck up all the money instead of giving it to the hard working teachers. maybe that's why Buena's teaching roster is missing 13, yes 13 teachers. (2019-2020 school year) Now excuse me, I'm going to watch Toy Story 2 for the 3rd time this week in my math class since we don't have a real teacher.
Very suboptimal and just all-around bad. I would rather eat my own cat than send anyone here. This school is so garbage nails on a chalkboard sounds better than this
this school is okay i have only been here for a few months and there has already been a bomb threat i also noticed that when students do something bad the teachers don't do anything a student can vape in class or can bully another student & nothing happens i wish that they would do something about bullying the security guards are nice.some of the teachers honestly don't care we get in way too early and we get release pretty late considering we get in at 7.20 in the morning and we have to wake up even earlier to get to the bus after school we get out at 2.48 and the buses are normally late which means i get home at about 3.30 . some of the teachers are creepy because they randomly just pat your arm for nothing graduation requirements are ridiculous especially having to do a semester of pe the school its self is incredibly crowded and honestly people should walk up the stairs and far away from traffic before making out or holding hands on the stairs
I've just transferred into Buena for my senior year from another school. While I've had no extremely bad experiences, I haven't had any good ones either, it's been pretty meh. I have only two classes that are actually challenging, and that includes AP, and I'm an average student.
As being a student at Buena High School, it could be difficult. Either with some teachers or other students. Besides the problems the school has, I would say that there are some wonderful programs to be apart of. Whether it is Fine Arts or a Medical program, you can always find something that will interest you. Something I would like to see change is how there are some people that work there on the school board favor some programs. For instance, favoring the athletics (specifically football), while giving little support to the Fine Arts programs such as choir, theatre, and art. Overall Buena High School can mostly be a joy when you find what interests you.
My experience at my high school was a little slow at first, towards the end it became good. My basketball career was more than excellent and prepared me for playing at the next level. The teachers were all involved in getting me ready for finally leaving outside the realms of our parents house. One thing I would like to see change is less fights that occur there.
This was a good school to go to. Most of the teachers care about their students learning. It has very good extracurricular programs and many clubs. So long as you work hard you can easily graduate. They are in need of more staff for the amount of students they have, andcpuld also use more funding for more classes that will prepare students for the real world such as money management classes.
Buena High School has a lot of drugs that are present in the school. One good thing about the school is its partnership with Cochise Community College and getting students prepared to attend University of Arizona
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Great people, administrators that care, but really lacking in consistency of teachers, and teachers who are qualified to teach beneficial courses. Not a lot of funding is allocated to new textbooks, but the district will build new athletic facilities for sports teams that are not even their best teams.
Great teachers however not everyone is alway on the same page. I wish that the staff was more involved in the students and helping them succeed than in the money.
I had maybe 2-3 teachers who were passionate about the things being taught. Majority of my highschool experience it was all about passing with good grades not actually learning the material, Id really like to see that change i really do believe that the school has so much potential i hope they continue to get more staff that cares about actually furthering the education of students
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