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The teachers actually care about you, and want you to do better. They help in as many ways as they can. They treat you like family. Its amazing here.
I've went to Bucklin High School almost all my life and overall it was a nice school but when we were in previous administration nothing was done about bullying.
BHS is amazing people would be lucky to go here!
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Drama creates a lot of problems here. Im just glad this is my last year here.
I just believe we could do more but, since we're a 1A school there's not much we can do.
Our school doesn't have all the safety measures that a bigger school would have, but I still find the school rather saf because of the friendly community.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at this school and will be both sad and relieved to leave it. I will be excited to leave because it holds great promise for my post-high school life.
I love the food that is offered for both breakfast and lunch at our school, there is a wide variety and an option for almost everyone.
The policies at our school are okay, but they could definitely could be better. A controversial policy was that the students were required to place their phones in the view of the teacher, or in their locker, this was controversial because many students keep their phones in their pockets and say that they left them in their lockers.
At the school, anyone who goes out for a sport automatically makes the team.
Our teachers are outstanding at their jobs. They all go above and beyond in their teaching methods, and they will try their best to help out any struggling student.
We have diverse clubs and equal opportunities to join each one. For the size of the school, we have a large amount of extracurricular activities. We have 4 sports, 2 business clubs, band, FFA, community involvement clubs, academic competition clubs, and even other nationally recognized organizations such as FCA and NHS. The only thing that would stop someone from participating in the organizations is their own preference.
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