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Even though the school is small, it has some of the nicest teachers and faculty.
They'll do whatever they can to help you.
I attended Buckhorn School for approximately five years. Buckhorn School welcomes everyone, no matter the amount of money your family has, or whether you had a disability or not. Buckhorn welcomed my autistic brother with loving arms. Buckhorn is such a rural area and the people living within it are wonderful people. I am blessed to be an alumni of Buckhorn!
My experience at Buckhorn High School was phenomenal. Yes, like any other high school student I faced issues but buckhorn was more than a school it was a family. As a family we learned to love and hate each other. I will forever be grateful for the experiences that came from my time at Buckhorn High School.
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Buckhorn school has a family atmosphere and treat all students with dignity and respect. Teachers genuinely care about all the students and will go above and beyond to help them succeed. With limited resources, the staff and teachers try to make sure that all students have what they need and more.
A very small with only about 300 kids, even though it is K-12. The smallness of the school is a good thing because everything is so tight knit. It is almost like being surrounded by family. No worries if you are going to fit in or not. Everyone gets along with each other and there really isn't any clichés. It's a safe environment for all who attend.
Knowing as much as i did about what the students often brought to the school, the school often held a blind eye to it.
When i was there only JROTC was an extracurricular activity besides some sort of athletics. JROTC is now not in the school, so theres no after school programs or anything to help kids.
Between students being harped at for having an opinion about life, and the athletes getting away with murder, i'd say Buckhorn will need A LOT of work to make this school what it used to be. It's amazing the officials who are supposed to love and care for the students often are more snobby than the students themselves. Buckhorn needs very much new principals and some new teachers.
Most of the teachers at Buckhorn, do not care about you unless you're an athlete, as with most schools in eastern kentucky if you can make a ball go through a hoop you're promised to pass and get out standing grades to make sure you get into other schools. I was pretty smart myself, but seeing some students fall behind, due to problems at home and teachers not caring was very sad. Hardly anyone from my class ever went to college. I would say for most teachers it was due to not caring, and the ones who cared was too busy being harped at by the principal and superintendent about common core. NOT ALL STUDENTS LEARN THE SAME OR AT THE SAME PACE.
I love everything about buckhorn, especially the community feeling. This doesn't mean I don't believe the school couldn't be improved, but it's already awesome. I honestly don't mind getting up and going in the morning.
Our school has great support with athletics we just don't have a lot of money and it's usually always the same students that play all the sports because we are a small school
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