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As a parent I think the teachers need to teach more than what they are doing. They need to stop being so layed back and lazy. I really dislike talking about the school that way but I’m not really likening in what I see with the teachers.
My experience the past four years at Buckeye High school have been the greatest four years of my life. The student body is all nice to each other and the teaching staff and administrators are always working their hardest to ensure that we get the highest level of education as possible.
Buckeye High School is not a bad school to go to. It is located in a rural area where everybody knows everybody. They have good teachers but don't have up to date equipment. It has decent athletic and arts programs and offers the same chance to make it to college as any other High School.
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Buckeye High School students rank highly in overall ACT & other test scores. The school has overall "A" ranking for academics. They have excellent teachers & staff that are always ready to help & assist the students to learn at the top of their ability. Offer great college prep & college DE classes. The students are amazing & the parent & community support is unbelievable.
My school is definitely the best. I love my school and would not want to go anywhere else! I am currently a junior at Buckeye High. I have been going to Buckeye since sixth grade and plan on going until senior year also.
Buckeye has good teachers who care and clubs are close to exceptional, but there is hardly any college readiness because the counselor absolutely sucks
Buckeye High School is the best school ever. The faculty and staff really care about their students and their academic achievements. The student body is very supportive of our athletic teams and show that support every Friday night under the lights at the football games, then in the gym for basketball games and out at the diamond cheering on our baseball/softball teams.
I loved some of the teachers. Some of them where very professional and kind. Others were very unprofessional and lacked empathy for students who needed help.
The reason I gave my school 5 stars is because it pushes students to do their best and always set reachable goals.
I enjoyed attending Buckeye High School. It is a small school but has the best teachers. There are many opportunities to take advantage of at Buckeye. You can take Dual Enrollment classes and AP classes. The only problem I have with Buckeye is that it doesn't receive tax money that the other schools in our area do. Therefore there are a lot of refurbishments that need to be made at the school. They don't have enough computers or books for everyone when they need them. But with that being said, the teachers are the best and really strive to give a great education.
I have been in the Buckeye school system since I was 4 years old. This year I am coming up to my graduation. So in total, I have spent 14 years within the same 2 mike radius. I love Buckeye and I love how everyone is so close knit. The one thing I would change is only the space. Our school was made for the size it was, not for what it would be. The academics are excellent.
I would love to see more diversity in this school and a change in the administrations attittude toward students.
I liked my school all four years. I had a great high school experience! Buckeye High School is the best school in the world and I would recommend every parent to send their child there. Buckeye may be lacking on funds, but that has never affected the quality of my education and everything I have gotten from this school.
Buckeye High School is a very nice school. It is a great academic school. It is located in a very friendly environment and is a very safe campus. I would like to see more diversity on the campus along with a more course options. I would also like to see more extracurricular activities such as theater, tennis, volleyball, etc.
Buckeye High School. Where to start... When I say Buckeye High School is average, it is. Average. There's nothing completely amazing about the school that it's an honor to go to the school, but there's not anything that's life-threatening enough for me to leave.
I believe my experience over the past four years at Buckeye high school has well prepared me for the next chapter of my life. I have gained important critical knowledge and skills throughout my time at BHS and have made great strides both academically and in relation to social interactions. Participation in events and activities, especially in the past year, has taken me from a frightened, anxious girl to a happy, confident young woman. Many teachers and staff members at Buckeye high school have made a positive impact in multiple aspects of my life. I am forever grateful for their kindness and wisdom.
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Buckeye is a small community school. Everyone supports one another. The school is like one big family. The teachers are supportive and helpful. They are preparing us for college. The clubs and extra curricular are amazing and give a new meaning to community and friendship. Academics are beyond excellent, by helping students learn more beyond just the core curriculum. The school doesn’t just only prepare us for the end of course test or the next grade but prepare us for lie outside of high school. Buckeye high school will forever be my home of the panthers.
Buckeye High School is a great school with great teachers. The majority of the teachers are very supportive. Although its a great school, I would like them to focus more on other sports besides football. I would also like to see hoodies be allowed at school.
I am having a great time at BHS. Made a lot of friends. Have a lot of family and 'family' here. I wouldn't change a thing here. Go Panthers.
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