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I have attended Bruce since 6th grade. Even though Bruce doesn't really have the luxury of a normal highschool when it comes to clubs, science, arts and sports. I definitely think they should improve a lot of those things in the feature. Besides that Bruce gave me an amazing school experience. The teachers are AMAZING. I am a graduate now but one of the things I will miss a lot are the teachers and staff. I believe a student can be successful when they have amazing teachers; teachers that care about them. Bruce did an amazing job on that. Bruce gave me an astonishing learning environment and I'm really grateful for that.
Bruce Randolph is a school that helps you prepare for college. Just really wish their school spirit changes.
I like Bruce Randolph school that has very good resources for students who do not speak English, personally, I learned a lot of English this year at Bruce Randolph, and I'm very thankful.
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I have been coming to Bruce Randolph School since 6th grade. I really hope the bullying policy has changed over the years. Due to the fact that teachers really don't care about students when they're going through.
What I like about Bruce is that teachers like to push you to surpass your limits. Something that can change is that people need to show more school spirit.
Bruce Randolph is a really good school because it connects all of our community. The students are really friendly. Also, teachers here are awesome and we learn a lot from them. College classes are offered here at the school and I really like that.
What I like about Burce Randolph is thatis is a very great school to attend too. Many think it is not a good school because it is surrounded between two hoods. At this point, students and other adults may oppose that it is not a safe school. This is why I hate when people judge a book by its cover. Bruce Randloph has given many students opportunities to choosing their major in life. Also, even Ex-president Barack Obama gave a shout-out to bruce Randolph.
I am a student a Bruce Randolph highschool, bruce is a great school with many opportunities but overall the school spirit is so dead. Many students are not as involved in the school as others. Everybody is on there own and we just have to work through it. It has been very rough but there are some teachers who will help you out. On the other hand, there are also, many that only care about your phone and not education. I gave this school a 2 star because I have experience other hof=ghschools and Bruce could be way better.
I have been at Bruce Randolph since my sixth-grade year, a lot has improved but some things have not.
Bruce Randolph is great school it has been changing throughout the years and has become more advanced and it prepares you for college and the thing we are going to need to learn that will help us with our lives once we graduate high school.
What I personally liked about Bruce Randolph is All the resources they have to prepare us on what to expect in the future either work force or college. The provide resources such as college visits, scholarship options, support on revising essays like personal statement or any other essay involve in getting a scholarship or college acceptance. Althought what I would personally change would be the lack of school spirit and school clubs. Unfortunately due to financial issues, money isn't prioritized to clubs and prep rallies and I fell like if we had more school spirit over all it would be such positive environment.
I like about Bruce Randolph the help they give to the people that are learning English. In Bruce they have tutorial after school so if we need help in a class they can help. The teacher’s are kind
my experience at bruce Randolph has been so far good because many people from this school help me with my work and they support me when I having trouble with work and other things. what I like about this school is that you get help from teachers and how they treated you nice and how teachers would do they're best to support you. another thing that I like about this school is how the students from this school would treat you nice and they are friendly to talk too and it was easy for me to make friends easier. those years that I have been at bruce Randolph have been good experiences because then I was the 6th grade to 10th grade I joined the soccer team and my experiences were the best because I would play with different schools and have fun with my teams. my experience from this school was good because I like the teachers and other people that I have met and the would help
What I have learned from Bruce Randolph is a lot of hard work I've done for all these years from 6-12 grade it was rough some of the time but I tried on my work & homework & etc.
Bruce Randolph helps me be more successful not only in my classes but also outside of my school environment. It prepares me for the outside world and college, they have high expectations for students so that we can be prepared for what life holds for us. My teachers are always giving me moral support for whatever I need, whether it is school-related or outside of school. They are always here for advice and support.
I like that Bruce Randolph is a small school that I can be able to have a close connects with the teachers. They also help out with college by having a future center that helps with learning how to apply to colleges. The teachers at the school are very funny as well, they understand the situation that some students have. Teachers give out extends.
As a student at Bruce Randolph School I believe it is an excellent choice for high school, the teachers are very helpful and are very focused in getting you ready for college. I really like how the teachers are involved in your learning and will help you if you need it. It is a very friendly community and I wouldn't chose any other school.
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Bruce is a good school, it is very big on getting ready for college. They are really hands-on with all students especially when it comes to senior year. Senior year they get on the students to pass all classes and get all their credits to graduate. They help with colleges and figuring out what one actually wants to do after high school.
I love it, very welcoming and friendly, it makes me feel at home. Would not want to be graduating from any other school, Than Bruce Randolph Go Grizzles!!!
I like bruce because it is a calm and small school where help is just a call away, there are many opportunities that branch from here and many resources easily usable.
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