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Brownell Talbot's Points of Pride make up a comprehensive approach to moral development. Consisting of six components present throughout our school community, they promote core ethical values as the basis of good character.

These points, such as honesty and respect, are ideals that every member of the school should embrace. They act as guiding principles that are adopted and practiced by students throughout their entire Brownell Talbot academic experience.

Members of the Brownell Talbot family are:

Responsible citizens of our school, community, and country.
Ethical decision-makers.
Reflective, life-long learners.
Respectful of self and others.
Independent critical thinkers.
The most caring staff all around. Everyone from lunch staff to janitors, to teachers has made Brownell Talbot a great place to thrive academically and socially.
Brownell Talbot consists of snobby, privileged kids who have no experience outside their own school. The kids are very judgmental. They make me as an individual feel out of place and not welcomed. To anyone who is considering going to BT, I'd tell you to rethink that decision. My happiness has decreased significantly since I've been in high school here. The teachers on the other hand, do not care to see you, as an individual, the students are statistics to them and not real people with futures. The school doesn't care about you if you don't give to the gala. It's sad honestly, to the school, you are just a check. The school is no where near as good as they make it out to be, the classes and teaching methods are the same as any other average public school. My advice: save your money, MN is a great school, try that one instead!
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Brownell is truly a great place to learn. To many, especially those who have been at the school for their entire lives, it is home. The academics are top-tier, the teachers are great and very approachable, and the college counseling department is unmatched. Brownell offers a variety of opportunities for sports, clubs, and activities to students of all kinds. On the flip side, school spirit could improve, as well as relationships and communication between the students and the administration.
If you want to become a lifelong learner Brownell is the way to go. I started at age 3 and I'm now a Senior and got in my first choice school. I have still have close relationships with my kindergarten teacher & my high school teachers.

I highly recommended it.
Brownell-Talbot School is a wonderful school whose small size allows for a very personal experience throughout your education there. There are downsides to the small size and there were some financial decisions made throughout my tenure as a high school student there that were iffy, but finances aside, this school is a great fit for any high achieving person who prefers a small co-ed environment.
I have been going to Brownell Talbot for my whole life and I have made such great friends that I can 100% see in my future. The school shapes you into being a great hard working person and it also helps you find life long friends. There are also a lot of amazing opportunities because the school is so small. You can participate in almost anything you want to because of this. You can also get a more personal experience with the teachers and get better recommendations because of this. You have the opportunity to do so many things and travel to so many places and the food is amazing.
I came to Brownell_-Talbot my junior year of high school, and found that the students and faculty are really welcoming, and it was easy for me to fit in and start learning right away. My two brothers came the same year I did, and had the same experience. The students here want to learn (most of them) and the teachers and professors are enthusiastic about helping the students learn and grow.
Excellent teachers especially music, robotics, math. Wish there was more engineering offered. Would like to see individualized student counselors more than the groups. Wish more summer classes were offered.
In the years I was there I felt like none of the admin cared about me as an individual and more as a statistic. Had to leave for high school.
This school takes the time to get to know every child and develop their individual talents and abilities. Having spent sometime in the public schools, this school has amazed us! From the super attentive teachers, to great activities and events, I recommend BT with my whole heart!
BT is a rigorous academics-focused school for high-achieving students. There are many academic clubs and teams, and okay sports teams as well.
Brownell Talbot is a snobby, below average, prep school for the Omaha pseudo-rich. The education is below average and sports and extracurricular activities are non-existent. You only matter on how much you give at the Gala.
Brownell-Talbot’s academics are as rigorous as they claim, but activities are not as numerous as most other private schools. The social environment is difficult to enter as an outsider due to students being unwilling to reach out to new students. Teachers expect students to be responsible for their academics and some offer very little help in aiding the student with their work when requested by the student. The school as a whole is more diverse culturally compared to most other schools in the region. The school’s facilities are outdated compared to other local public and private schools. The library consists of 3 rows of shelves that are mostly bare and hardly utilized by students.
Overall, Brownell-Talbot is an extremely expensive school with challenging classes across the board, but facilities are outdated and run-down, students are not welcoming, and teachers are often not willing to help.
Over all my experience with Brownell-Talbots was overwhelming positive. It was here that I got my first taste of computer programming my freshmen year of high school. It's still one of the most important classes I've taken. The English and math departments were extraordinary in my time, and very helpful in preparing me for college. This small school also allowed me to participate in many activities for which I wouldn't make the cut at if the class sizes were larger like theater and forensics.
BT is a very rigorous competitive school. Due to it's small size, everyone knows everything about everyone. While that sometimes is a bad thing, I like how personal the classroom is. You can practically play any sport you want to since BT is such a small school. We have a really amazing music and theatre program. At BT, you can really do any activity you want to. The school says they are nondenominational, but still have us attend a chapel service every week in an episcopalian environment. There is a lot of diversity at BT with a variety of ethnicities but not economically. We do have great resources and facilities to help us learn. We just switched to Flik dinning services, so the school is still adjusting to the food. I think overall BT is a very rigorous school set in a small competitive environment. It has lots of unique qualities about it and it is easy to participate in many activities.
Academics were rigorous and teachers were pretty good.
Learning environment and social life was below average and it can be a struggle for many students.
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Brownell is a wonderful school with positive and helpful teachers and an all around great atmosphere.
Our school has a wide spectrum of out of class activities that appeal to every student. Many students are in multiple extracurriculars.
The teachers are always willing to lend a hand with any students.
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