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BSMS is a wonderful school. The students treat each other like family. The school is small enough for the staff to know every student. The school works hard to provide students with a quality education that prepares them for the high school of their choice. BSMS aims to challenge students and ensure they are not only strong academically, but also strong in character and service. BSMS staff listen to students, honors their voices, and strives to always improve.
I went here, for middle school and looking back at it now as a high school graduate, I can't really express how disappointed I am in the adults that were supposed to help me grow. Teachers are supposed to pay attention, help you learn and keep you safe and mine just didn't, and neither did the administration. No one ever noticed I was in an abusive home, was severely depressed, or had adhd; and the signs were very, obviously there looking back, or maybe they just didn't care. To put it in perspective I was near silent, never went out of my way to talk to anyone, never got my progress reports or report cards signed, was so terrified of talking to an adult even getting called on would push me to tears god forbid I had a one on one conversation, I never turned in homework but did wonderfully on tests, I couldn't sit still, etc. But I was assumed to just be lazy, to this day it hurts me that I was payed that little attention to. I would never under any circumstances recommend this school.
This is a really good school. I would recommend it to anyone. The teachers are good and very helpful!
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I would rate it a 4.6/5, but you can't do that so yeah. Academics are great here. They prepare you to succeed in life and move on to higher education. The people here are okay. If you are a person of color you may feel a little left out because this school is predominately white, but overall my experience was pretty good. There are no sports teams, you have to play sports at your district school. Also the choices for clubs could be better. Also teachers pick obvious favorites which is annoying.
Brown Summit is the best school an above average student could want and it is the best you get laptops no homework over breaks and if it is you birthday stay ready for your song.
I liked that I was challenged in my learning. Because it is a school of advanced academics, the classes there were harder than normal, which I truly enjoyed. While I was there, I honestly did not want to be learning Latin. Now that I look back on it, I truly do realize what an amazing opportunity I was given, though! However, I feel that the teachers there could be improved. They did not give me any type of personal experience, and I felt that I was just another number to be put in the books for them.
I studied 8th grade here last year (15-16). I'm a rising sophomore now, and I tell you the one thing that I still remember--and use every day--from Brown Summit: the emphasis on personal responsibility, taking challenges, and high-school/college readiness.
Not much to say here. Our research team did find some serious contamination with copper in the water here, but the school administration was very concerned and is looking into the problem. No bullying; and no trouble beyond the usual stuff. It is middle school, after all.
Last year, our Mock Trial Team was in the top 10 at the State Championships. Our Quiz Bowl team exceeded our goal of attending and making 50th place or higher in the NAQT NMSCT National Chapionships in Atlanta. Of course, these activities have costs but our school contributes a lot of money and parents donate above the cost of their child's participation so that students who need assistance always have it, whether in the form of reduced or waived fees or free transportation with another parent. Our school never charges more than actual tournament fees, equipment, and travel expenses (if going alone with teachers) - funds for growth and improvement are all by donation. Our dedicated teachers are even more dedicated coaches, who have worked through injuries, meetings, and tight teaching schedules to ensure that their teams have the best chance of success.
I think that this school was one of the key reasons I was accepted to the Early College at Guilford, my longtime educational goal. The environment is very informal, but there is a lot of academic rigor and there are some top-notch clubs and scholastic competitions.
The other ten five star reviews tell you all you need to know. Every teacher that I have had during my time at the school has gone far above and beyond, bridging the rigor of high school with the relaxed environment of middle school. This is a great school to prepare you for accelerated magnet programs, AP courses, and dual enrollment. Though there are plenty of opportunities for the kind of fun you appreciate in middle school, it is lost on no one that this is a school "for Advanced Academics". That is our driving force.
The safety of this school is great. Some kids make gang signs as a joke (again its these same few kids - they are NOT the majority of behavior here), but we don't have any real gangs or any crime at school. On time a students memory card was destroyed by another kid. No one was caught due to the lack of security cameras in rooms (only in halls and outside), but doors were thereafter locked during lunch.
This school, hands down, has some awesome opportunities for extracurricular activities. We've got mock trial (6th place in state - 1st in region), quiz bowl (finished in to 50 teams at 2016 nationals), math team, and a few other clubs. Plus students can volunteer to help our curriculum facilitator with the school's garden and plant sale, which has raised a huge amount of money which will reduce the reliance on parent contributions next year. We even have a friendly rivalry with the Academy at Lincoln.
As mentioned in the review re: teachers, Brown Summit has an extremely focused and rigorous curriculum. As a community, nearly every student , and every teacher, is committed to the success of the program in every aspect.

Like any school, we have a few students who just relish in mischief and trouble. Unfortunately, their behavior has not really changed throughout the school year, but again this percent of student is extremely small compared to a neighborhood middle school that it rarely interferes with student show are being responsible.

As far as parents go, almost every parent I know of treats all of the other kids like they would their own. They are extremely supportive and volunteer frequently, as well as making monetary donations for advanced textbooks not paid for by the state, renovations, and other project organized by the PTSA and leadership team. Only once has a parent acted in a way biased and harmful to the school. To preserve anonymity, I will say only two things regarding that incident: (1) I am not who you think I am, and (2) please know that your actions caused so much stress and upset to everyone, especially our hardworking teachers and hardworking students involved directly and indirectly, including your own child, who received a lot of negative attention. I cannot in any way condone that but anyone could have predicted that it was a likely result of the actions.
Every teacher I have had in the 8th grade here has been absolutely amazing. All of the teachers are extremely fair, friendly, and qualified. No nonsense is tolerated in the classroom, especially in LA. The teachers do a very good job, especially in Science and LA, of making sure that other students do not interfere with others work or talk about things not relating to class. It has always been a source of frustration for me when students are being distracting on not doing their part in group work; I have had *very* few problems with that as a Pheonix. The teacher will not stand by and allow this kind of behavior. Every student is graded on work ethic (up to 40% of grade in a class) and mastery. Do note that some teacher will take points of weekly work ethic for forgetting your pencil or your tablet (will be replaced with laptops next year).

Furthermore, the teachers, even in areas where we are doing grade-level content, go above and beyond in producing their own materials and covering high school content. Our Language Arts class, for example, is still 8th grade LA, but we are using AP writing and and reading strategies (SOAPSTone [you will have that one memorized in your first week!], SIFT, TPCASTT, etc.) and we are regularly expected to write essays and analyze texts, poems, and videos. Mrs. McCarthy's curiculum also has as strong focus in argument and it is rare for students not to be expected to defend everything they say with the rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, pathos).

In Latin, Mrs. Runtz goes far above and beyond to make the language easy and fun for every student, while also providing more challenging work for students like me who enjoy the challenge.

The only complaint students ever have is that they are actually expected to turn in work when it is due, come to class prepared, and work on class stuff 100% of the school day. Only a very few students struggle with these ideas, though. The rest know how to have fun while succeeding academically.
Math II is great, and even thought the LA is "grade-level" it is WAY advanced. Like I'm talking AP reading comprehension strategies, next grade up Springboard books, emphasis on timed writing and student presentations.SS and Science are also really good. And I could write a paper on how awesome Latin with Mrs., Runtz is.
Our schoold has like, NO violence or drugs or anything like that. The few instances of bullying we have had have resulted in a swift and serious response from the office. However, my peers really are liable to get someone hurt in the locker room.
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Like, whoa! I've been in Mock Trial (We were the Region 5 Champions and took home 5 Individual Awards at the state finals) and NAQT Quiz Bowl (Headed to the NMSCT Nationals!!) this year (2015-16). Also we've got battle of the books, led by our amazing media specialist, Ms. Godwin, plus lots of noncompetitive clubs and activities.
All of the teachers are EXTREMELY dedicated, passionate, kind, and fair. They make no small amount of personal sacrifices to help every students suceed.
I love The Summit! The academics are rigorous and engaging, the teachers and other staff truly care about the students, and the students support each other. The principal, Debbie Mott, is a fantastic leader. It's a place where it's cool to be smart, and we feel that our child is getting a private school education for free. We couldn't be happier.
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