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Great place with a strong brotherhood. Needs some work on school atmosphere but good place to be and close knit community surrounds those who are there
I was not so sure about Brother Rice coming in as a freshman. I came from public school and was skeptical at first about an all boys private school. Fast forward to my senior year and it's been the best experience of my life. Rice has prepared me for the next step, which is college. I've made many lifelong friends and could not be more thrilled with my experience. I would recommend Brother Rice to anyone.
If u are upper middle class and do not live in Bloomfield hills or birmingham, I suggest looking elsewhere because ur son will b treated as a 2nd class student by admin. He will b at end of line for scheduling...get leftover classes.

If ur son isn't athlete but is more academic, then run from this school as they are not interested in ur son...just ur money...unless he is football player or plays lacrosse.

If u are ok with ur son being around a lot of drugs then this school is ok cause this school has BIG drug issue

Admin does not respect parents unless u r big charity contributor. Nuns and attendance officers are the worst

If u are away from school...teachers/nuns spew hatred and all kinds of disrespectful language about President and all conservative ideas. Ur conservative son will be Harrassed and bullied relentlessly. It is hard to believe that r in rice stands for respect and stands for character!
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Brother Rice is where I met my lifelong best friends. The teachers cared about their students. We had great sports with great coaches. It would be nice to update the facilities or buy a new campus. The building is old and there is little parking space for all the students. Having football games at our school would be nice.
Brother Rice is an excellent college preparatory high school which helps young men to develop a winning attitude as they approach the obstacles and adversity which life inevitably offers. The leaders of the school make it their mission to prepare its students holistically; in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in their spiritual lives as well. I am most proud to have graduated from Brother Rice and to have been a part of their tradition of excellence.
Amazing experience. Life long brothers even though we were only together four years. Excellent athletics and academics as well. Helpful faculty and great atmosphere.
Brother Rice provided an excellent educational and faith based experience for my son. He got into the school of his choice and feels he has an advantage in college because of the rigorous curriculum and preparation at Rice.
I liked the community of the high school the most. Most of the teachers are very cool and genuinely care for their student’s well being. The facilities for sports need to be worked on. The school definitely prepares the students well to move on to college.
They need to promote how many great colleges these students are getting into so they can grow enrollment.
A challenging curriculum as well as outstanding athletics makes this school the perfect package. The teachers are very good at their jobs, and the students are all very kind to one another.
Early 90's alum. Great academics, sports and religion wasn't too pushy when I went there. I went to a Jesuit university and it was a breeze after Rice.
Not the most diverse place and parents are typical white suburban republicans which gets reflected in the students views.
Some weird stuff with the administration since the early 2000s. Not too happy with the picture of the kids kneeling in the parking lot, leave that to the kreestians.
If your child is intellectually and/or physically mature at a young age as well as interested in Catholicism then the school may be appropriate. However if any of these things don't describe your child, I would choose another school. I graduated from the school in the 80s and at that time it was very conservative, not very welcoming to non-athletes, and did not provide much of a religious education. I found the curriculum very dogmatic and they did not have many outlets for students with any form of creativity. There seem to be two sets of rules, one for athletes and one set of rules for non-stars. And strangely enough teachers even smoked cigarettes in the classrooms! My recommendation would be to visit several schools and even shadow students during daily and afterschool activities to make sure this is the right fit. I would not send my children to the school.
The academics here are pretty good. There are some very challenging classes and others not so much, but you will find that at any school. The teachers are always willing to help you as well as the tutors in the Achieve Plus Center. As for clubs and sports there is a wide array of these available to the students. If there isn't one you would like to be a part of then create it! The administration would be glad to help. This school is great all-around but the sense of community really stands out. The teachers and students are always looking out for each other which makes the high school experience easier. The brotherhood at this school is so prevalent and taught me to recognize the importance of working for something greater than myself.
My son has been in AP class for three years and has six academic scholarships I'm so happy with the school
I believe in the values of a catholic education which also had a focus on academics, community service and athletics
As as student this isn't a priority, also the school is very upper class area so not much to worry about.
They have great extracurriculars at rice, and a very supporting community.
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There is only one thing I can say about this school, and that is that I love it.
The teachers at Brother Rice High School are some of the best teachers I have ever had in my entire life. I have truly enjoied my time they are they deserve all the props the get. They are all special to me in their own way and I thank them for the many lessons they have taught me.
The school is very safe it sit in a very quiet naborhood
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