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I love that Broome is a smaller school. Large crowds make me nervous and I just feel more confident at Broome with a graduating class that I know. The teachers are phenomenal and they genuinely care about their students. The principal is real goofy and sweet and I love the assistant principals.
My experience with broome high school was over all good. The only thing i wish was different was the relationship between the teachers and students. With me being in school i always felt that i could never comfortably talk to some of my teachers without feeling like i was a bother to them.
Broome High School is a good school for all kinds of students. There are many programs and courses that fit each student based on their personalities and their ability to learn. This school also does it upmost to provide support for the student's; whether it is with ap classes, dual credit classes, free psat, sat and act or just clubs that can make them feel comfortable and give them chances at a brighter future
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My experience has been great. I haven't had a problem with any of the teachers. My high school years so far has been some of the best years.
Broome surrounded me with great teachers and role models. To helping our community every semester to acknowledging students needs. My Broome experience was one i will cherish.
I love being able to be apart of Broome High School. All of the teachers are supportive in the classroom and outside of the classroom. The staff and administrators are amazing. Broome High School is more than just a school it is a family and a community.
I love my school the teachers coaches and Guiedence Counselors really care about every Student. I wouldn’t be where I am today without each and everyone of them.
I like the dedicated teachers and staff. Almost every teacher I've had has shown me that they truly care, and I feel like I can go to each and every one of them with whatever problems I have.
My time at Broome High School has been a wonderful experience. I have created close relationships with so many friends and teachers. The small environment has allowed for me to find my place in so many ways including being the Student Body President. I do believe that one thing that our school often lacks is spirit. It is frustrating for me as the Student Body President and a Varsity Cheerleader when people often don’t participate in activities despite how hard we try. However, overall, Broome provides a wonderful education with faculty and administrators who are interested in what students have to say. Broome has allowed for growth and experience.
The only thing I really enjoyed about my time at Broome High was the few good teachers I had. The building is very old and the district gives no funding to anything besides football, and if you’re not involves in sports you basically don’t matter. Racism is very prevalent as well as really all forms of prejudice. I was sexually assaulted on campus and there was apparently nothing that could be done.
The faculty & staff at Broome is unbelievably awesome! The teachers will go the extra mile just for there students. The environment in the class rooms and halls, are an environment every kid wants to be in. Without Broome High, and the joyful faculty and staff, I wouldn’t be were I am today in life.
I like that at Broome High School you get a very interactive learning experience. Before my 11th grade year Broome High School wasn't good about ensuring that the students get their work done and it seemed that most teachers didn't care. In my junior year Broome High School began centurions connect and allowed us students to come to class during lunch and get extra help. One thing I would like to see change at Broome High School is the amount of diversity here. Being a small school in Spartanburg county, I believe that we should include activities that showcase the appreciation of everybody and make it a school initiative.
Here at Broome High School, we have amazing teachers who are very willing to help students succeed in everything they do. If it weren't for the teachers here at Broome, many students wouldn't be able to graduate and know what to do afterward. Not only do the teachers teach the students about a specific subject, but they also teach students how to be responsible adults. Broome has a loving and warm atmosphere that nobody would want to deny.
I love the fact that I go to a smaller high school, I feel more connected to my class because we only have about 200 students and I’ve been going to school with most of them since 9th grade. In my experience, I haven’t had a teacher that I absolutely couldn’t stand, or felt that they didn’t go beyond doing their job. Some teachers feel that it’s not their job to be a friend to their students, but I have about 3 teachers I’m really close with and their mentorship has really helped me over the years, especially now with all my seniors responsibilities and college things I need to figure out and get done. It’s really encouraging to know that the teachers care about your education and well being beyond the class room. Last year, Broome started a schedule change that made student lunch an hour long. Hour lunch is super beneficial to get extra work done and go to teachers classrooms for extra help and tutoring!
Broome High School has a great faculty and staff that will always be there for the help of their students and do whatever they can to be a good resource for each and every student.
Broome is an amazing school with great teachers and staff. It is a small school centered around community! I would most definitely recommend Broome High School to anyone.
Broome High School is an okay school, but there are plenty of other good school in Spartanburg County, that would be a better choice for most. The administration, along with the teachers, and the clique-esk type of environment make it not such a good place. Too many people not taking education seriously.
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I love Broome! It is a great high school and we are all very connected. There is always a form of help when needed and I am proud to say I will graduate from there in May.
what I do like about broome overall is the academic performances . I like the fact theirs a good chance of you doing well. However, what I would like to see changed is the small things such as the food, the teachers, and the way the faculty goes about situations.
Broome High School is great in connecting you to colleges. The counselors are there to help you all they way, and the staff is great. Broome is always trying new learning techniques to help their students succeed.
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