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Brookwood High School Reviews

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This school is very accommodating to those who need additional help in their academics. Also it is a very rural school. Which has allowed all the students to know one another because of how small it is.
My experience at Brookwood High School was enjoyable. The teachers definitely love the students and love their jobs.
Brookwood was a great school that I'm proud to have attended through out elementary, middle, and high school. It's small which can be positive or negative. A positive is that the class size's are small so teachers can really focus on helping their students and students receive the help they need. A negative is that because it's so small there really is not much diversity. I would like to see it become a more diverse and welcoming school, but overall my experience at Brookwood High School was amazing.
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Could offer more options and do a better job of promoting them to underclassmen.
Great experience that comes with a small school atmosphere. Caring staff and a safe, fun and close social environment.
Need work on getting to all students and putting meaning into lessons. Some classes are monotonous work devoid of actual real life interest or application
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