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Brookville High School is a small school where it's easy to form connections with teachers and get extra help in whatever courses needed. Students there are typically extremely well behaved and the school strives for overall academic excellence. Of course with being such a small school, sometimes things don't work out as planned.
Brookville was a great place for me to attend high school and be prepared for the next steps. I was challenged academically and was given plenty of opportunities to be involved and gain leadership experience. However, the school has zero diversity. Being in a smaller down, its 99.9% white and largely conservative. I did not have any experiences of people from other backgrounds, and there was absolutely a racial bias undertone throughout the town. I also did not have the ability to freely explore political and religious ideas while I was there, and did not experience growth in those areas until I went to college and had questions and curiosity about those topics were stimulated by professors and being in a generally more liberal environment. If you aren't middle-class, white, Christian, and Republican, you'll probably have a more difficult time here.
Brookville High School provides a solid foundation for students as they take steps to further their education. The school provides students with basic resources and a few classes to prepare students for college. The school does not provide students with enough of these advanced classes and this can potentially leave them with a disadvantage when it comes to college. For example, Brookville High School does not offer a basic physics class. The high school also fails to showcase other paths students can follow if college is not a good fit for them.
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Brookville High School is in a small community however, it has everything you need to be prepared to move onto college or into the work force. The academics are the top of the line offering college prep courses so you can be ahead of the game. The administration, staff and teachers all are intent on making sure every student knows if they need assistance they just need to ask. The buildings and athletic facilities are all kept clean. The whole community takes pride in the school system and what it offers to the students. I would recommend this community and schools system to anyone who may be moving into this area.
This town is very small. Therefore, everyone knows everybody. This can be great, but it can also be a pain. When you least expect it, someone can turn on you or say something bad about you. However, you have a great connection with teachers because of the small feel. You truly find out who your true friends are and who is going to always be there for you no matter what here.
I liked the close knit community. The teachers really made an effort to connect with their students, and it seemed as everyone knew everyone else. But being a small school, there are very few advanced class offerings.
The teachers do a fantastic job and the bar is set high for students. By far one of the best public schools in the Dayton area.
Though many graduation criteria changed throughout the years (even senior year), the school always made sure to tell us and give us a way to lessen the damage.
I quite like the majority of the teachers who are very nice and work with their students on an individual basis to help them. However, there are very few clubs at Brookville and my experience with their athletics has been lacking; also, there is little to no diversity in this school district.
There are many extracirricular activites including FTA, FFA, modern language club, art club, dramas, key club, and relay for life. At Brookville we have high rates of participation among students in all of these clubs and more. While the staff play a key role in heading up these opportunities, students are given many responsibilities and opportunities to lead.
So far my attendance at Brookville High School has been excellent. My favorite times at Brookville have always been the football games. While I myself have been on field, it was amazing to look back at the stands and see the whole community out to support us. This is representative of the culture and community as a whole.
The teachers at Brookville High School are caring for their students and willing to help in any way necessary so their students may achieve success. I would say they the key to these teacher's success is the relationships they have with their student. Each teacher understands their students and genuinely has fun with them.
We have monthly fire drills, tornado drills, and lock down drills. Almost all the students know what to do incase of an emergency. I don't thin k i have ever felt unsafe at Brookville in my 6 years of going there. We also have a nurse there all day if we feel sick or need something. She often helps with students that need to take medicine at a certain time of the day. I dop see police every now and then in the office checking in. I do know that the school does bring in drug dogs probably every other month. When that does occur we are not allowed to leave the class for any reason till the sweep is done.
There are all sorts of after school activities. A lot of the students at Brookville are involved in some sort of sport through the year, many of them do more than two. I myself am involved in 3; volleyball, basketball, and track. But you don't have to be part of a sports team to be involved, you can join one of the schools clubs like; Modern Language Club, Key Club, Sadd Club, Student Council, Drama, Shades of Blue (show choir),Relay for Life, Future Teachers of America, FFA. The Booster Club supports and helps fund the sports at Brookville, but almost every club does some sort of fundraiser to help them with their events.
The parents are very supportive of the children and what they do. As a student at Brookville you know every student and probably their families. You are always talking about the last basketball game and how you did. The parents always make sure you're doing good, checking on your family, and you're future plans. You see them them sitting in the bleachers at the coldest football game and the hottest track meets. They truly are our biggest fans.
All of the teachers at Brookville care about the students. They understand that almost everyone at the school is involved in some sort of club/ sports team/ after school activity and always work with our schedule. But they still expect effort and perfection from our work. I think as students we forget that teachers have lives too, and our papers are almost always graded at school by the next period if not the next day. Teachers explain real word situations and they never sugar coat it, they want us to realize that we will struggle but we should never give up. The teaching staff at Brookville always looks out for the students.
We share a school nurse with the middle school, so she isn't hardly there. Bullying isn't a problem at this school. We live in a safe community and attend a safe school. There are never any situations where anyone feels unsafe.
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There are a multitude of extracurricular activities available to students, ranging from youth organizations to theatre clubs. Each club has a different commitment level. The majority of clubs meet about once every two weeks. However, there are some that meet many times a week. It depends on what that club plans on doing that month.
I really enjoy attending this school. Almost everyone is involved in more than one activity and everyone is close to everyone. My favorite thing about this school is SWAP Day. Having parents come in and see what we go through daily is a really cool experience.
The teachers always help the students as long as they ask. They are willing to make time in their schedule to meet with students. Also, the majority of teachers are an advisor of a club or organization. They are very involved and are always looking out for students.
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