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I liked how personal everything there was, since it is a pretty small school, everyone knew each other.
Overall a decent school. There are some really good teachers who care about about their students, and want them to do great. There are some teachers who seem like they don't care about their students. The new building is defiantly a good way to help teach too. It was nice finishing my final years in a put together building. It was also refreshing to see the teachers not stressing about having to share their classroom constantly.
There is so many things wrong here that I originally typed a full review with things cut out and it didn’t even fit. I beg you, please don’t let your kids go here. It has badly affected my mental and physical health going here, due to the actions of the students, the administrators, the guidance counselors, and the noon aides. Especially DO NOT ALLOW YOUR KIDS TO GO TO THE INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL. That place makes every student feel like a prisoner. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard than the ONE year I went there, and that building in 3rd-6th. My little sister goes there, and they’ve actually banned parents during the school day (unless for meetings/parties/etc) because parents complained about the way their child was being treated.
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Brookside High School is located in a very small town, there is not much that happens around here. When something good comes out of BHS everybody hears about it. There is a lot of diversity at my school. For the most part, I enjoyed it, this past year I have mainly been taking online college classes because they give us that opportunity through LCCC. Which is a great thing to have.
Teachers here are amazing and caring for the most part. The academics could be much more challenging and the regular classes will not prepare you for a college education. They also do not care much about mental health, probably from a lack of knowledge.
My overall experience at brookside high school was excellent. The clubs were lacking a little. I would like to see them add more college prep courses but overall my experience was fantastic.
Brookside High School is a welcoming environment filled with staff and administration that wants you to succeed. Although sports teams and arts clubs are lacking in numbers, the ones that do exist provide a safe and helpful area dedicated to growth. The school could improve academically by adding more AP and college prep programs, but the teachers are determined to do what they can with what they have. Overall the school offers a generous amount of support, safety, classes, and more to help high school students reach and exceed potential.
I liked most of the teachers here mostly because of the fact that they helped me to try and achieve my goals and dreams. What i would like to see changed is how some students get special treatment based on who their parents are.
I can already tell that I'm going to have a mediocre 4 years. Right away, the "new" building is already leaking and has been for awhile. Computer program is okay, but it can be built upon. Clubs sound great, but you have to pre-register at the end of the 2nd semester and that is if you know how to register. There are no signs on what is even available. Sports programs are decent, other than football. People pay for the game just for 2/3 of them to leave because they already witnessed the band halftime show. Teachers/staff are probably the only thing keeping the whole school together. Many of them are very open minded, positive, and understanding in their fields of work, and even elevate their jobs to make the students intrested, with a few select doing the absolute bare minimum. The thing that made me dissatisfied is that I feel like the counselors care more about a small group of students and care less about others.
Please don’t go here, the schools in the surrounding areas are so much better (Bay, Avon Lake Westlake, etc.) When they say “AP offered” they fail to mention that there are THREE AP classes to choose from. There are only bare minimum sports which are all pay-to-play. It is impossible to start a club because you have to go through the school board, which is why there are no more than 5-10 clubs to join. The teachers don’t care, there’s almost no college prep, and no ACT/SAT prep. The only good program to take advantage of is CCP, but almost every school in the area is pushing this program now. Expect to go to Cleveland State, Toledo, or Bowling Green, no one ever goes to good schools or even looks for out of state colleges.
The chemistry and English teachers are very good. The sports department seems to be lacking in qualified coaches
The teachers are great and really help their students, but I don't know what happened but as my time with Brookside went on, the students themselves are nearly unbearable. Fights are frequent and the faculty does little to help it. The most students that go to this school are such an unpleasantry that the only reason I'm surviving this school year is that I only spend three hours at Brookside before going to LCCC to take CCP courses, easily 10x the better experience than my high school career.
Loved how willing some of the teachers and administration was to help. Wish there would’ve been more school spirit while I was there!
Brookside is well organized and has a lot of staff members that care about students. Of course, any organization or school sometimes struggles to connect with students, but overall it is a nice school.
Very close and tight community. All the students got along very well and I thoroughly enjoyed participating in sports and going to school events!
Brookside is a very friendly school environment with lots of opportunities for involvement in the community and for better education. School spirit is important because it is a small school.
This school is a small school from grades 7-12 they split the middle school and the high school into two parts so the high school and the middle school do not make contact. All around the education is good the teachers try and help you pass there class and get better grades. The lunches are good and healthy
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very good school and teachers who care about the well being of the students. They never let any student be left. All kids must be involved even the special needs kids. If any problems arose they have a good staff and principal to help end the problem fairly.
The teachers at Brookside are amazing with what little they are given. The advisors at Brookside were the worst and I never felt like they were truly there for me. They constantly just seemed bored with their job and would just always recommend going to our vocational school even if you wren't interested.
I love how Brookside high school is such a close school. I've made so many memories the past 4 years and still have more to come. The teachers and staff are so amazing and excell to show that they care about their students.
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