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I like my school very much. I like that I can meet and talk with my teachers easliy at any time. I like the fact that my school is small because everyone is friendly and welcoming. Because we're a very small school, we have a lot of community times that bring us closer together. I love the classes I've taken in high school but , I wish there was more of a choice on classes. What I like most about my school is that everyone is able to be themselves and Express that in any way they feel. My school allows us to be creative and show that creativity in any form we wish.
I have been going to BFS for my entire life and I have seen a lot of change in my 16 years there. The preschool and lower school not only work on academics but instilling good morals and a rounding the kids out as people and not just students. The sad part is as I ended middle school and went into the Upper school there are problems with the administration. The student body has a strong voice in the community which is good, but it sometimes clashes with the administration. In my highschool career I have experienced two major protests by the students leading to classes cancelled and teacher conflict. The Upper school has many positives including education, service learning, trips, and outside opportunities. I have been able to make meaningful connections with students and faculty alike.
I had excellent teachers and enjoyed my time there. However, the extracurricular offerings could have been more well developed and there are issues with racial relations.
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I've been attending Brooklyn Friends School for many years. It is a great institution that covers many aspects incredibly well. I really like the IB program; it is a phenomenal one and it prepares students for college.
BFS has provided our two kids an incredible home both academically and socially. Our older daughter has not only become an excellent scholar who's been taught to think analytically and creatively, but who's learned how to see the world with clarity as far as privilege around race and class, how to negotiate conflict, and how to take action to make her world a better place with both burning passion and peaceful compassion. Our younger child, who isn't as academically motivated and learns more kinetically, has also been embraced and supported. There's a good balance of academics and core values, and service to community is emphasized. There's great diversity in the student body and in the teaching staff and administration. With diversity comes challenges and often misunderstanding, and the school has faced these challenges head-on, not always with perfection but with commitment, passion, and consistent effort. We love BFS and feel lucky to have found it.
I've been going to Brooklyn Friends School for over eight years. It is a great place to send your children so they can mature from babies to responsible young adults. Their high school IB curriculum is wonderful for college and they will prepare you amazingly well for college.
The school has a great mission statement and ideas we can all get behind - equity, inclusion and seeing the divine light in everyone. Sadly the implementation is sorely lacking. Revolving door of adminstatrators and a head of school completely disengaged from what is happening on the ground = disaster for students.
I have attended Brooklyn Friends School since I was in pre-school at the age of 2 1/2 yrs old. I'm what we call a 'lifer'. This is a Quaker school which has strong emphasis on community and non-violent conflict resolution.
Brooklyn Friends School has offered me an experience I will live on with that was a rocky road full of many ups and downs. The institution itself is great, the upper school building is modern and is a very nice space to learn in. There are many opportunities to take advantage of at BFS as a particular aim of the school is it’s service and out reach to the community and those in need to create a more equitable society. A lot of the teachers are great and are happy and willing to help students with their work. However, unfortunately there have been many times I have not felt supported at this school and feel as though they don’t want me to succeed. However I use this as my motivation to be the best I can be. The academics at this school are great I know I have learned many skills that I am grateful for. The school offers the IB program which is great. However, it is somewhat unorganized and gets hectic throughout the year.
I went to BFS from Kindergarten to Middle school and I liked it for the most part. I didn't think that it had a strong enough math curriculum and focused heavily on English and History.

Generally, students are inclusive but as you get older, people start making friend groups and being more exclusive. If you don't fit into what is considered "normal" or "cute", then students may leave you out of parties and get-togethers.

The food in the cafeteria is pretty good but sometimes repetitive. There's usually pizza every Friday and on Monday the lunch is meatless.

There's not a lot of diversity in the middle school. The students are mostly white with some black students and barely any Asian students.

We get a lot of good opportunities and every year we go on an overnight trip. (5th: Upstate NY, 6th: Upstate NY, 7th: Philadelphia, 8th: Cape Cod.)
Brooklyn Friends School is a warm enoviroment that offers a tremendous amount of activites and sports for their students. They encourage their students to join a sport every season or create a club of their interest. The education there encourages students to think deeply instead of being test taker ready. They offer IB programs and the teachers love it when you come to them for help.
As a student here, I'll have to give this school an overall poor rating because of teachers who want to be your "friend", poor sports, Quaker Meeting, and much more. A thing I'll have to add is that even though the deans encourage diversity, the majority of students and teachers are white (even me). Another thing I'll add is the administration. The deans are so one-sided and only see one side of the problem they are facing. The only good thing I have to say about the school is the academics.
Brooklyn Friends is one of the most diverse private schools in NYC. The teachers make it not only their job, but their goal to make sure that all students are safe and feel welcomed in the community. Brooklyn Friends is a Quaker School, and even though not all the students in the school are practicing Quakers, but the school makes sure that students are aware of the Quaker history. At a young age, this school instills values like simplicity, peace, integrity, community, and service in the lives of all its students. The teachers at the school make sure that every student is able to achieve their personal goals and that the light that everyone has inside is seen.
I loved it. I have been going for seven years and It made me who I am today, a concious and understanding student.
My daughter has attended BFS since 1st grade and she has loved her experience their both social and academic
I love brooklyn friends. It isn't a perfect school but any student would be lucky to have the opportunity to attend this school.
This review is about the 2s program at the Family Center. I cannot say enough positive things about our experience here under the outstanding leadership of Sara Soll. Our daughter had the most warm, loving and truly magical first school experience we could have ever wished for her! Her teachers are some of the kindest and most genuine educators I have ever met. The school is impeccably managed and I always knew my child was in safe care when she was at the Family Center. There is great diversity, a lovely and accepting parent community and lots of opportunities to get involved. As a parent who visited many 2s programs and who was VERY anxious about my child's school experience, I highly recommend the Family Center as the place that put all my worries to rest.
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Open minded but also forces a diversity mindset, which is not reflected in the student body. Majority of students come from Upper to upper middle class families and majority are white, not reflecting the diversity of the schools neighborhood or faculty.
Good from Family Center through 12th grade. Great Teachers, try to not get pulled into tutoring extra, will cost a fortune. Make sure your child gets all the teaching they need from the actual teachers at school. Should not need more outside.Be careful to watch for tracking of students. Get extra teacher help if needed.
I liked the community, it was great. Had some small issues with teachers and administration but overall a great experience!
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