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There are many non-traditional elective options that are available to students. You can enroll in classes such as baking, tv production, photography, forensic science etc. The curriculum is challenging in honors and AP levels. The campus is large and growing. They are currently expanding the school and modernizing it. Most of the teachers are excellent educators and care about the students. There is a real effort to assist students that fall behind or need a little more guidance. Additionally, the school offers resources for students that need extra help such as math and reading labs before and after school. These are staffed with tutors and teachers to provide hands on learning. Another great aspect of the high school is parent involvement. There is a PTO organization that raises a lot of money to fill any gaps in funding the school has. They provide many items to the school that would not otherwise be available. Overall it is a great place.
I enjoyed my experience here, but I'm also ready to leave. I definitely did not enjoy the School Committee's management of our school system, but overall I had a good high school career.
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The quality of the teachers totally depends on who you get, some are terrible and others are great. The school is a complete pressure cooker, but overall not horrible. The administration is a bit... all over the place. We made national news for inefficiency as a district.
There are many clubs and activities, so it's pretty easy to find new friends and hang out with others.
Great teachers, community can either be great or sometimes two dimensional. Perfect amount of students and very supportive staff. Great athletics.
Brookline High School is filled with lots of diversity when it comes to creativity and intelligence, The teachers are by far the best that any public school could have, and the community is brought together by people who think outside of the box. at Brookline high school, you can find that electives are amazing and the wide variety of classes from standard to advanced are awesome. The school brings together 7 languages that you can study, and they also have many sports that wouldn't be expected in a public school. The Brookline community cares about education and work hard to keep up with the standards of college readiness and standardized testing, such as SAT/ACT. The teachers are excellent at engaging with the students and provide the tools that we need when we need them.
I found the classes much more interesting and challenging than I had expected. The teachers are both tough but work with you, which is a good combination.
It's a great school. They have overall excellent teachers and thoroughly challenging academics. They do not have the most successfully competitive sports teams, but BHS offers a wider variety of sports options than many other schools in the state. I can't imagine many schools have a curling team. There is a wide variety of student clubs as well, with time in the schedule each week to partake in them. Administration has had some issues lately, but it does listen to the opinions of students and parents. BHS has an excellent theatre program, as well as music, and offers phenomenal facilities for Visual Arts and Digital production. It is often a very welcoming space for different students, with gender neutral bathrooms on each floor, alliances, and safe spaces for different students. Overall, it is a pretty great school relative to others around.
Academically I was challenged, and there are always options to extend learning. There were tutor centers and many other ways to get academic help, as well as social & mental health aid. Sometimes it was difficult to find help, but when you look, there is always an open door. There are extensive resources, as Brookline's PTO heavily funds the school's needs. Brookline is part of Boston's METCO system, allowing bussing students from inner city neighborhoods to BHS, creating a more diverse environment. However, the population is still mainly white.

Specifically I'd like to highlight BHS's many smaller community based programs; ACE, SWS, and Winthrop House. In SWS, the teachers there create a home, a place to be comfortable and vulnerable with both new and old ideas within the community.

The culture at BHS is mixed, but one concept that is heavily enforced on students is being college bound, specifically the "rank" of each school.
BHS is a wonderful environment with top-notch education and student drive. The teachers are very motivated and eager to help students during office hours. The AP curriculum is also very good and fueled by a true desire to learn among the students.
Overall I had a good experience at Brookline High School. It was challenging but provided me with support for my growth and times of trouble. The school provides freedom and expects responsibility which for most students is a helpful lesson for life.
Brookline High School has many wonderful opportunities for students to thrive and study individually. The community and culture at the school is amazing, with many clubs and activities to offer that would interest anyone!
I think overall brookline high school is a great school. I think the teachers are really good at teaching for the most part and all really friendly and want to help you. I also think that we are given some really great opportunities by going to Brookline High School if you have interests beyond just surface level stuff. I think talking to guidance counsellors could be more accessible though. I brought my own lunch but I have heard people complain about the food.I know the school means well, but sometimes there are too many extraneous mandatory assemblies and mindfulness sessions that are dedicated to specific causes that can take up a lot of time. This can be stressful as it takes away necessary time from studying and doing work for the classes that follow.
Great teachers and staff. I learned a lot from my time at Brookline High and am grateful that I got the chance to attend such a great school. I still stay in contact with the friends I made there, and I can't wait to visit them and the school again in the future!
At Brookline High, I appreciate the overall sense of unity, the curiculum, and the friends I was able to make. I value that everyone seems to have a place. However, during my time at BHS, I experienced issues regarding disrespect from some students and staff, and these issues were never really resolved.
Brookline High School is a pretty large high school with many different academic opportunities. This school really is what you make it, like most faculty there say. There are two levels of every class, and some have three or four. The most difficult part about that though is that there is a large gap between the standard and honors classes. Other than that though, I really have enjoyed my experience at Brookline High School. They have a relatively strong performing arts program and a very diverse range of classes for those specialties. Personally, I have enjoyed their photography and ceramics classes the most, but they also have many cooking, engineering and arts electives. There are also a lot of emotional and academic support systems in place for any student that wants it, but you have to be assertive to access them.
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I love how diverse the school is in terms of racial ethnicity and most of the teachers and classes are great.
Great environment. No lack of opportunities. And a staff that cares about its students. There is never a lack for resources, and the culture is both diverse and accepting. While not perfect, BHS is one of the best public schools in Massachusetts.
bhs is a good school. it all depends on which classes you take and what teachers you get. i joined sws as a senior, which was the best thing i could've done this year! huge achievement gap, super difficult to switch between honors + advanced math. but overall, good atmosphere, and the school makes an effort to address issues concerning race + sexuality + etc
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