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Brookland-Cayce Senior High School Reviews

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I love the teachers here. They are friendly, willing to help, and create an environment where students feel comfortable and welcome. The campus is pretty as well, but it could definitely be better maintained.
BCHS is good school with passionate teachers who care about the success of their students. I enjoyed my time at BCHS and was able to balance my time there between my academics and interests, in terms of choosing classes. However, the school tends to favor the Athletic programs over the Arts in funding.
it was good but the bathrooms smell awful. the administration is helpful and hardworking. the teachers typically do a great job and help out. the parking lots for student parking are okay, however, the buses leave through the same exit so if you get stuck behind them, it adds about 10 minutes to your exit which is frustrating.
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During my time at Brookland-Cayce, I had multiple problems trying to keep grades up. Teachers would not put grades incorrectly. When I asked for help I would not get it. The staff wants you to get "involved" but the clubs are not interesting and the same people are in charge every year. I tried to start my own club with a friend and was ignored time and time again.
I would like to see the attitude towards school spirit change. Many students feel as if it's lame to participate and want to make the school a better place. Once participation increases, the overall atmosphere of the high-school will change for the better by becoming a positive, welcoming space.
I had a very good experience. Something that I would like to see changed is the amount of activities and the availability for students to participate in them to increase. Other than that the teachers and student are very nice and I feel like it is a safe learning enviroment.
My first year was hard but being a freshmen is always hard. The teachers have different teaching methods that really help and if you need help guidance tries to help.
I would like to see more involvement from parents and teachers at our school. We have a lot of students who need the extra help and support.
Brookland Cayce is a nice school. There are great facilities to be around. There football team had made it to the district championship for the past 3 years which was a big accomplishment. The teachers nice and helpful.
The school is nice, but I enjoy the school for what it is. The academics are good and I enjoy all the teachers I have.
For the most part the school seems to be getting better, but there still is a shortage of teachers with having teachers with degrees not in the field they are teaching. I had a math teacher who had a degree in physical education. Every year scheduling has been off but now they seem to be fixing it to be better.
I would the administration to be more concerned about our saftey. There was a threat of the school shooting yet no one notified my mother.
I loved the interaction between teacher and students. It was to get involved on campus and love the different clubs and activities the school provided.
It was a good four years of high school. I enjoyed the academics, the clubs, and the teachers to lead me in the right direction. From freshman year, to graduation day, I strove to success.
The school is not the cleanest or safest. I would like to see it get more organized and provide better education.
My year at Brookland Cayce high school was extremely stressful. I feel as though they did not prepare us enough for college. The teachers kind of just gave us information and never taught or elaborated on it. I would like to see more teachers who actually care about teaching the students to make them a better person so that they can excel in college.
I loved BC because it was small, we didn't have near as many students compared to other schools. The football student section was always great and it was a time when everyone came together to support their school. I wish they would have offered more college prep courses other than just AP classes. I feel as if I wasn't as prepared as I should have been for college. The administration could have also been better. The teachers were nice.
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during my time at Brookland-Cayce I felt like a key part of the school because of the small number of students and family-like atmosphere. however, the teachers did not prepare me enough for college and the administration fell short when students needed to be disciplined.
Brookland-Cayce is a wonderful school that establishes a sense of community between teachers and students that lasts for years. However, due to the fact that it has been around for many years, there are some updates needed, especially in the student restrooms.
Brookland-Cayce Highschool is an old school with plenty of history and reputation. The surrounding area is filled with hundreds and thousands of parents, grandparents, great grandparents and even great great grandparents who have attended and graduated from the almost 90 year old school. Brookland Cayce attendants have many clubs that they can participate in, and many choices in electives and arts. The Marching Band has the second most national Championships of any band in South Carolina, a very successful football team in the past 3 seasons, brand new Basketball Arena that College Basketball teams such as Duke have already used to practice in, and renovations everywhere including a new Theater, CATE building, and a newly opened innovation center that offers everything from firefighting and welding to culinary and cosmetology. Brookland Cayce has a diverse population, and just over 1000 students. Overall a great school.
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