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I love my High school experience, i just wish it had more for us to do. The resources for extra curricular activities and college readiness is poor.
Bronx Theatre High School is filled with students that love arts and theatre. The teachers are amazing and that supports every student's future. I am so proud graduating from a high school that has supported through my ups and downs without difficulty
According to my experience at bronx theatre high school its great but sometimes is the students on how they create bronx theatre .But in my experience thanks to bronx theatre i'm in clubs i'm getting a lot of help so far in my senior year while applying to college.It's where you can be yourself and very supported and welcoming .
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Bronx theatre has a state of the art acting program giving both novices and professionals a chance to act and perform in front of their peers. Everybody has the chance to learn about the arts, from costume design to stage management. In terms of academics in Bronx Theatre, the teachers are phenomenal. Their demeanor is always enthusiastic and caring. They always try to push students beyond their limits, offering an amazing learning experience. Some even sacrifice their private life to make sure students receive the help they need afterschool such as tutoring. The only con of the school is its sanitation. The janitors do an amazing job of cleaning the bathrooms. Unfortunately, some students use their free time to destroy the bathroom routinely, ruining the janitor's hard work. Overall the school is perfect for those looking for a diverse school that offers an outstanding acting program. Just beware of the bathrooms
The school overall showed me how to be more diverse and optimistic, I’ve definitely changed my attitude toward people who were different. One thing that should be changed is how kids credits and grades are handled
This school has much potential to be great. But as of now, it's a no from me. As a senior, I feel as though the school became worse as time progressed. The principal is barely at par and many staff are pulling others weight when they shouldn't have to. In terms of academics, it's quite average and some AP courses are given here and there. There are a handful of amazing teachers but there's also a handful of bad apples. This school is what you make it. As a senior, I can definitely say I've made some great memories in which I'll never forget.
As this is now my fourth year in this school, I can wholesomely say that this school I wish teachers tried more to connect with students and be more encouraging. Despite this, I do love the idea behind the school, being connected to theater. As a freshman I felt so connected to theater and performing but now as a senior I feel we've lost the school spirit completely. I also believe this school would've been more successful if we didn't reside in the campus we are in. I know I am just spitting out cons for this school but i'm just being honest with my experiences.
My experiance in Bronx Theatre High School had made me become more open to different people and on an academic scale the school has brilliant teachers who helped me better understand the material.
The school is very open and welcoming to students of all preferences. With staff always at hand ready to assist those in need, whether it is with tutoring durning lunch, before school or even after school. To also being there when a student is struggling and just need a helping hand. quickly becoming not just a teacher or staff but family. Bronx theatre is home away from home for many students.
I really enjoyed the years that I have attended in my school. The academic program at Bronx Theatre High School accommodate the intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of creative high school students. the acadmics offered inclueded AP/Honors classes the school also provide students with a dynamic learning environment where respect is mutual, ideas are shared and learning is not limited to the classroom. also we had thearter programs like dance, set design, proformance and coustom design. Since my school is a theatre school they offer many electives that involve theatre; for example: acting, costume and set design and behind the scene jobs. They offer many ap classes like english,spanish and are thinking of doing an ap chemistry class next year. Some ap classes require an application that is fair. Although the workload for the ap classes can be intense, regular classes seem moderately average.
There are many extracurricular activities in my campus.
I really enjoyed the years that I have attended in my school. But I do not know if I would go back because the lower classmen in that school are very rude to other students and the staff. The only thing I really enjoyed about my school are the performances I was able to participate in.
The teachers at my school are pretty cool but at times they ignore the students that mostly need help and stay focused on the students who do the work the best.
my overall experience with this school so far has been and. i dont feel safe, the fire alarm is rang everyday, the security guards can careless what we do, they are very rude, and the teachers dont motivate you.
all the students in my school are not safe the unarmed security guards dont care about any students. they are every rude and they only care about getting their pay check and thats it.
most students dont care about culture or diversity.
not alot of students join sports or other activites because they are busy or just dont feel like it.
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Opportunity is vast for all students to participate
The school that I attend is pretty safe because we have security guards and school aids on every floor.
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