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The thing that i liked about Broadmoor was that the teachers made the work challenging instead of being easy. But what i want to see change is the performance from the band.
I like how the teachers, even if i didn’t take them, are so helpful. Our principle really listens and understands.
It fun and you actually learn something . The teachers are comforting and not lazy , they help you pass your classes only if you want the help. We do fun activities and the principal is very very very cool .
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Being at Broadmoor High School since freshman year it has improved and I think since the school has a new principal it has been a better because we not only learn but they have fun at the same time. No one like school but students that need an education need to go and then they’ll be like this person was right.
The school is cool. It has a lot of diversity. The teachers are very helpful. The teachers will stay after school with you to help.
I enjoy our block schedule & mostly the school spirit we all share when it comes to supporting our athletes & social clubs!
Everything was perfect. The children there was well behaved and that was actually wanting to learn and was trying to learn
Broadmoor is a very diverse school but I feel like that's all they have going for them. This school is very unorganized and they don't plan much until a few days before school begins. The high school does have a good sports program from what I can tell but most other things are lacking. They do not do after-school clubs anymore and they now only have one art course, which doesn't allow much freedom for those who plan on going to an art university.
going to broadmoor was different. i got the chance to meet new people and make friends for life. the teachers are great and there are after-school activities available.
My experience at Broadmoor High school was better my senior year because I joined yearbook and I enjoy taking pictures of all of the school events. The teachers at Broadmoor only want the best for their students and are willing to talk to you if you need them. The only thing I wish were different about Broadmoor is that their facilities need upgrading. Broadmoor opened up in 1960 and has a rich historical background to it, but some improvements to buildings can be made.
This school was honestly a well balanced learning environment . the campus was very diverse and school spirit was rampant .
Broadmoor has changed a lot since I graduated in 1983. My daughter attends school there now and things are very different. Teachers don't teach because students don't respect the teachers. Students are out of control, rules and guidelines are out of control. Uniform policies for a public school are ridiculous. Only one store where you can purchase over priced shirts. I thought this was a public school, not a private school. I expect more for my time and money. You want all these special shirts and fees, then tell the teachers and rest of the faculty to get with the flow or get out.
Broadmoor was a great school I meet a lot of different people and the experience was great. They are very strict. The teachers are awesome and are always there if you need them.
My experience at broadmoor high school had honestly been the best. This 2017-2018 school yea I'm a junior so I'm ready to learn and hit the books more then ever my favorite thing about broadmoor is the fantastic JROTC program I love my sergeants and my colonel I feel like jrotc shows me how to become a leader jrotc showed me how to be a better citizen and I also became a leader this school year I'm hoping to be on the unarmed drill team and I know there is a lot of learning to come! My sophomore year I love my English ll honors class with my favorite teacher ever mrs Nelson and I also loved biology l honors it was a small class but we learned and had fun! Broadmoor isn't always about learning we sometimes have fun activities but when it's time to hit the books teachers are strict but they give us breaks here and there.
I just how short staffed the front office is. EVERYTIME you go into that office there are more kids in there than in class. Then sometimes when school start over your children are not even registered there anymore and you know nothing about it.
Broadmoor Senior High School is not the best school but it is also not the worst school. What makes the school bad are the students. However, the school administrative is currently working on bettering the school and making sure that all if their students graduate and have a good future after high school. I feel that it is a good thing that the school is being worked on but, I don't feel that the right things are being changed. For example, the dress code is being constantly changed every year as if it were going to change the attitudes of the students. More should be focused on new ways to get students to be interested in getting meaningful careers.
In all school, I feel the students make the school. And the parents make the students. Well at broadmoor our students teachers and parents put in zero effort and it shows in our over all school performance.
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I think the school is safe. There is always at least one police officer on campus in case anything happens and a full health clinic with certified nurses from Our Lady of the Lake.
The after school activities are mostly for cheerleaders, dancers, or athletes. At least once a week the clubs meet after school to discuss upcoming events.
Throughout my four years being here the school has always been fun in one way or another. It was either the students coming up with fun things to do or the staff. What makes this school unique is that it has a principle who makes it his job to know what students are doing and which ones need extra help in certain subjects. He also cares for each student as if they are his own and he never stop pushing them to do their best. So they know if no one else is there for them he is.
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