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Broaddus High School Reviews

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Broaddus is a tiny school located in deep east Texas. Broaddus is an incredible school if you are an athlete, however they struggle academically. However, the atmosphere created by the students, teachers, and staff is incredible! Everybody here is truly like family.
Considering it is a small school it is a good school.. Yes I have to do some things on my own because of it not having a lot of money to work with... But all in all, it is a good school...
For the size and funds it is great!!!!
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All the teachers that my student has had have all be very helpful and work very well my student and me if I have a problem..
We have a very safe school in all areas...
It is a small school in a very small town were everyone knows your name... It is a very good school considering the funds that they have to use for education...
There has not been any bullying. We are very safe 99% of the time, not 100% because you never know. There are no on school police or anything like that but we are a small school so we never have anything to worry about.
In my option, I don't really care for the school because the atmosphere is not the best at times. Only about three teachers that I have really do care about our education and want us to succeed in life.
Most of the teacher actually do care about us students. Like our Ag Math teacher and our English 4 teacher.
They are ok. Not the best in the world though. There could be more of a variety.
I love this school. The only problem is the students. They could at least try in their schoolwork. The teachers try so hard to get the kids to care, but they want.
The Teachers of Broaddus High School are extremely nice and genuinely want their students to become great minds in their generation.
its a small school so it cant offer a whole lot.
I would do it all over again for the personal connections and how close everyone is.
The teachers honestly care about our futures.
At Broaddus High School they aren't lying when they say we strive for excellence. The teachers at the school are always nice and they will do anything for any student. Is a child is struggling academically they will make extra time for that student to make sure they have the proper help that they need. Also the teachers are always coming up with new ways to educate us, just to make sure we are learning in a fun educational way. I would say attending Broaddus High School is on of the best schools anyone could attend.
The school has some excellent sources. The guidance counselor is very good most of the time. The school is over very excellent!
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