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Brick Township Memorial High School Reviews

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During the four years I spent at Brick Memorial, I would rate my experience as average to very good. The social and academic stance of Brick Memorial is on the relatively positive side and gives vast opportunities for those who attempt to achieve them. The after school activities and the ability to create clubs allow multiple opportunities to develop social relationships with people who have similar interests. The teaching staff is relatively positive with a diverse range of teaching techniques fit for anyone. The main downfall Brick Memorial lacks is the college readiness and preparation on the staff side. While there is an attempt made to help students, the system itself is flawed based on the number of students going to college in comparison with the available staff. Despite that fact, the school itself is a good high school experience with valuable lessons and good opportunities for everyone that attends.
I love the passionate school spirit and sense of family at this high school. The staff try their hardest to do the best for their students, as well as guide them to what they want to do in their future.
I like the schools Pride. Teachers are invested in their students success.
Would like to see more consistency with a guidance counselor.
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Administration is too easy on students, allows them to get away with things that they should be disciplined for. This leads to entitlement later in life.

Education is not focused on, sports and extracurricular activites are forced more.
It’s a great school when you are taking the right classes and getting the right teachers!! I took only honors and ap classes and had an amazing experience!
It’s ok at the least. There’s one or two gangs and the teachers act like they’re oblivious. There are some teachers who are amazing though and as an honors student, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to go on to Ivy League
I hope within the coming years that the school culture with academic integrity betters. I wish for students to be more motivated to learn because the teachers there are absolutely phenomenal.
Brick Memorial High School is a fantastic academic school with plenty of clubs for all students. The teachers and administrators are extremely supportive and helpful for any circumstances. However, the one thing about the school that needs to change is the respect for and within the school. The students lack respect, leading to issues such as vaping in the halls and bathrooms. Overall, this school is spectacular for academics.
I am a recent graduate of Brick Memorial. Overall, I had a great experience here because of the student I was. I pushed myself to be out going and to challenge myself and therefore I took more preparatory classes. I was involved in many clubs and sports such as PALS, Key Club, softball, and soccer. I had teachers who cared tremendously about me, and not just about my grades. If I had the choice to attend any high school, I would definitely choose BMHS again.
I had a wonderful experience at Brick Memorial high-school. I had some of the most wonderful teachers. The faculty and administration truly cared about the students and their academic performance. As a high level AP student I was well prepared for the rigors of academia on the college level. One teacher that stands out to me is my AP Chemistry teacher at Brick Memorial High School. She made science enjoyable and lead me in the direction of being physician assistant. She also helped us present an AP chemistry show that showed the younger students in our district about the fun science has to offer. Upon graduation fro Brick Memorial High School I enrolled at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Adjusting to city live has been challenging. Adapting to a new life and carrying a difficult science curriculum has been invigorating. I look forward to completing the balancing act and attending graduate school to pursue a medicine as a physicians assistant.
This school has many positive traits to its name. For example, it has a fantastic school spirit, inspirational teachers that always put the student first, material second, and also an immensely helpful guidance department. However, like all schools, this one has its negative traits as well. For example, college preparation. This has a lot of problems. For example, I am in a CP Calculus class this semester, and I compared my class to a college level Calc course, and we wouldn't even learn half of the stuff one would learn in a college level calc course. Also, the anti-bullying department. Say if one was falsely accused of something (as I was), that person would be considered guilty until proven innocent.
BTMHS was an okay school but there were not many opportunities for higher level classes. Most teachers were mediocre but some were passionate about their field and made class exciting, which was mostly science teachers. If I did not take AP courses during my time there, I would have felt unprepared for college. The guidance department was terrible and never helped me with college admissions. There were also not many clubs that interested me.
As a student, I have enjoyed my years here at Brick Memorial High School (BMHS). I came into this large public high school from a small private one and I found my groove right away. With all clubs and organizations offered, there is something for everyone whether it be golf or even Bible club and everything in between. The teachers truly reflect all that one would want them to... They are always there for their students no matter what. With a great range of many classes offered, students are really able to enroll in classes which interest them... Classes that will later her direct a direction for career.
A list of scholarship opportunities on suggested writing a review of my school so that I could be entered to win $1,000. OCC wasn't available when I searched for it, so here we are.
BM is your average public high school. People called things "beat" a lot when I was there and that was annoying. My experience was bad because I was mentally checked out about 1/3 of the way through my junior year; I honestly don't even remember most of it. I do recommend joining a sport or club or Spanish/French/Italian honor society because you'll probably make some friends and you might get to go on a trip to Florida or Canada or Europe.
Brick is a great place to go, the teachers are the best. The athletic environment is very encouraged. The studies are excellent. It is a very welcoming and friendly place. You can have so many connections with the school. Including relationships with friends, teachers, principles, coaches, almost anyone.
I enjoyed the teachers and how some of them taught here. The students in the school are various types and are very clique-y.
My experience at Brick Township Memorial has been far from normal, it has been amazing! From the staff and teachers going out of their way and beyond to help students with class work and personal situations, to most importantly teaching the students skills and lesson that are needed for future endeavors.
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Everyone was always so kind and willing to help with anything. I was involved in sports and clubs and met many new friends through them. I had trouble in math quite often and my teachers were always willing to help me get through it. Brick Memorial High School helped me prepare for college and now I can't wait to be a nurse one day.
I love Brick Memorial, so diverse and so many good memories. The academics here are pretty good and all the teachers are so involved to better our education. At Brick Memorial we have a lot of school pride.
Brick memorial has very good school spirt and teachers are always there to help you but the food sucks. The academics depend on what teacher and the level of class you are taking, honors and CP are very different. The classes can sometimes be hard but if you work hard the teachers recognize that and will be there to help you. Make sure to get involved in many clubs because we have great options that will really help you to meet new people and get involved in the community.
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