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Briarhill Middle School Reviews

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Briarhill Middle School is a great school. I loved going there when I lived in Texas. I had moved to Texas about two years before I started middle school. And when I was starting middle school, I had no friends because all the other kids from elementary school went to a different middle school. But everyone was so friendly and helpful. And I enjoyed going there.
Briarhill was very safe when I was there from 2009-2012. Nothing worth mentioning.
Clubs and organizations are good, a lot is based on athletics, but there are many opportunities for extracurriculars outside of that.
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Briarhill fully prepared me for the academic rigor of high school, and most of the people I know who went to Downing and Lamar struggled with the transition. Although middle school is an unpleasant experience simply because of puberty and adolescence, Briarhill wasn't bad at all.
Teachers are caring and do a very good job.
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