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Briarcliff High School Reviews

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A very welcoming school, lots of resources in terms of technology and facilities. The academics are very diverse and inclusive, and there are a multitude of AP and honors/college options. The science research program offers a lot of opportunities to explore many different fields and interact with active professionals intellectually and in the field. The guidance counselors are very helpful and supportive, and there are many accommodations available to those who need them, like the designated testing center.
Great academic competitiveness, great athletics, great arts. Everyone is very welcoming to whoever you are regardless of background. If you are looking to transfer in, your will 100% make close friends at this school. Overall fantastic school and environment.
Briarcliff is extremely accepting, they challenge you but also support you not only academically but also with your passion, whatever that may be. Briarcliff has tons of clubs, activities and ways to get involved in the school, they have many ways to get to know people and make friends. Everyone there is super nice and will help you. At Briarcliff, they are a family that is always looking for new members, they understand that people are different in many ways and accept you for who you are. Academics and Sports and The Arts are important to Briarcliff allowing students to find themselves and do what they love. Students are welcomed to stay after school to do homework, meet with teachers, play sports, do the fall drama or spring musical and enjoy every part of high school. Everyone has a place at Briarcliff High School and a chance to excel in life and have a future.
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Great community to grow up in and learn from. Academics prepared me for college. The small school size allows for a large number of students to get leadership experience.
The teachers at Briarcliff are amazing. The english, history, and science departments are incredibly strong.
I really enjoy the facilities in this high school and the support structure that the teachers provide for the students. There are also great clubs/after school activities to pursue but the atmosphere is too competitive and the is little to no diversity in this high school. A good proportion of kids in this high are very stuck up and have large sense of entitlement. This school tends to often be in its own bubble since people in this high school know very little about the real world
The teachers and classes are hard, but prepare you for college. The school offers a great number of resources compared to other schools in the area. There are plenty of clubs and sports to participate in. Briarcliff is really good in certain sports, and terrible in others. Our soccer, basketball, and lacrosse programs are fantastic and the most popular (good in individual sports like swimming and tennis as well). The facilities and food at the school are mediocre. Briarcliff definitely is lacking in diversity and school spirit. The school is in what many call the "Briarcliff Bubble", because the vast majority of the kids have grown up in the town all their life and do not understand how different the real world is.
-High School Junior

-Students have a wide variety of classes to pursue.
-Teachers are usually nice and care about you.
-Clubs are varied but may not be worthwhile.
-School culture is strong, especially in sports
-Sports have excellent coaches and facilities
-Resources are great for the most part. Our new MacBook Pros allows us to do more than ever.
-Parent Involvement in sports, clubs, and administration is noticeable and strong.
-Diversity is alright with most people being Caucasian and then Asian, Latino, African-American, and Other in that order of commonality. (My opinion)
-College Readiness appears to be strong with many going to good colleges
-Safety is good
-Administration appears to be good
-Food is mostly good quality
-Facilities are very good including classrooms, bathrooms, and athletics

Unfortunately, Briarcliff doesn't seem to do much to help students that don't have the mental drive for academics or take a long time to complete tests.
The high school is a high performing school for its intense sense of competitiveness and offers different opportunities and experiences to even the newest students. Its student body is overall fun and energetic. As for teachers and faculty, they all are great people once you get to know them and are actively helping students whenever possible. If you are a student looking for a challenge, this place is a perfect fit. However, you may need to help yourself when it comes to joining clubs as there isn't the grandest spectrum of subjects for extracurricular activities. As well as that, Briarcliff places the student in a strong role to guide themselves to reach out for help, find out information about colleges or courses, and even look for scholarships. Upon entering the high school, you think you know it all, but once you graduate, you know really understand how much more you should learn once you're off to college!
Overall, a good school with a lot of support structure. Your experience is what you make out of it. While Briarcliff can very challenging socially, it has a great emphasis on academics to make up for it.
It is one of the top 50 schools in New York, and I can guarantee that if you are a student that loves to explore their limits you will enjoy the school. The school has made me college ready and I feel I will be succesfull when I go to college.
I liked my experience at Briarcliff High School. I had amazingly intelligent and helpful teachers at my disposal, as well as lots of resources in the library and on computers. The Intel science program was especially crucial. However, I wish I had more college readiness once graduating.
Family like community. Small sized public school. Therefore, everyone knew each other. Challenging academic courses offered.
Ive never felt like my health was at risk here
There are lots of activities to participate in
Many students are involved in many activities so there is a lot of shared great ideas all over
The teachers are for the most part very dedicated to their students and helping them succeed
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Many of the teachers are passionate about what they teach and had very impressive jobs before they came to work at the school. Teachers have great relationships with students
Students and faculty are not welcoming.
The teachers at Briarcliff High School need more training and do not know how to welcome new students.
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