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Brentsville District High School Reviews

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I have been attending Brentsville District High School since my freshman year. Overall I have had a good experience, however, the school lacks adequate funding and resources to give students a high quality experience. Bathrooms and AC are low quality, and sports teams do not receive much funding.
The people are very nice and most teachers care about the students. Our music and theatre programs a very good, math not so much. I wish our reputation was better. We have a reputation for being racist, but it’s really not that big of an issue. There is some racism though, but it’s getting better.
The AICE classes are generally pretty great education wise and prepare you for college. My college classes are much easier than my AICE classes. However, they do not count for college credit which is difficult. The teachers are amazing as well, the school facility is not.
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So far, it has been a relatively good experience. It would be great if we had ore fund raising opportunities to increase our funds for specific areas in the school, such as sports.
The school itself is nothing to write home about, but the students that make up the school were what really made it a better than average place.
A very small central community based school where everyone knows each other. Teachers are laid back and caring, everyone in the community supports each other. I greatly enjoyed my time with the teachers and my classmates. I've created moments ill never forget. i was glad to be apart of such a community based school.
Advanced classes were great and so were the teachers! Wish there was something in between the regular classes and the AICE an Honors class. Such a big difference between the regular and AICE with nothing in between.
Brentsville is fairly average in the classes it offers, not better or worse than others. But it offers a bunch of clubs and allows students the chance to make the clubs they want if they don't already exist. There are several teachers who genuinely care about their students and will make an active effort to help them. The school is on the smaller side of the spectrum which has its upsides and downsides, you have the chance to be apart of a community but there isn't really an escape from everyone.
I liked the atmosphere. Everyone felt like a family and respected, for the most part, their classmates.
BDHS was a small school with only 1,000 students and I liked it. All teachers and staff are very nice and they expect you to do work.
I experienced. Period. This school is a small school, actually the smallest in the county, but has a small town flair. Everybody knows everybody (sadly).
Brentsville is probably 95% white and ignorant to say the least. The amount of people that are homophobic and racist is appalling. The Cambridge program is definitely a lost cause and not great if you are looking for college credit or college preparation. If you're looking to be the best somewhere, this is it because there are so few students and the school does not challenge you in terms of academics in my experience. However, because of the size of the school, it's my opinion that I have more resources and I am more involved in school because everyone knows everyone. Admin is great and most of them know me. Most of the teachers are pretty cool. Pretty safe, there hasn't been a fight... like ever... I don't know about all of them but the counselor I have is great and has guided me through college applications so well and has provided me with a multitude of resources for other stuff and issues at school. Mostly the school is meh and I can only say a limited amount of good things.
BDHS allows you to develop a close bond that you develop with your classmates, and it’s something truly special and rare. I don't know any other school that has the community tightness of the Ville. Both academically and athletically I was challenged and pushed to improve. The Cambridge program is challenging and drives you to improve your academics. Overall, I had a good experience, but heard of negative things occurring in the school.
I recently transferred to Brentsville during my Junior Year of high school. At first, I enjoyed the school due to the smaller population and high amount of school spirit. Everyone participated in spirit weeks, pep rallies, etc. and there was a high amount of involvement in after school sports, clubs, and community service. However, many teachers would play VERY OBVIOUS favorites and sometimes would not even know what they are talking about in regards to their subject. The Cambridge Program was not taken seriously and was not taught very well by teachers. Admin was not serious about punishment or rules; kids would skip all the time and nothing would be done or reported to admin. The school itself is lacking in diversity. A large majority is white and much of the student does not understand how to appreciate diversity or other cultures. Some teachers and students have tried to change the culture, however there has been push back.
I really liked the teachers, especially in the Music and English departments, but bullying was a very big issue.
Brentsville District High School has excellent academics, teachers, and extracurricular activities. College Readiness is very good at Brentsville and made my first year of college better because of the teachers and the curriculum they taught. Administration works closely with all departments in the building to ensure that every subject receives enough resources. Resources include textbooks that are up to date and lab safety equipment for hands on learning. Sports and clubs at Brentsville advocate for themselves and reach out to all students. They encourage their peers to become involved in school through their interests and there are many clubs and sports teams for everyone to find something they are interested in joining.
It is very sport oriented and students connect really well with their teachers. However, I wish it were more diverse in its social environment so as to make some students feel more comfortable while receiving an education.
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Overall, BDHS was a very good experience. My son had some great teachers and learned a lot. It prepared him for college and he had a lot of opportunities for sports.
I would like to see more diversity within the student body. Along with more prep for college level courses.
Brentsville is a very old school, however it is not taken care of. The gym's AC rarely works and pipes constantly burst. The staff doesn't seem to care too much about maintaining the building, while brand new high school are being built in our county.
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