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I've been at Brearley for 10 years now: from kindergarten until 9th grade. So far, my experience has been incredible. The teachers at Brearley genuinely care about the students and the students are fun but hardworking and dedicated. Although the academics are quite rigorous, students are extremely well prepared for other academic adventures. The school is very understanding with the students and listens to complaints and the food is really good.
One of my favorite parts of Brearley is the welcoming and unqiue atmosphere. From the moment you first step through the door, you see girls of various backgrounds represented. As a student, I feel that everyone, despite sexual orientation/race/grades/etc. has a place in the school.
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Attending Brearley is the worst decision I have ever made. The environment is extremely toxic -- sleep is nonexistent, grades are bought, the student body is overwhelmingly white and single minded, and very few girls don't have tutors in at least three of their classes. the reputation of the school is a complete scam: the admissions office asks students to write positive reviews, and tour guides blatantly lie about the "uplifting and nurturing" environment. many of the students have an elitist point of view, believing that they are better than their peers at other NYC all girl schools for attending Brearley. it is common for students here to attend ivy league schools, and yet very few of them truly deserve their seat there: they would be no where without the countless tutors, help writing their essays, legacy, and the literal libraries that their families donate. The best advice I can give to parents and students thinking to come here is to save yourself before it is too late
I have been a parent at the school for 8 years. The Brearley School has wonderful teachers who really care about the students. The parent community is very diverse, inclusive and warm. Academics at the school are among the best in the country, and the school has recently spent a lot of time on including a well developed and researched social and emotional learning curriculum. The students at Brearley are hard working, respectful girls with good values. Generous financial aid is available at this school. Your daughters will receive a tremendous education and make life long friends.
Brearley walks the walk, and talks the talk. It is an excellent academic school with a robust music, art and sports program. The School places importance on the whole child and in creating an environment that values varied experiences of its students. The girls work hard and have fun. The relationships between students and teachers is one of mutual respect. The girls leave Brearley with the tools they need to continue learning and finding their path in life. I am grateful for my daughter's experience.
I'm in middle school now at brearley. The workload is so much that I hardly have time to do anything else. Although from the outside it seems that most students thrive at Brearley, the truth is that many struggle. I can't wait to transfer for high school and finally be able to have a life outside of studying.
I have 2 daughters at Brearley who began at kindergarten. Although becoming academically quite rigorous in middle school; the culture and warmth of the school are incomparable. Great experience so far.
My daughter began in Kindergarten and (still) loves it! She’s now in high school. It's a nurturing place for learning. The staff and faculty are incredibly supportive. They know each child. The curriculum is top-notch. There is a methodical approach to the curriculum that begins in the Lower School and continues in the Upper School. One example is in the writing program and how it evolved from Kindergarten, building on each girl’s capacity and capability, each year. Our daughter now produces papers for many courses that are well-written and well-argued! We feel that Brearley is our second home in the city. My daughter has life-long friends. Our family has also found families who will remain in our lives for a very long time.
I have been a student at Brearley for 11 years and am so happy to call it my home. Class sizes are small which allows for interactive and engaging discussions where classmates are encouraged to share diverse views and opinions, and I find this exciting and inspiring. I appreciate that my teachers take the time to discuss essays with students as we write them – sure grades count, but the focus is not about the end result as much as it is about the process of getting there: the questions, decisions and learning along the way. There is a small and expected increase of work from year to year and academics are rigorous but I have always felt prepared with the organization and study skills that we learn, and teachers are happy to work with students on challenges they are facing as well as accommodate special circumstances.
Don’t come here, just don’t do it. The administration and teachers explicitly tell students not to tell one another their grades on any test. Every test returned to a student has the paper folded over on the corner to cover the grade. Ask yourself why that is and then look at their exmissions and see which kids got into the top schools. You’ll then know why no one is allowed to share their grades. Academics are not even that great. It’s all a big hype.
I am a current student at Brearley and I literally can't wait for the day I can leave. This place is filled with students who are very rich, entitled, and toxic. Additionally, the workload is insane. Almost everyone gets less than 6 hours of sleep per night which is just not enough to function properly. The overall atmosphere is terrifying and overwhelming. If you're looking for a diverse school-- race, identity, or just opinions in general-- you have to find another one. I also heard that the administration told the tour guides at school to write good reviews on here to make Brearley become #1 so that's the main reason I'm writing a review-- to counter those fake goon ones. Please don't send your kid here if you truly care about and love them. I wish my parents could have taken me out after middle school.
I love Brearley so much. I have been here since Kindergarten, and to have grown up in this community has been a true blessing. The workload does increase as the years continue, but teachers do a wonderful job guiding students. I've always felt like my teachers want me to do my best.
I came to Brearley in second grade, having lived in London before that, and found it to be a great fit for me, seeing as I've stayed with it for 8 years and plan to until I graduate. The all-girls environment makes it very easy to focus on my studies and not care about other things like my appearance, unless I want to. The students are competitive but also encouraging and loving, pushing me to do my best and congratulating me when I obtain that. Although it is fairly socially isolated, the inter school is a great way to make friends through different events all year long, and you create life long bonds that are crucial in future careers and actions. I feel that by the time I graduate I will be completely prepared for college life and I cannot wait to begin my life outside of high school with all the tools Brearley has given me.
I started Brearley in 9th grade. I came to Brearley because the academics are excellent, the school offers a great variety of extracurriculars, and the girls are all really kind. The community is really friendly and welcoming, which is rare for such an academic school. The teachers are also really passionate and knowledgable. Brearley is an excellent school that allows girls to balance rigorous academics with amazing extracurriculars.
I have been at Brearley since Kindergarten and I really love it. The all girls environment really pushes girls to speak their minds without the fear of judgement and allows for insightful and thoughtful class discussions. As a sophmore, I think that Brearley does a great job of letting us balance extracurricular activities with our course load and also with other standardized tests outside of school. The teachers are all amazing and really care about their students and teach with unbiased opinions as to make every student feel comfortable.
My experience at Brearley has been wonderful. It has truly shaped me into the person I am today. Firstly, Brearley presented me with so many opportunities that eventually developed into passions for me. Secondly, Brearley truly helped me find my voice. Every teacher is really there to listen to the students and support them. The students are so intelligent and very interesting people.
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The primary thing that makes Brearley special is how easy it is to become friends with almost every single girl in your grade. In my grade, at least, everyone encourages each other to do their best and will always comfort each other if they are feeling down. Although it sounds cheesy, a true sisterhood is formed at Brearley, and I am confident that I will remain friends with everyone I've met at this school for the rest of my life.
The school is ok. The only thing that makes it not terrible is the food. Their food is high quality, unlike other schools.
This school’s reputation is not what it used to be. Proof is in their exmissions which has been slowly declining these past few years. Agree with the other reviewer that said they’re coasting on their laurels. I would even go as far as saying they are downright discriminatory towards some.
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