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The school is ok. The only thing that makes it not terrible is the food. Their food is high quality, unlike other schools.
This school’s reputation is not what it used to be. Proof is in their exmissions which has been slowly declining these past few years. Agree with the other reviewer that said they’re coasting on their laurels. I would even go as far as saying they are downright discriminatory towards some.
As an alum and (former) parent, I can unequivocally tell you that the school is coasting on its laurels. Very happy my child has left this realm to attend a reputable public school where grades cannot be bought and the scourge of entitlement is non existent. Caveat emptor!
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If you don’t fit their mold of overly aggressive girl, they will assume you’re weak. You’ll get put into one of 3 boxes : Box 1 is for the legacy girl who is well connected and doesn’t need to worry about her grades as much as everyone else since her family donates $$$. Box 2 is for the girl who fits into their “ diversity mold” ie minority or an FA/prep for prep student. The school showcases these students to brag about how philanthropic they are. Box 3 is for every other sucker who pays full tuition but is not connected enough, so has to fight their way to be recognized. The school administration and faculty place excessive pressure and a demanding workload on girls already stressed and sleep deprived. Don’t send your daughter here unless you have a recognizable last name or don’t mind her on antidepressants.
I’m so happy at Brearley. The academics are rigorous but the teachers make everything understandable. I highly recommend.
Brearley is a great school with a great variety of clubs and personalities. The environment is challenging and fast-paced, but the teachers are still helpful and kind. My only problem with the school is that our curriculum, like our student body and teaching staff, is only semi-diverse.
What I appreciated most about my time at Brearley were the teachers: they are extremely knowledgeable and work closely with students to meet their individual academic needs. The system of electives in the 11th and 12th grades, wherein teachers offer courses they are excited about and best prepared to teach and students pick the ones that interest them most, made for a highly enjoyable and productive academic experience.
Very poor administration in general. Students are amazing but not valued by all their teachers. Some teachers in history and math are very abusive.
Infrastructure is ridiculous. Elevators are always broken, no air conditioning , and food is horrible.
Brearley School is wonderful K-12 school which has a diverse community. The school has a terrific financial aid policy and helps support all each girl's endeavors. The teachers here are incredible. The curriculum is well thought out and the faculty does an excellent job of working closely with each and every student. Every family who comes here feels very welcome in the Brearley community. The school prepares students exceptionally well for college. The school is one of the safest out there, excellent security. There are many clubs and activities for the students to get involved in. Academics are top notch and the girls who come here have fun while learning!
Outstanding academics, diversity of students, parents and teachers. Warm and welcoming environment that prepares girls to succeed in college and beyond.
We have two daughters who are different in their learning and interests, and we have been incredibly pleased with how the teachers, enabled by small class sizes, really get to know each girl and how she approaches things. They warmly challenge and encourage each girl, supporting their individual learning and passions and helping them find their voice. Academic rigor is very high, but the administration and teachers do a wonderful job of continuously giving students the tools (i.e., study habits; organizational and planning skills, etc.) so that they may be successful in the work as it comes. We have been very impressed with how the girls support each other – be it with constructive feedback on a speech, sharing of missed notes, or celebration of an achievement. We also appreciate how well the teachers care for (and the school teaches the skills to benefit) the development of the whole child – not just how each girl does academically, but also socially and emotionally.
I've gone to school here for 13 years and am so grateful for everything I have learned at Brearley! The teachers are first-rate, the students are brilliant, and the administration is generally responsive and supportive. The academics are rigorous, but as a result I not only accumulated knowledge, but also developed a passion for learning and a willingness to challenge myself and work hard.
Brearley has been an incredible place for my two daughters. The school combines outstanding academic preparation and much, much more. Most people know that Brearley's academics are phenomenal. The teachers expect a lot from the girls but they do an extraordinary job of laying a foundation of analytical and communication skills with a joy in learning. There is also an emphasis on extracurriculars that enable the girls to try new opportunities or further skills and leadership in athletics, the arts or a variety of clubs. Finally, my daughters have made wonderful friends. The students do work hard, but they support each other and take great joy in their friends' accomplishments. We have been so impressed with the commitment from teachers and administrators to the growth of our girls as students and as people.
My daughters received an excellent education but the school also instilled values like fairness, acceptance, sportsmanship and right-mindedness. The faculty and staff worked to develop the students' curiosity and integrity.
I’ve had three daughters attend Brearley, and they have all loved it. The academics are so strong but the homework is manageable. They will be super prepared for college.
The curriculum is highly structured, yet each student can shine is her own unique way. The faculty is brilliant and caring, and students leave Brearley with a deep classical education in all academic subjects. Discussion, original thinking, and new perspectives are encouraged. The workload is heavy, but worth it in the end. The students are focused on their work and it is a safe, healthy environment.
Completely overrated. The academics are good if you're interesting in humanities. STEM is terrible; you'd have a much better STEM education at an honors program at a public high school. College placements aren't nearly as good as they seem. Many of the girls buy their way into fancy colleges or are legacies. I've never experienced a worse administration. I had some classmates who loved Brearley and some who hated it. I felt singled out by the administration because I wasn't the typical "Brearley girl." I didn't do very well there. Despite my experience at Brearley, I am lucky enough to attend a rigorous college and I'm doing so much better now than I did in high school. Brearley's environment is stifling to some. When I graduated I swore to myself never to give money to the school again nor to send any daughter I have to that school.
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Brearley is a fantastic school. The teachers are engaged, encouraging and terrifically intelligent. The community is welcoming and close-knit, the students are passionate and academically curious, and the administration is responsive and caring. The students are encouraged to explore their interests and reach their full potential.
My experience at the Brearley School has been amazing. As somebody who has been at Brearley since kindergarten, I truly believe that Brearley is one of the most nurturing and positive places to be. The teachers here are extremely passionate about their subjects, not to mention very knowledgable, and the community is very close. Although the work load can be overwhelming at times, everybody in the community, including teachers, advisors, classmates, etc., are always willing to help.
When I entered Brearley in 9th grade, I was amazed by how incredible the school was. The classes are small, with a maximum of 18 or so kids in one class; there is a lot of opportunity for student-teacher interactions. My teachers’ enthusiasm for their subject is contagious, and they encourage us to perform at our best. The academis are strenuous, but I find myself learning something from each homework assignment. The college counselors have already started working with my grade on college preparation. We are taking APs, SAT IIs, and mock ACTs/SATs. They work with each junior and senior to compile college lists and discuss the college process. The clubs range from Mock Trial to Political Awareness to Medical Science, and more! In high school, clubs meet for 30 minutes during the school day, but some require out-of-school work as well. They are run by two or more junior or senior co-heads, and are a joy to be in. Overall, I have loved my experience with Brearley thus far.
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