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some teachers of ap and honors classes seem very inexperienced and some make it the students responsibility to learn the material.
I transferred here my senior year and i was completely SHOCKED how welcoming the school was!! I heard a lot about the school. That the students were stuck up rich kids. That was totally wrong. I have made so many memories and lifelong friends
I am proud to say I am a Wildcats! Brea changed my life. It was a good experience. Great teachers, great staff, great administration. However, there is a need of improvement in the path to college. More resources should be available for students and almunis.
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My high school years were one of my favorites. However, it would have been nice for students to receive more guidance for post-graduation life.
Hi! I am a senior who is currently attending Brea Olinda High School . Overall, Brea-Olinda is a pretty decent high school, and definitely supports students who plan to go to college after graduating.
Brea has a very nice environment with lots of good people. Some of the teachers definitely are not the greatest with teaching material, but a majority of them are fairly caring and morally connected to students. There is lots of opportunity to become involved with the students and staff all around campus.
Brea Olinda High School is a small school that provides a learning environment that focuses on all student abilities as well as a social environment that creates priceless memories.
I've been a student for 4 years. A strong suit of BOHS is the location, it's valuable to study in an environment so peaceful. Brea also has a handful of teachers who genuinely care, and there are dozens of clubs for students to join. The social scene is mostly drama-free and there are not so many cliques, you'll definitely find a group to settle into.
The flaws are the staff and weak non-STEM departments. Unless you're involved in STEM, there are not enough opportunities/resources to make achievements for college. Additionally, the grading system can be unfair. Two teachers can have drastically different expectations while teaching the samr course. Also, I mentioned that BOHS has some amazing teachers, but there are also some who will give you a hard time. Some staff members become overly emotional in class and swear, cry, and criticize the students.
Overall, I had a relatively good experience at Brea Olinda. The teachers and students are very welcoming and the school has a very college-like feel. The sport and clubs have a great variety as well as a great diversity among the students. Overall, coming here for my high school career was a great decision as I wouldn't have felt such at a fun and safe place like Brea.
It is an average school but if you make the most of it will pay off. My freshman and sophomore years had more dimension because I ran track and cross country. After quitting, I mostly went to school just to get good grades. Many of the teachers I enjoyed, but socially it was pretty bland. They do have a good AP program and they do a pretty good job prepping you to pass the tests (I passed all 10 AP exams I took). It is not hard to get A's in most classes. High school may not be a great place to make forever friends or meet quality people, but it is a place to learn and mature.
At BOHS, everyone was supportive and all of the teachers wanted you to learn and were willing to help out. I would like the bathrooms to be worked on, the bathrooms were the only part of the school that was poorly maintained.
Brea Olinda offers a wide variety of AP and Honors classes to help students get ahead. Some classes articulate with community college courses, students 16+ get to leave campus for ROP classes. The Career Technical Education classes are a great resource for all. School spirit is demonstrated with frequent rallies, dress up days, and activities. As a student, the one thing I would like to change is closed-campus lunch. They block the gates and don't let students walk to restaurants or let their parents drop off food for them. They also require 2 years of physical education credit to graduate, whereas the A-G requirements don't. I think there should only be one year needed, and then sports could be counted as elective credits. The final thing is that you can't take any AP classes freshman year. Overall, Brea is a great place to attend high school. They have academically challenging classes & great performing arts programs. Things I want to change are a couple setbacks to be aware of.
I graduated recently. I was very involved in school and I have to say that the environment was deteriorated my mental health. The academics weren’t up-to-par. Admin was awful. Felt discriminated against. Lots of racism.
Since the day I got there, everyone was really nice to me which made it really easy to adapt. Teachers are always trying to help you, and the counselors are amazing as well. I love my school!
The administration team could be improved, as a lack of truly wanting help the students is missing. However, the teachers and counselors, really care and put effort towards their students. They get thorough enjoyment in seeing the students improve and striving to do their best. The open campus is by far the element that sets Brea Olinda High School apart from all other high schools. The (partly) new, large, open campus eludes a sense of freedom and relaxation.
I like that Brea-Olinda makes sure to prepare students for college by offering free college classes for us. They implement a lot of academic rigor into the system but they do need to work on involving students opinions into the activities.
Brea Olinda High School is pretty average in the sense that they care about our safety but I feel as if they should take a look into student life deeper than they do and understanding what it is like to be a student and get our opinion more about the rules and policies.
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people say the academic aspect is good about this school. as a black queer student, its not the most welcoming. it is safer than other schools in the county, though, generally, students are conservative or moderate.
I enjoyed my time at Brea Olinda High School. All the teachers are very kind and care about their student's success. The only thing I would like to see improved would be the bathrooms. They need to be remodeled and cleaned which will make the school an even better place.
This is a school that you can easily get used to. With the teachers and academic abilities that many can give you mainly off of the counseling, you should get easy guidance on your readiness for going to a college or university.
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